How to be the decision maker of ANY situation

Ever been with your friend in a situation where NO ONE seems to be able to take a decision?

You know, 5 of you are silently fighting to find a place to eat. Or something to do.

These 5 peeps, including you already KNOW where they want to eat.

For decency, they don’t tell anything. They don’t share their preference. The usual:

  • Zero opinion
  • Let’s do whatever you want
  • Choose for me

It sucks. A lot. Because all YOU want is to eat at the new tacos that opened last week. And you know what it takes to get out of this vampire-like situation?

Play your cards.

You want to do something.

You tell them.

“I’d like to go there. Who’s got nothing against TACOS?”

And that’s it.

Remember one riddle:

Most persons are passive unless they are obliged to react/do things. By telling them exactly what you want them to do – eat tacos -, you remove a big problem from their life – not knowing where to eat/ not having the balls to share an opinion.

And that’s exactly how you create a movement within your friend group.

You say something. Follow it to the T. And friends start to follow you.

Congratulation, you took a decision.

Some friends may not be OK with your decision. Not a problem, they had to take the lead BEFORE you did.

Now you are in control.


Why YOU must take the decision – and what will happen if you don’t

The decision’s maker life ain’t as easy as unicorn’s world, I must say.

Because YOU take decisions, some peeps may be angry at you. Because you have the balls to claim  a situation, to tame it to your will.

And that requires a non negligible talent. It’s called… making decisions.

If you aren’t ready to apply it in real life, have no worries we got you covered.

You don’t need to impress and lead your friends right away, even if that would be a nice – I’ll tell you how to become a great decision maker below. Maybe not if there’s a real Chad in your group of friend – which I doubt, these guys to be rare these days.

If you don’t take the lead, if you don’t take any decision, your group of friends can be paralyzed.

Think of it like this:

No decision maker, nothing.

It’s something I see frequently. In my group of friends, we are 2 decision makers. At 2, we take 99% of the decisions.

Whether that’s hanging out here and there, where to eat, what to do, planning for an event…

That’s the perk of being a decision maker. You have the POWER right in your hands.

What happens if you don’t take decisions?

Well, someone else will do it for you. And you may not like the decision nor the person taking it.

Losing points, losing fun.

If you don’t take the decision, you remove yourself from the “POWER” equation of the group. And that sucks.

Basically, if you want something to happen, you make it happen. That’s called ownership and you can read more about it by clicking here.

How YOU can get good at taking decisions – Play a single game…

It’s called chess. And it’s life changing. I’m going too far there.

You don’t know how to play chess? Too bad. Take a decision, learn now.

Basic rules: how you move your pieces.

Strategy? Learn as you go. Basic being basics, always have a defender for your pieces.

Playing chess WILL serve you in many senses.

Learning the rules – start having fun playing

You can’t experience chess if you don’t know how to play. Learn the rules.

Learn how to move your pawns, king and queen. Then everything will flow.

There are dozens website showing you EXACTLY how to move them and how to progress fast. I won’t show it to you.

Chess is a fun game to play, only when you know how to.

Imagine having an army at your disposal. And fighting another general with an army. That’s CHESS.

A mind one versus one game. Only the best strategist will win it.

No place to luck, odd or other bullshit. You win as long as you have the best mind game.

Learn how to play chess and you’ll no longer be in trouble to make decisions.

Chess and the decision making process

Each turn you take a decision. Sometimes it’s important. Other times it SEEMS meaningless, right?

The meaningless moves help build the powerful move. You can’t take any real objectives without small moves.

The pawns let the queen plays aggressively. If they don’t move, the queen will never have space to play.

I’m light years away from being a professional chess player. I enjoy the game, but I’m not playing competitively.

What’s important to me is the process behind the decision I make playing chess.

Because EVERY turn is important when you play a strategy game. Everything you do, will either be at your advantage or play against you.

And that’s exactly what happens when you decide to TAKE decisions in real life.

Not everything will turn your way. Sometimes it backfires.

And that’s 167% fine.

You can’t take all times the best decision ever.

However, nothing stops you from training your decisions.

It doesn’t “happen”. YOU make it happen by playing chess, by building a business, by writing, by being in more social situation than you ever went in.

You don’t just take decision. You apply them and see the result.

Doesn’t match your expectation?

Take another decision, rinse, repeat.

It’s probably safer to do so in a game of chess where all the pawns get back in the box after the game than in your daily life where things are at stakes.

Betting your money, learning new crafts…

It’s much harder than playing a game.

And that’s exactly why you start playing stakes with a game of chess.

The result don’t matter as much as it would if you played in real life.

Decision you MUST take

Well, to conclude this beautifully crafted article, I want to share with you some decisions you can take.

Right. Next time you find yourself in one of those situations, I want YOU to take the leap and to choose what to do.

Have fun, apply and play chess.

  • Where to eat with friends
  • What activity to do
  • What to do with your free time
  • What’s your main goal
  • What hobby do you enjoy
  • What sports to practice
  • Which subject to study
  • How to have fun
  • How to stop being bored
  • How to start making money online
  • What to read
  • How to start a blog
  • How to have more time in your days
  • How to study smart in order to get great grades easily
  • How you can improve your exercise routine
  • How you can get good looking – hint: An article is coming soon!