How failing leads to winning

I’m not a big fan of these “motivational” type articles; you know, these words and pictures you can find all over the internet.

  • Just be yourself
  • Yesterday was the last easy day
  • Never give up

There’s also this picture with a kitty looking at a mirror and seeing a lion. And thousands different quotes I can’t care less about. Your fluffy-typical motivation stuff with zero applicable steps and lots of feel-good vibes your average people crave.

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Alice in wonderland mirror

Well, this is all the stuff I hate. It’s not useful. It doesn’t help anybody. It’s nothing you can apply to your life.

“Work harder”

“No rest”

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Was this useful? Better define a goal and start tracking results

That’s your “standard” non-opinionated way to optimize your life. Mindless thoughts.

Fuck this. I don’t want this kind of stuff on Nerdow. Even if that makes views, I value high-quality APPLICABLE content more than non-sense attracting thousands not-driven people. Nerdow is not written for this population. That’s why all my “motivation” articles are full of practical steps you can act on. Let’s call it an actionable plan.

Now, the plan never rolls out as expected. And if it does? You’d better play money games – not that I like them anyway.

The trouble when it comes to self-improvement on the internet is that there’s no plan. No one telling you EXACTLY what to do. Here, I’m willing to take my time and write down steps you *can* take if improving is your way to live life – that’s the only path I can think of.

All articles are small quests you can decide to act on.

Read an article, write down the step by step guide on your favorite note application. Take action. Do you get results? Yes: keep continue. No: tweak the plan.

It’s as simple as it looks.

For the bad news? There’s no easy change to make. While it’s the opposite of complex to write gym articles, nutrition plans and get bold tweaks, there’s no such thing as easy improvement.

Everything you read on Nerdow can stand in your possible-radar, don’t get me wrong. But the hard part will always land on the same side. Are you willing to put in the work? Are you REALLY serious about your life?

If you are, you’ll take action. No matter the potential consequences you’ll do it. And it comes down to one believe. You’ll die anyway. Thus, failing do not matter.

Most failures aren’t due to you lacking talent – it’s not

It comes from you believing you can’t do it. 95% of the time you decide it’s no reason to put *intense* effort. You don’t even try… But hey, you are willing to go get your shit together, right?

Games we play

There’s a massive difference between someone who plays to win and someone who do it for fun…

Let’s say I’m writing Nerdow for fun. I would:

  • Write 500 or less words article
  • Have zero link between them
  • Not think in term of what *you* want and need to read
  • Have no e-book
  • Never publish more than 1 article a week – currently I’m at 1 article every 3 days

Sounds like the old boring Nerdow, doesn’t it?

Applying this “strategy” would lend me some fun. It’s exactly what I’m enjoying: Writing words, for fun. Just like I did on Quora where I started to grow this passion – getting views help, don’t get the wrong idea here!

This playstyle would never lead me to fail nor to win.

In fact, when you play for fun… you can’t succeed or fall down. There’s no objective, why struggle? Why track data? Outcome doesn’t matter when your out there for fun.

Now comes Yannick who’s not only playing, but he’s here to win. He wants to take it all on the green poker table of business.

Yannick defined an actionable plan he can follow to crush his goals:

  • 500 views per day on Nerdow
  • 2 guest-posts on Major websites every month

With defined goal, Yannick’s not playing for fun anymore. He drives his website as a business which lets him either fail or win – remember, there’s no outcome when playing for fun.

Next month, when he’ll review his scores. He’ll notice. Damn, I’m at 100 views per day. It improved, but it’s still clanky. Let’s plan ACTIONS to get results:

  • Write 1500 words article every 3 days
  • Build backlinks to Nerdow
  • Use new social media bringing more users

That’s actionable steps I can take to improve my way toward these goals. Again, I’m no more playing for fun when there’s a goal and deadline to the game. It’s either live or die. I’m green or red.

If I’m red? I’m doing something wrong. I must act to solve the problem.

He who keeps failing is playing to win

Without goals you can’t fail. If you can’t fail, there’s no way you decide its time to find a solution. What happens? You got no results. And don’t even know you are being left behind. Sounds horrible.

That’s why you need to establish clear goals to crush. Otherwise you are in the black fog.

Once goals are up and running, you get a beautiful gift. You are allowed fail.

Goals are worthless if they can be broken down in two weeks.

You must fail. Not only to leave your ego on track, but to understand there’s an higher level you can aim for.

When failing there are only two solution:

  1. You let go. Decide it’s not worth it to spend so much time figuring out an issue. After all, no one care about this one, right? Why the hell would you spend your days working for yourself. It’s no sense. Just be like these average folks, watching TV, playing games… Achieving nothing. Again, because there’s no goal
  2. Ruthlessly following up until the goal’s down. Writing more mails. Hitting the gym longer. Being more serious about your life. Finally, failing even more until you reach a point where failing’s no more an option. You decide it’s possible and make it happen

You guessed it, there’s only one way to get results out of failure. Failing some more.

When not-succeeding you always get the choice to fight back and try again or leave the game. Life’s not like a game of poker. Giving up is seen as failure and will never be a wise choice.

When you fail, you find an alternative path that do not lead to the solution – or is not well executed. Think of crossing the ocean without a boat. Will not workout.

Just like that, each subsequent fail brings you closer to your big win. Not that these troubles are necessary, they aren’t. And mathematically failing is the best way to succeed.

First, you decided to plan accordingly. Then to follow up ruthlessly until you get some results… You aren’t getting any result right now… And some weirdo on the internet tells you it’s a good thing to fail over and over.

When you fail, you learn something – real failure leads to ZERO advancement toward your goal.

Writing an article that do not make views is no failure for me. With time, the article will carry more weight and will eventually be found on the top ranks in Google. But hey, that’s a lot of positivism.

For you? It’s no different.

Each extra try brings another probability of you succeeding.

When you fail ten times in a row, you are 10 times nearer to your goal.


Sounds foolish? The kind of fluff you’d hear on your typical self-improvement blog? Nop. Far from it. I’m about to drop the bomb. Call it controversial if you want, it proved right in all areas of my life.

The more you fail, the more you succeed.

Young man, there’s nothing worse in life than someone who’s afraid to screw up. We call these: losers. Let it print in your brain. Being afraid of taking “risks” is the worst trait you can have… It’s why 99% young men underachieve. Not because they lack capacities. They don’t. Because they are afraid to fail – while failing is what’s moving you forward. Search the logic.

Without failing, you aren’t building the knowledge you need to step up the next plateau. Trying to get there without any assets will guarantee you’ll get wrecked fast.

Aren’t we building bold men on Nerdow? We are.

Bold men act… And here’s my most valuable tip to you who’s afraid to get it all wrong.

When the thought of failing cross your mind. When you want to do something, but a little thought of ever-growing doubt get in your way… There’s no other solution than to ignore it and actually do what you want.

You’d be amazed by how much more you can do when you get your brain out of the equation. Shut it down for a minute or two. That mail you want to send, send it. That girl you want to ask out, ask her. That biz you want to start. Start it.

Why am I telling you those words? Because that’s helped me move from who I was to who I am today. Doing what I want rather than what I thought people wanted me to do.

It’s worthless if you are just hear reading words.

And It makes all the difference in the world if you decide to apply this plan laid out just for you.

Applicable steps to get great at failing – and still succeed in the end

Take your note application – or write these steps down. It’s small, and it’s your summary of this article.

  • Define your big goal
  • Make an actionable plan
  • Track your actions and result
  • Fail. Again, and again.
  • Figure a better way to do it
  • Get expected results