Life is a game

Life is tough. Life is surprising.

You get new challenges everyday. Those defies are there to remind you of your power. Can you overcome them all?

Of course you can’t. No one can beat every challenge, it would be way too easy.

Life is a game made up of different levels and different quests. Hopefully we all start with different skills. We can help each other to complete some challenges. Or we can compete to prove the world that we are the very best. That’s one choice between many that you’ll make during your life. Hopefully this won’t be your last choice. You have too much of them! Every time that you choose an option, you define your life a bit more precisely.

  • Life is a game. Who are you in this game? The main character? The merchant? The non-playable character?
  • Discover your innate skills
  • How to leverage those innate skills
  • Time is life
  • The big universal leaderboard
  • Building value
  • Random facts to change your life
  • Why you are going to be successful

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That’s some of the secrets that I carry. I decided to share them with you. This book will build the foundations of your success. It rakes wide. From health to business. Learn how to build yourself based on your differences.

You can grab this book of 47 pages for 5 dollars. That’s the price of a fancy drink at the Starbucks of the corner… Knowing that this book may change radically the way you perceive the world, it’s only at your benefits. Life is a game is a bet on yourself. Are you up to it? It’s another challenge that you will overcome. That’s the best way to look at it. A challenge to get a new vision of the world. To see what is around you as a game and nothing more. Let’s grab the opportunities!

After all,


Yannick Duchscher

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