How to apply extreme ownership

Someone asked me to go further on ownership. Here we are with the third article on taking extreme ownership. Let me think a bit about it, because well I don’t have much more ideas in the back.

We already know that ownership is what separate those who complain 24/24 from those who are happy. Once you take ownership you are in control of your life. You become the character of your own game. You are the only one with an influence on what is happening around you.

Sure. Bad things happen. As for everybody, sometimes you will get simply unlucky. And that’s totally fine because else life would be way easy. You can’t anticipate everything and everyone. Don’t fear it, that’s a reality.

When nothing goes on your way, remember that life is a game

What is important is to make sure that you don’t pass the important things that you can control. If you aren’t used to take ownership, it sounds hard.

I ask you to do everything in your power to become better. To have control over your life.

When I was younger, my mum had all the job. She cooked, she cleaned, she helped me. Now I’m alone in my little flat and have no other option than to care about what I do so deeply that I end up with the same result: a cleaned, warm home where I want to be most of the time.

That’s the result of my dedication to myself. I consider my home as a part of myself. When it’s crappy I, clean it. When it’s hurt, I repair it. You may not understand this paragraph. It’s pretty strange and it is 6:00AM. I’m on the train on my way to school.

What else can you take ownership for? Let’s go back to the big 3. Health, money and social.

Taking ownership of your health

You are your own nurse

When was the last time that you noticed that you took care poorly of your health? Come on. We live in the modern and world and 80% of the people don’t give a fuck about their health. They believe that doctors and science will help them when they will be sick because of a bad lifestyle. While science may help them, the results will vary. There is no guaranty that they will feel good ever again. Once your health is broken, you are broken.

Why would you want to be broken? There is no reason to! Don’t want you want to be the very best?

How can you take ownership of your health then? It looks obvious, it sounds obvious but it isn’t. Taking ownership of your health comes by 2 major aspects.

What type of food you eat

What do you eat? Candies, popcorn, burgers, pizza, tenders? Pepperonis, salat, eggs, meat? Or does it depend on your mood? Tell me what you eat and I will tell you who you are. That’s not hard because it’s correlated!

It’s easy to eat better. But there is a bad circle. Once you start to eat junk, your body will crave junk. That’s because you are growing bacteria in your gut who want to eat junk food. Sounds completely strange, but that’s some late discoveries. You can feed your body to tell him what you want him to want to eat. Weird. But if you start to drink only water. If you start to eat vegetables and lean meat. Then you’ll crave it. The hardest part to this change is to buy another type of food or to cook it by yourself. It takes more time. It’s annoying. In the long run you’ll live way longer, with a way better looking silhouette and a way better mind.

What type of training you do

It won’t surprise me if you tell me that you don’t train. I won’t chase you with a pick. That’s just bad for your overall health. Training is not only lifting weight as you can picture it. It’s about practicing a sport at least three times per week. Why so much? Because you don’t move the rest of the day. 70% of the corporate jobs are behind a computer or behind a machine. You stand or seat there and do nothing else than work on this machine/computer. While it’s convenient because you don’t have much to do, admit it. It’s tough for your body. He wants to move. He wants to fight. He wants to have fun. But you are just in the office working over a boring day.

Give your body what he wants! Go out for a walk when you can! Buy a gym pass. Trust me. That’s the best investment you can make on yourself. You won’t find anything better anytime soon. Or simply start to play some sports. It doesn’t take much of your time. Between 3 and 6 hours of your weekly time. Will it make you sick?

You will just improve your overall look and will get better capacities. When you can run without sweating and without having this loud breath that you hate, you know it. You are reaping the result of your hard work!

Making money

Become the next millionaire

It seems too obvious that you have to work for someone else to live with an income. That’s not so obvious. Why don’t you create your own job? Making money is as simple as exchanging your help against some green bills. You help someone that need you to achieve something and POF they pay you with money in exchange.

No one told you this. Because no one want you to become an entrepreneur. The more salaried there is, the easier the world rotate. It’s easier to pay someone to work for you than to compete with someone for the same amount of money. We fear competition so we buy our competitors.

What if you don’t accept this pay and make one for yourself? You can go on the internet and sell your own products. Whatever it is, it won’t be weird. I’m doing it and most of my family/friend don’t believe in me because I’m using “too much time” to develop my projects. While it seems like a waste of time right now, I know that I am helping more and more people. That’s what keeps me on the run.

Don’t take my word for it. It’s tough to build a business and I will never say otherwise. That’s why I’m developing a guide to help you get started with your online business. If I can do it, you surely can to. This content will be premium so you will have to pay to access it. Does it seem like a bad deal? It isn’t. You invest in yourself by going in such programs. If you don’t pay for them, then you won’t do anything. You will just read it and won’t act. But if you pay for it, you’ll get motivated to end the project. More. You’ll even make money with a business, meaning that you will surely get more money than what you spent on the course. That’s a win-win situation. I still don’t know when it will be available. But one day you will wake up with a mail saying: I can help you to get started with your internet business. This mail will come from me!

You can make money by yourself. On the internet or in real life. It doesn’t matter where. You have the power to do so. Try to read as much as possible on the subject. It took me 2.5 years until I got my first dollars on the internet. You can do it within 3 months with a proper guide! Don’t give up and work hard on your craft. I believe in you!

Becoming social

If you don’t have much friends, it’s your bad. I can’t be more aggressive on this one. If you don’t have much friends that’s because you aren’t social/confident enough to speak with many people around you. There is a mass of potential friends everywhere. You can meet them in the train, in the bus and wherever you want. You don’t need to do anything special. Just take ownership and go there to speak with them.

It doesn’t matter how well the interaction goes. It doesn’t even matter if you will see them ever again. You are doing it for fun. You are doing it to learn about new people that may help you in the near future. The more people you know, the easier it is to go forward.

Having the best people on your side will make sure that you will always have someone to take your back. Someone to help you in tough times. Strange? Having more people on your side will help you solve more problems. The more people you know, the more knowledge you can gather. Even if you don’t have it directly, you can always ask someone to help you in exchange for something else. Another knowledge, money…

That’s the proper of exchanges. The one who have more value than the other one will always get what he wants. Period. That’s a clear relation that you can develop with power. We aren’t here yet.

First get a network with many friends. Then you can refer them to meet new friends and grow bigger your network. That’s a chain. The better you are at networking, the easier it will be for you to meet new people.

Taking ownership is the easiest path to a better life

Believe me or not, it takes time to build what you want. It’s even harder if you don’t have what you want at the start. In the end you’ll get everything. Friends, money and reconnaissance. The last one is the most important because you can’t get it if you don’t help people. Make sure to work on yourself. Make sure to define every choice as the best one possible and everything will be fine for you. Let’s become the best version of yourself!