Efficiency by Wall Street Playboys : Review

The purpose of life is to find a way to be more efficient.

Wall Street Playboys

Efficiency being one of the primary investment of our life, it comes at no surprise we *must* improve it.

Efficiency means the whole package.

From useless expenses… to building the shiny essence of your mind, everything can be improved.

Efficiency isn’t a simple process nor a step by step guide to follow.

Efficiency by Wall Street Playboys is a guide, open and ready for anyone to jump on the rope.

Opening with a myriad of life lessons from wall-street businessmen.

It’s efficient.

No word is useless, everything has its purpose.

Some chapters are summarized through simple charts you can print at will – and yes, I did it!

Right in the morning, reading these charts help you get *focused* on what has to be done.

Because there are only so much actions with high return of investment…

Main rules when it comes to efficiency? Laid out by wall-streeters who managed several business and are now writing for *fun*.

Nonetheless, there are invaluable recommandation I can’t help to read, recommend and apply on my daily life.

  1. Obligations are now gone
  2. No more third party pump up sessions
  3. No social media, no television
  4. Find one “commited” friend
  5. Health will take a *temporary* hit
  6. Find your talents
  7. Learn sales for every interaction
  8. Focus on scale
  9. Stress is okay. Worry from real problem isn’t
  10. No time to live above your means

If I had to make a single recommandation to anyone on the path of “making it”. You know, money, getting good looking, having great relationships…

Basically ranking at the top of the leaderboard…

I would tell you to read this book. And eventually print it – you can only buy a pdf.

Because there are thousands tips and tricks ready to apply in your life for the best.

And yes, some are fairly simple:

  • Living at walking distance of the gym/market/bar scene
  • Hitting the gym 4-6 days a week
  • Dropshipping basics
  • Learning copywriting

They are explained in such a way it takes a very low psyche to not understand them all.

Actually, after reading this book I started Nerdow.

I launched my Quora channel.

I turned Nerdow into a shirt factory – fun time!

Started coldmailing businesses…

Nonetheless, credit isn’t only given to the book. After all it’s just some words of wisdom written on a screen. Could be much more.

Reading this book will “educate” you on finance, making money and ultimately getting into the top 1% as a young man.

But you must have it in you first. No words will do the job for you!

If you aren’t ready to spend nights writing mails to business owners you don’t know, this book will do you no good. At best you’ll be jealous of people living the lifestyle. At worst you’ll do nothing.

Something this book taught me?

Not everybody will make it. And those who are on the verge of making it happen, well they are making moves right now.

Could be copywriting. Dropshipping or community building. They are making moves.

Taking actions to build money printing machines.

And yes, those machines work 24/7. Otherwise it wouldn’t even be fun.

Look  at this website.

My goal #1 is to direct you on this page where you’ll sign up to receive mails teaching you how to build a blog.

A profitable one.

After the #7 mail? There’s a selling system in place.

Straight forward, I exchange reader’s money against the complete step by step guide.

Is it unethical? It isn’t.

The first 7 mails are leading you to the end of the process.

If you took zero action – the 7 mails contain dozens steps you need to do if you want an up and running blog – there’s no value in the ultimate product.



Taking action. Efficiency is all about taking action.

Improving a process you are constantly building.

It’s like launching a train from A to B and you build it while it’s at full speed.

It’s crazy. That’s efficiency.

Money making Efficiency

Interesting actionnable steps to build an actual business – the cash machine I talked about above.

Well, it’s as simple as learning sales and applying it in the real world

Let me explain.

You take action. You learn sales. Some principles. You decide to specialize into copywriting because that’s your special talent – People are telling you that you are good at writing copies.

Now, you find some business which have big trouble with copywriting.

Take any business writing mails. They always struggle to convert their mailing list into recurrent buyers. Maybe there’s something off in the way they do it?

Most of these businesses – ecom generally speaking – use the same blank old template on mailing.

Several pictures. A price. And click if you like.

I don’t even open these mails anymore. They are boring – read predictable – as hell.

That’s when your copywriting talents comes to use.

You send a coldmail to one of these business owners. And tell them *exactly* why they aren’t making as much money as they could on their mailing list.

You explain them *how* you would solve the problem if only they’d give you access to the board.

Get the business owner on call. And all of a sudden, you throw in a price for your *actions*.

Sales incoming.

You take action, solve their problem and even give them more than they expected – I’m speaking $$$ from their mailing list.

You call again. Tell them you can do it consistently – now they 113% believe you.

Another sale.

You managed to get a client paying you months after months for your copywriting talent.

Next step highlighted in efficiency?

Scale a business!

  • Pay someone to find potential clients
  • Pay someone to write the mails

Congratulation, that’s how you scale a business.

I’m not even halfway through the insane amount of actionnable content you can find in this book.

  • Career and monetisation
  • Personnal talents – copywriting exemple above
  • Education and decision tree
  • Affiliate marketing – make money of other’s work
  • Leaving your career
  • Social and dating
  • Week planner

On each of these topic you can find 10+ pages of pure content. The kind of words you can only find written by top-end mentors.

Because that’s what this book offer.

For a measly 10$ one time purchase you get a life worth of mentoring by wall-street playboys.

It’s just…


And I forgot to tell you the best part of this book.

It’s targeted to young – and not so young – men just like you and I.


Wall street playboys take it to the state of the art with Efficiency.

In a nutshell, they teach you how to think for yourself in a world full of distraction where mainstream becomes the new law.

And frankly, there’s no better way to get out of this nightmare than by taking action.

If I had to summarize the book?

  1. Learn sales for every interaction
  2. Get muscular and lean
  3. Plant your own growing $$$ tree
  4. Profit because you made it

Get the book HERE