Why ebooks and online courses are worth the bucks

First point first, I’m making my own promo with this article – and everyone who has written an ebook or more will thank me for this! Most people, don’t realize why ebooks are superior to articles. In this article, I will tell you why ebooks and courses are the next steps products you need to get if you want high-quality information on a specific subject.

So, what’s the point? Why should you buy some e-products if you are interested in the subject?

Most resources are free on the internet nonetheless, they aren’t easily accessible and do not provide step by step guides.

Search on google for a global step by step “How to build an online business”: you won’t find anything satisfying – at least for free. Because it’s a vast subject. It can be as broad as dropshipping, blogging, advertisement, and social media marketing, e-commerce, Amazon… There’s a lot to cover! Which means a lot of specific articles on specific subjects. You won’t find what you search on the first page, and certainly not on the following – The further you go, the less interesting the results are

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The real drawback when you search for something the Google way – read for free – is that you will only find bribes of information, not step in steps and over the top, it won’t be detailed.

The big difference with ebooks? Ebooks contain a lot more words. My second course contained 50,000 words only on the main pdf; an average-long post on the blog is about… 2000 words. Which means that you can fit 25 articles in a single ebook – and much more if the writer is super-motivated to write a lot!

Do you expect to find the same type of information in the premium content and in the free content? Of course, you don’t.

Well, to write over 50,000 words on a subject requires you to have a complete understanding of the subject. I challenge you to write a 50,000 words ebook on a subject you know nothing about. Easy? A piece of cake!

That’s very different compared to blogs. Anyone can come up with a clean 1000-2000 words on a subject they have no clue about – read most fitness articles, they are garbage. Now, if someone can come up with 50,000+ words on health and fitness, there I would be ready to read and learn about what he says. He must be knowledgeable on the subject.

Bonus point: Ebooks and courses are proof of value. Anyone can write a short article. Only qualified people can come up with 50,000+ words ebook or 20+ hours of video on a single subject.

E-products save your time

When first searching on Google, you may not find what you are looking for at on the first page – rare. Usually, if that’s not on the first page, that doesn’t exist.

If you can’t find the information for free – or if you need to spend 2-5 hours to find the information you need – isn’t it worth to spend a bit of money on ebooks and courses?

I’m being honest with you here. When I can’t find the information I want to read about, I buy a copy of a book/ebook on the subject. Because it’s the surest way to find the answer I’m looking for and more. You’ll find several answers to questions you previously had in a 50,000 words ebook.

The last ebook I bought: Efficiency by Wallstreet Playboys – Not an affiliate link, just a really good ebook!

What’s real is that Google can only answer your question if someone wrote about them on their website first. If no one did, then you are left alone with a blank page. Every result you find on Google was written by someone. And you can be part of these writers/content creator – that’s why I suggest that you start a blog!

Information is found in small parts

Another reason why getting these products saves your time is that what you’ll find on the web is a fraction of the information you need. You’ll find a piece on website #1, another on website #2 and so on… until you complete the puzzle, you can visit up to 20 websites and that’s crazy. Because not everyone uses the same words as you for the same query.

Sometimes it’s also super hard to find technical information – last time I searched about a specific techy subject, I found nothing except a blank Wikipedia page. The solution would be to write a post about this subject, but here again, I knew nothing on the subject. So I was stuck.

Looking at websites after websites aren’t the most time-efficient way to find the information you want. You would like to find everything you need on a single webpage. So… Why don’t you create it? Or why don’t you buy the information you need? Because that’s what you buy when you get an ebook/course. Information.

Step by step guide – complete edition

You agreed with me that you can’t find the same content on a 1000 words article and in a 50,000 words ebook. After all, there isn’t enough space in 1,000 words to fit a comprehensive “How to” step by step tutorial.

What’s huge is that most ebooks feature this. They tell you exactly how to XYZ with a step by step guide that you can’t find on websites. And yes, that’s exactly why “How to” articles are super popular. They offer alternatives to premium ebooks – nonetheless, quality, quantity, and information suffer from this.

Let’s take an example.

You are complete a beginner on the internet and want to build your own website. But you have no clue on how to do this.

You could search for incomplete articles on the web or look for a complete ebook on the subject; which one do you believe will give you more information on the subject? Of course, the ebook, or the book – they are dozens of books explaining to you how to launch your first website.

Massive advantages ebooks have over books

Pictures. Unlimited length. Reference links.

You can’t include them in books. And if you do, the book will cost you an arm. The real secret here is that an ebook cost nothing to produce/distribute. Once you have a pdf file of your book, you can distribute it for… nothing. While there are several hidden costs for standard books: inventory, storage, shipping, and printing. None of these are required when you sell/buy an ebook.

This is why ebooks usually have a very competitive price. They cost nothing to produce/distribute.

The difference with articles? Ebooks are longer. They contain more information and usually are written by people who have real knowledge about what they write. That’s not your average blogger which learned about something on another blog and will tell it on his blog. Nop. That’s the experience of the writer which speaks in his ebook; making a huge difference in the quality and quantity of the writing.

Also, ebooks don’t expire. Even if no one buys a copy of them, they are still available to anyone who stumbles onto the sale/lead page. Even decades after they are published, ebooks can still be up to date and available on a web page.

Making a big difference as you can update them. When you buy a book, you don’t expect it to be updated. You know that what you have today is what you will have in 10 years.

When you buy an ebook it can be updated from time to time. The seller gets your email when you buy so he can send you an updated version of the ebook with no zero extra-cost for him nor you. This isn’t possible for standard books. No one is going to send you another edition, updated with some extra information. That’s nonsense because it would cost a lot of money for you or for the publisher. And no one is willing to update a decade-old book.

Finally, an ebook doesn’t age. Your book can get old, lost his pages, get a weird tint on the sheets or get lost, literally. An ebook can be stored for years on your hardware – or on the cloud – without losing any byte of quality.

Bonus point: You can print an ebook whenever you want. So you have the digital and original format. Maybe it’s easier for you to read on paper.

Now you know

You are in the secret. You know why and when I choose to buy a product – instant information – and why ebooks/courses are much better than traditional books.

You have this informatio. I didn’t search on Google to look if there’s a similar article out there, but that’s 100% original content from me. So you’ll only read about this here.

The next step?

  • You have a website and want to step up your game? Write an ebook. Give it for free against mails or sell it. That’s your choice.
  • You need some information that you can’t find on the web – or that require too much work to get? Buy an ebook on the subject
  • You understand that everyone searches information on Google and that you can write it for others so they’ll come on your website? Start a blog/website


Why ebooks and courses are worth the bucks

  • Instant information against the money
  • Detailed step by step guide
  • Longer than articles – usually better information
  • Everything you need in one place
  • Can be updated in the future
  • Don’t age

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