How to be THE badass young man

When you get into you college, you get mixed up with thousands peeps. You don’t know them, they don’t know you. These strangers will eventually build an opinion on you, without even talking to you. And that’s definitely important to stand on the highest end of the spectrum.

You want to stand out. You want to be different and recognized. You want to be the guy everyone wants to be friend with.

Let me tell you. It’s possible. It’s not a dream, it may become your reality. Stay glued to your screen because we will see HOW you can become the most badass student of all times.

You MUST be good-looking | at least 8/10 good-looking

Otherwise you’ll get crushed by good-looking peeps. If there’s a rule, it’s the most good looking person that rules ALL social situations.

Don’t take me seriously and you’ll pay the price.

Being good looking as a man is superbly simple.

  • Visible six pack –> Low body fat < 10%
  • Muscle definition –> Hit the gym regularly

And that’s it. What if you aren’t good looking naturally? Let me laugh. Hit the gym. Drip of the fat of your body. You’ll get good-looking.

No exception.

Even if you have a bad looking face. Burn the fat and it will completely transform. You’ll get facial definition, your jaws will be visible. That’s a new world you want to be part of.

In the coming weeks there will be MANY articles on health/sports/gym. You’ll be able to learn EVERYTHING you need on all these subjects.

And that means no more excuse to not be as good looking as possible.

As I mention it regularly, appearance are everything.

Before anyone get to listen to your voice, they get to see you. If you are bad looking? Congratulation, you earned an awful reputation without saying a word.

Peeps say to not judge a book by its cover. That’s what they do a daily basis. Those who don’t eat veggies? They judge them by their colors. “Green? Must taste bad!”

The first impression you’ll make depend on how you look. Remember, the better looking you are, the more likely peeps are to build a positive first impression of you.

It means… Being muscular. Having low fat. And that’s it.

You MUST have shit going on in your life | or at least faking it

Nothing is more boring than someone who got nothing to do. You know, the average frustrated bored person. The one that can’t survive a day without a smartphone. Let along do anything productive.

It sucks. For them.

Hopefully we don’t have men like that here. Or do we?

Your free time is blessed. It’s time to grind your goals. Build your dreams. That’s exactly what you should be doing when you have 3 seconds or 10 hours of free time. BUILD.

And what do most peeps when they got free time? Candy crush, Clash of clan. They lose their whole time. They are slave to their smartphone and can’t do anything productive of their time.

They are stuck in the spiral of death. The more bored they are, the more bored they become. It’s a death trap. Weeks passes. Days passes. Years passes. Death take them down.

They expected more time. But they ALREADY had enough time. They just spent it the wrong way.

Playing games. Binge consuming Netflix/Youtube.

They took zero actions for several years. And that impacted them so deeply that their body started to decay. When you do nothing, your body doesn’t need to be strong… so he goes away.

That’s what happens to the average person. Boredom. They try to kill it with tools. But you and I know the trick. Boredom can’t be killed.

It must be embraced.

Boredom is where great things start. Right in your head. Wandering around. Creating. Nerves fuse. Ideas get out. And YOU start building.

Exactly what you want to build. An online empire? A life you dream of? A business you are proud of? Videos you can show off?

It doesn’t matter what you build. It’s your free time and you are suing it accordingly. Not busy. Building.

And that’s what most peeps WOULD like to do. But they aren’t.

Why? They have mental walls. They believe that to make videos, write or sell things, they have to be geniuses. Or super talented or anything.

That’s wrong.

Anyone can get started at any level. And that’s what I enhighly encourage you to do.

Choose a goal. Find a way to get there.

It’s badass as fuck. Peeps always want and need to associate themselves with person building things.

And you can build ANYTHING:

  • A blog with a DEFINED mission. Something you aspire to, how you are going to reach it and later how you reached it exactly
  • Your body because: You want to get good looking to impress yourself – and others | You want to get a body ready for fighting sports | You are tired of feeling lame day long | Many other reasons
  • Videos on YouTube. Because you are born an entertainer. You make jokes, you play a character and peeps laugh at you so easily that you would be a millionaire if you earned a penny for each laugh you create
  • A business. That’s right, you can build that too. It’s much harder and my experience ain’t that close to be formative here. I’ll let you find a better teacher here

Common denominator? All these are building a mission. A massive goal you have and ultimately want to tackle down.

Chase your goals and more people will come here and there, following you in your quest.

Sounds cliché? Try it and let me know how this translate in your life.

Get rid of SHITTY entertainments | there’s a lot to say here

When I say shitty, I mean it.

  • Playing video games non-stop for 8 hours a day – Unless you are making a living with video games, stop. NOW
  • Binge watching junk on Netflix/YouTube/Name it. No point is watching USELESS content. And no, serials conversations aren’t conversations…
  • Stupid smartphone apps. You know them too well. You may not call they game. I call them stupid peep’s tax
  • Social media. Are you making on money there? Yes, keep. No? Evacuate
  • Motivation content. You should be motivated to do things, you shouldn’t have to watch YouTube junk motivation to do things. Rely on this? Already dead
  • TV. Do I need to say more?
  • Stupid sports. You’ll cry me a river for what’s following. Walking while watching Netflix ain’t sports. Crazy! Sitting on a bench scrolling down facebook ain’t lifting weights. Lift or move away

I’m too lazy to make more points today.

Let’s say that you do 1 or more of these on a daily basis. That’s a LOT of time lost. Not just on one day. On all your freaking life. 30 minutes each day is about 7 days lost each year. EACH YEAR.

Here’s an article where I tell you how I get extra time everyday.

For what? Stupid games/junk that will not help you in any way.

Still want to play on your smartphone? I expect not.

Come and delete everything that vampires your time. Social apps, games…

Get back to the second pillars and replace any junk time with creating time. This alone will bring you an interesting life you WILL be proud of having.

Build, create, name it. Do things you can be proud of.

The end: DO THINGS

To get you JEALOUS, here’s a list of things I did and I’m proud of. Maybe that will pump you up to do things. Maybe it’s just my way of bragging. You’ll never know anyway.

In no particular order. This list is just for fun, but it’s 100% real.

  • Developed a basic RPG smartphone video game you can find on the play store – shit they removed it because it didn’t get any download is so many months. Sad.
  • Sold a home-made bow to a self-proclaimed viking
  • Wrote 2 e-books in English, remember that English isn’t my primary language. Better, I sold about 30 editions of one of these!
  • Launched 3-4 websites over the last 2 years
  • Earned 6600+ followers on Quora within a year – coming with a mind-boggling 7 millions + views
  • Participated in a Minecraft Player Versus Player competition. 400,000 players, I ended in the top #250 – Note, I was young and playing Minecraft was my hobby
  • Same note: co-founded a Minecraft server with a friend. Landed 30 players connected at normal. Completely failed to make money on it – I was 12 by the way
  • Started weight lifting over a year ago. Gained 10+ kg of lean mass in the mean time. Lost I don’t know how much fat kg. I’m near visible abs.
  • Finished #2 in a 100+ mountain biking competition. I trained for a whopping 1 week and beat some guys that trained for over months. Even crushed some e-bikes competitors

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