Everyone wants you to be weak

And you’ll be weak if you follow everyone else.

We live in a society which rejects power.

See how your friends hate on rich people? How they hate on politics and everyone one of this level because they have more power than them?

Yes. I see it daily.

We are human, we tend to resent what we can’t get.

  • Power
  • Fame
  • Girls
  • Money
  • Strength

I’m no different from you.

I used to resent people who were higher in the hierarchy than me. It’s completely normal as they already have what you will get in a few years.

Maybe because they started earlier, maybe because they have an extra advantage that can’t be copied.

Whatever, they are ahead in life and that’s why you resent them.

Nothing wrong here.

I mean, you want to get something and someone already have it. Plus, the fact that we are human…

Jealousy takes place, and it rolls, rolls, rolls and build a bigger snowball.

Why everyone wants you to be weak?

Don’t you see the trend?

The more powerful you are, the more people tend to hate you.

The more powerful you are, the more likely you are to win.

Because they want to be just like you. They want to own such a power.

But they never will.

Instead they find excuses instead of assuming entire ownership. I know that you assume it.

Not that it’s easy.

It requires a lot of effort to change this.

Now let’s come to the facts.

Everyone wants you to be weak.

  • Your best friend wants you to be weak so he can be better than you
  • Your friends want you to be weak so they appear better than you
  • The gym wants you to stay weak so you’ll keep paying to hit it
  • Sellers want you to stay weak so you will keep buying their crap
  • Smartphone’s companies want you to stay weak so you’ll still love them
  • Games want you to stay weak so you’ll keep playing
  • Social medias want you to stay weak so you’ll keep scrolling
  • Fast-foods want you to be weak so you’ll keep coming

And so on.

Everyone wants you to be weak.


With some exceptions.

Your parents want you to be strong. Strong enough to support a family and keep the cycle going. Strong enough to ensure their future. Strong enough to be their memory to the world

Your girlfriend wants you to be strong. Strong enough so she can show you to her girl friends and make them jealous of her. Strong enough to open the bottle of pickles. Strong enough to support her.


This mean a lot, this shows that we are all self-reliant. And not only a bit.

All we do is standing for ourselves. There is no other reason behind it.

When I tell you that everyone wants you to stay weak, it’s because most – 99,9% – of the people you know will remain weak.

All they have is the laziness to stay behind the TV. Trust me, it takes a lot of work to remain the best sleeper of the world. It’s a big accomplishment. Do I need to go further by including a binge-eating-while-watching-netflix award? I’m sure that I don’t.

You get the idea. No one wants you to get better because no one will get better. Except you.

Sure, sometimes the hazard will favor one or two of your friends.

  • They will get a raise.
  • They will “hit the gym” for 2 weeks
  • They will meet a cool girl
  • They will get some fans

And then, they will lose everything because they are losers!

It will all comeback as before because they don’t have a clue on how to apply ownership.

All they want is a bigger status, more followers and being stronger.

Yet, none of the above appear without work. Hard work.

You can’t get a high status if all you do is watching the TV mindlessly. That’s not how it works. Do you believe that entrepreneurs watch the TV? Heck! They don’t even know what TV is.

Do you think that those who built a large following are doing nothing of their days? Grow up. It requires a lot of investment to keep the flow going!

Do you think that bodybuilders sucks because they are dumb and… Cliché! Mate, I’m sure that a bodybuilder knows more about his body and yours than you do.


Everyone wants you to be weak.

Because everyone is happier this way.

Less competition, less trouble.

We live at a time where no one wants to compete.

Because you are no one until you decide to become someone.

This decision is simple to take.

It’s becoming too easy to stand out. You just have to look good and to work on your craft after school/work.

How hard is that?

Fairly easy.

At a time, a normal day was about 16 hours on the battlefield. Your ancestors could get killed for a simple mistake.

They had no rest days. They were on the field 24/7.

Guess what? They NEVER complained.

They were men.

In our generation most guys aren’t men.


  • Complain
  • Whine
  • Want it easier than it is

And it’s already easy

Random people are making money on the internet while you are reading this article. Why couldn’t it be you?

Everyone wants you to be weak, so they can compare them to yourself and feel superior

At least that’s what they can perceive

That’s why I taught you to always lie down, never reveal your true value/power!

Never disclose too much information

Till everyone else believes that you are an average man, you are an average man.

Perceptions become reality.

Everyone wants you to be weak, so they can feel better about themselves.

You know, the average man is lazy. He doesn’t follow a schedule. He lives comfortably in his house. He eats some pizza and stay away from fruits and vegetables. More, he doesn’t even go out on a daily basis.

That’s your competition.

Tell me that you can’t beat this guy.


Because it’s impossible.

You just have to be a bit better than this description to rule over 50% of the world!

Most people

  • Feel bad about themselves
  • Are fat
  • Have low self-esteem
  • Are weak
  • Have social anxiety
  • Work for someone
  • Live with a woman they hate
  • Get their dopamine by eating sugar

It’s easy to be above all of this.

It’s hard to stay behind in a world like this.

Now think about it.

If you were that weak, wouldn’t it be reassuring to know that everyone looks like you? Feels like you? Does like you?

It would.

That’s why everyone wants you to be weak.

A weak man is easy to dominate.

A weak man is easy to manipulate.

A weak man is easy to compete with.

A weak man is weak.

Is this your credo? Then read our articles on losers.

Are you ahead?

Great for you.

Keep up the good work.

Keep standing out. That’s the only way to do something in this world.

That’s what average minds don’t understand.