How to go to the gym for the first time ever

You thought about it for long enough. You want to start training at the gym because you DESERVE to level up your body – we all think this way!

Instead of waiting some more long weeks… Make it happen right now!

Here’s a great news for you. It’s incredibly easy to train for the first time ever at your local gym

Long story short: You find a gym near your place, tell the owner you want a trial session… And then get a membership. Congratulations, you went to the gym for the first time ever…

Sounds easy? Even if you never went to a gym before!? Follow the guide!

Gym prerequisite – so you don’t make a fool of yourself

While anyone can register at your local gym, there are some prerequisite you’d like to have – making it easier for you to train from the ground up.

Knowing how to perform the fundamental 5 calisthenics exercises help.

Quick reminder: Pull-ups, push-ups, dips, squats and hanged-knee raise.

If you can do these consistently, you won’t have any trouble starting with machines and learning how to use free weights.

Also, reading several articles like this one will give you the basics so you don’t feel overwhelmed in front of hundreds and hundreds new concepts.

Anyway, you’ll learn by practicing not learning – take action, get results!

The sooner you hit the gym, the sooner you’ll understand concepts that seem foreign to you right now…

Introducing the four main zones in a gym:

  • Machines: Assisted weight-lifting. Helps you begin lifting by forcing movements on your body. You can also adjust the weight to increase difficulty
  • Free weights: that’s where you find dumbbells and barbells. It’s called free weights because you have 100% control over your movement and the weight you lift
  • Cardio space: treadmill, bikes… Real men don’t touch these.
  • Calisthenics: body-weight training you can do everywhere. Some gyms have dedicated spaces where you can train calisthenics

Beginners start spending their gym time by moving their body with assisted movements on machine… Or practice calisthenics to build a minimum of strength.

More advanced gym-goers hit the free-weight zone of the gym.

Helpful gears serious young men bring with them

It’s no party time. You can’t hit the gym without these gears.

  • Sports shirt and short. Everything else won’t help you feel at ease. Most exercises require you to move freely, therefore you need adapted clothes
  • Water bottle. Must have. Drink after every set. Get the biggest one you find, mine is 2,2 liters, I take it everywhere!
  • Locker. Without a locker you won’t be able to leave your important stuff at the locker room. Don’t forget it! Avoid code lockers, those are easily cracked.
  • Clean shoes. Have a pair dedicated to weight lifting
  • Towel. I hope you’ll sweat a lot
Basic gym gears every beginner needs

Finding a gym near your place

Before going to the gym, you must find one near your place. If it’s too far away, you won’t have much fun going there… And will have less opportunity to progress – zero excuses. Attack, attack, attack!

Your gym should be at walking distance from your place… so you can absolutely go there whenever you want.

Assuming you are serious about your fit goals, going to the gym 3-5 times a week will become your new routine. If the gym is too far away, you’ll spend more time driving than lifting heavy weights.

Another option is to have a gym near your working place or school/college. Making sure you are just a few meters away from it helps you go there as many times as you can.

Fun fact: the nearer the gym, the more you’ll go

Once you’ve located a gym nearby, next step is to try it – so you know what’s in it for you.

Try tour gym before you get a full-time membership

Most gyms offer you to try their facility for free.

Pack your bag with sports gear and enjoy the free session.

Take your time, try to spot the different zones in your gym. The two main zones you need to focus on are free weights and machines.

Make sure your gym has a load of barbells and dumbbells with enough benches and weights for everyone.

You can even ask gym-goers what they think of their weight temple if you have some specific questions. They’ll help you out, I promise.

Beginner friendly exercises: before hitting the free weight zone of your gym… Try training with machines. These assist your movements, making it hard to hurt yourself. You can even adjust the difficulty simply by choosing weights.

Your very first gym day – and first month

Don’t craft an explicit plan of what you’ll do. It’s very unlikely to happen, especially the first day – workout plans are for more advanced gym-goers. You’ll spot dozens of different machines, and many people doing weird exercises you never heard of… First month is all about exploration & experimentation… so you really understand your stuff before diving all-in.

Trying as much machines as possible without following any guidelines. No rigid plans. Experience.

First month equals you exploring the facility. Learning how to perform exercises, and having fun constantly improving on your own stuff.

Use as many machines as possible. Watch good-looking people train and copy their training. You want to build experience for yourself, so you can later craft your very own programs focus on goals you want to achieve.

Having a hard time figuring out what other people are doing? Ask! Gym people are among the friendliest humanson earth. They’ll be glad to help you as a beginner by giving you tips and tricks they learned the hard way. Don’t be afraid to chat up with other weight-lifters. They’ve been where you are now.

On your first month, you shouldn’t go more than 3 times a week at the gym. Why?

Your body isn’t ready to handle all the muscle-stress you’ll throw at him. You’ll already feel sore enough just by going 3 times a week… And you are still in the beginning. Keep in mind some people lift weights their whole life!

Keep cool your first month. Discover as much as possible… so you can get into the serious stuff later.

Define a goal – why are you lifting weights?

There’s only one reason young men hit the gym: get better-looking. And this mean either building muscle mass… or burning fat. And if you’re lucky, both at the same time.

You’ve got different strategies and plans to achieve each of these goals. That’s why you must define an objective. You won’t have much motivation to lift weights if that’s just “for fun”. Have an intent behind your efforts.

After several session, you’ll start to wonder “Why am I doing all of this in the first place?”. Have no worries, in the first few months it’ll be hard to find real reasons and even motivation – sometimes it’s just:

I want to get better looking. Lifting heavy weights helps me get better-looking. Let’s hit the gym

Hopefully, in the long run you’ll built the habit of lifting weights at the temple – that’s how I call the gym…

In no time it will be more of a problem to not hit the gym than to go there and do your 1-hour session – trust me on this!

To be fair with you. Today, if I had to skip a day. I would feel lame because I’m losing another day of training – and me getting stronger.

There’s no reason to skip training… Aka chasing your goals. Except rest days. Which must occur at least sometimes – don’t burn yourself!

Anyway, get your full-time gym membership and lift some weights. You’ll feel great!