How to become a loser in 11 principles

I never highlighted it. However, there are billions of ways to be a loser.

Billions of those ways can be summarized in some principles. If you follow them all, you are the perfect loser.

Ready to hear how you stand on the loser’s scale?

Not yet.

Why I’m making this article?

Most websites speak about winners, conquerors and everything else – I do it too! I find it sad that there is no room for losers. You know, guys who can’t get their life on point, guys who complain that life is too hard. Guys who blame it on everything except themselves.

Yes, this article is for them. They will have a ladder and will see how much of a loser they are.

This list won’t be exhaustive, there are hundreds and hundreds of ways to be a loser. Yet all losers are different. Some lack sleep, other are addicted – video games – and many simply don’t have balls or give too much fuck no matter what.

1: Losers are easily distracted

Because they lack direction. Come on, without a goal it’s impossible to focus on something.

If you are swapping activity every 2 minutes, then you are a loser.

Think about it. What does winners do all day long?

They focus on that one activity where they want to be even better than yesterday.

It’s the same for every conqueror. They prioritize where they want to crush some asses.

They don’t get lost.

  • They don’t watch anime
  • They don’t play games
  • They don’t watch TV
  • They don’t read stories
  • They don’t share memes
  • They don’t read manga
  • They don’t complain
  • They don’t get distracted by a sheet of paper

No. They have something to do.

Losers, on the contrary have NOTHING to do. They easily get distracted because they find everything entertaining. Yes. Even that sheet of paper on your desk would be interesting to a loser.

They don’t know what to do so they do everything.

Losers think that by being obsessive about something, you are a loser while they are the true loser. Mindfuck?

Nop. It’s easy. If you have something to do, get obsessive about it, get it exclusive. Work hard for it. Do your very best!

Yet losers don’t understand this mechanic. They want a diversified life with lot of fun and girls and money and friends and concerts and video game and TV and books and… Dude! You aren’t getting all of this by willing it!

You get all you want by working for it. Not by day-dreaming about a better day in another galaxy in another universe where everything is perfect.

Losers are easily distracted

Because that’s not the reality.

That’s how you want the reality to be.

Losers get distracted because they have nothing to pursue. They find no goal worth it. They find that their time is better spent on distractions and entertainment.

By this definition, are you a loser?

If the answer is YES! Then get away of the keyboard and watch the TV, that will surely “serve” you later on.

If the answer is YES! And you want to change it, read this article to end procrastination

If the answer is NO! Then congratulation you are not a loser according to this exact principle.

Losers will always find something “better” to do than to get successful. They think that working hard isn’t worth their time.

While playing games is!

Don’t be that guy in his garage, playing games day and night for the sack of fun.

Playing on something unreal because you don’t have the balls to do it in real life sucks.

Get a life!

2: Losers blame it all on everyone and everything except themselves

And then believe that they are unlucky.

Dude, you aren’t unlucky. You aren’t even trying. How is that being unlucky?

It’s like blaming someone else because you are to lazy to learn how to do something.

It’s easy to blame the system, the government, the rich, Mike Tyson or everyone else if you are a bad boxer.

But dude, did you even try it?

Did even get on the ring, wearing the gloves and punching someone in the face? No?


You did nothing. You didn’t even try to get something done.

You just complained:

-Read with a dorky voice-

It’s too hard! I can’t do it. That’s him bad, he is better.


He just got on the ring hundreds of thousands of hours.

How much time where you on the ring?

2 times?

Yeah. I would blame it all on everything except you.


If you aren’t even trying, how can you blame others who are doing their job while you can’t get it done as a hobby?

The rule is simple. Give it a fucking try.

Not a kid’s try.

A real try!

Get on the ring and punch.

Punch sand-bags, punch fighters, punch yourself.

Do something, get on track and do it!

There is no excuse, except the one you keep telling to yourself and they are the worst.

3: Losers believe that they are better than everyone else


They can’t even lift half their weight and keep telling everyone how cool, how social, how strong and how confident they are.

You know what I call?

I call bullshit.

A real man doesn’t try to impress you by telling you:

I’m such a great guy bro’


He smells like a real man. He acts like a real man. He looks like a real man.

He isn’t trying to buy you on believing something which is completely false.

A real man will never tell that he is the best because he is.

If you feel the need to remember tell others how superior to them you are, you are nothing else than a loser doubled by an impostor.

Losers truly believe that they are the very best of their kind.

  • They are the best players
  • They make more money than everyone else
  • They look insanely good
  • They are perfect

Well. NO!

That’s the contrary.

If you have to convince yourself of something, that’s because it’s not the case.

Don’t be a freak. Don’t tell anyone how cool, social… you are.

Show it.

Losers speak, winners have an aura, something which tells everyone else that they are winners.

4: Losers gives hundreds of fucks everyday

A loser reading his journal.

Oh wow. The gas now cost 0.05% more than last year. I must call their company. I must tell it to the president and I must blame it to the Bahamas.



Does it matter? NO!

If you don’t have enough money to pay for your gas, then make more money – it’s called ownership

Losers give their fucks for nothing.

  • Something disappoint them: They give a fuck
  • Someone is mean to them on a social network: They give a fuck
  • Someone disagree with their opinion on a YouTube comment: They give a fuck

Dude. There is no fucking reason to give a fuck about something that has no power.

Hundreds of events are disappointing. I don’t give two pennies on them. I can’t control most of them. Someone is mean with me on social network? It happens every hour. Someone disagree with me? It happens practically every minute!

So why shouldn’t you give a fuck?

Because it takes time to give fucks.

How much time did you devote to change someone’s opinion on something?

We all did it. At least once.

And then it becomes easy to not reproduce the same error another time.

Don’t give a fuck for everything.

Choose wisely. Is it worth to give your fucks to this?

Losers are always looking to give more fucks

5: Losers play video games, watch tv and scroll on facebook

Exception made if playing games, watching TV and scrolling on facebook make you money. Chances are that it doesn’t.

Some people do it because it’s their job.

Is it your job? It isn’t.

I already spoke about games. I learned how to sell thanks to games.

Now I reconsider this. It was worth it when I was 12.

I’m reconsidering what I said. Playing games is great to learn things when you are younger.

It’s not the main purpose of games and neither will it be.

Game developers have a business: selling more games. There is no reason for them to educate you so you won’t buy more games. It doesn’t make sense.

What I have against game?


The problem is how people use them.

  • Learning how to sell using a game isn’t bad. In fact, it’s great.
  • Playing a game to isolate yourself from the world is bad.
  • Playing games to distract yourself is a bad idea. Lift weights instead
  • Playing games to meet people is wrong. You won’t meet anyone

You get the idea. If you can do it in the real world, then it’s more fun to do it here than in a virtually virtual game where you will reap no benefits.

Did someone got something for reaching the maximum level of world of Warcraft? Not exactly.

Reconsider your priorities.

Dedicating 30 minutes per day to play a game is okay.

Playing more is a waste of time.

Check your priorities.

Losers play hours and hours of video game each day

6: Losers would sell their health for a grand

You read that right.

Losers don’t value their health.

Their fucking health.

Some people don’t have legs, are always sick and losers don’t value what they got.


Losers will never hit the gym. Never. Why?

  1. They are too PERFECT
  2. Their health is on point – say the guy who can barely run

That’s enough reason for a loser to never consider a second to his health.

Losers don’t give two pennies on what they eat.

Mac Donald would do the job. If they could, they would eat there forever. Unfortunately, their finance doesn’t allow them this paradise.

So, they only go there 9 times per week, eat a lot of crap, feel bad and start over the next day.

Health doesn’t matter to losers – here’s how to make it count

Losers think that miraculously they will get everything they want.

  • Even if they are 100 pounds overweight.
  • Even if they can’t run for 10 minutes
  • Even if they can’t lift half their weight
  • Even if they can’t focus for 30 minutes on a single goal

Yeah. Losers.

7: Losers are always right – even when they are wrong

Never tell a loser he is wrong.


That’s the quickest way to get stuck with a drama-queen.

Losers will never admit that they are wrong. Never under any circumstance will they tell

You were right.

These 3 words mean too much to them.

They will tell stories, invent lies to blatantly sell these to you. Without much success as they are bad sellers – Here is how to be a great seller

Losers won’t renounce until you run away.

It’s a huge waste of time to run into an argument with losers.

They have virtually an infinite amount of time to argue about whatever comes first to their mind.

Don’t get stuck in their tornado, smile nod and agree. Thanks for this nugget of wisdom Wall Street Playboys

8: Losers make excuse. They never take extreme ownership

Related to the precedent point.

Losers are too proud to assume that it’s entirely their bad.

You will always hear a loser complain about the following.

They will never take ownership or reconsider the situation as their own bad.


Losers are hardwired to blame everyone else except themselves!

  • They got into a bad relationship: It’s my girlfriend’s bad!
  • They got a bad job: That’s my teachers’ fault!
  • Their favorite team lose a game: The planets weren’t aligned!

It’s impossible to have a mature conversation with a loser. He will always find someone else than him to blame. Even if that’s directly his bad!

A loser will never admit that it’s his bad.

He will never take ownership of his decision as it’s always preferable to blame someone else, right? Right!

They will always come up with some excuses to explain why it didn’t happen.

Yeah, excuses instead of ownership. We live in a mad world!

9: Losers could be world’s leader if they decided to!

When you tell/show one of your achievement to a loser, he will instantly retaliate:

I could have done it too! Unfortunately, I chose to invest my time in getting a job and a degree. I hadn’t much time because I was playing games. But I could have did it. Yeah. Fairly easily.

Who believe these kind words?

Surely not a member of your community.

This guy was just lazy as fuck and decided not to give a damn about his career/opportunities – I’m not even sure if he had opportunities – to consecrate his time to save a princess in a virtual world. What a time to be alive!

Losers are always better and stronger than everyone else. Even if they can’t lift half their own weight.

They have an excuse ready to break your ears.

Well. They could easily be president of the country but unfortunately X happened.

Where X is an excuse that we found useless and worthless in the last principle.

Ha losers, too much imagination in one head!

Remember, you are no one until you decide to become someone!

“Unfortunately” they gave up the title

10: Losers will settle for something and everything

Losers love comfort! They only need it!

  • They will settle with the first girl willing to marry them
  • They will live in first home that they can buy
  • They will never try new activities because it’s scary and uncomfortable

A loser seek comfort. The least effort is the most rewarding reward that they can get.

So, when they have the choice between settling and moving forward, no one bat an eye when they choose to stay where they are.

Why bother?

They will make an excuse.

They could have become the president of the united states of America if they had pursued their next offer. Unfortunately – for the world – decided that they were already successful enough.

Sad. We could have a real winner but he decided to stay at a low level because… he wanted a comfortable life.

Yeah. A comfortable life.

Who wants a comfortable life? Losers!

This guy is trying to sell his lies to himself to you.

Losers aren’t conqueror. They jump on the first occasion to get whatever their mind tricks them to want.

Losers don’t have the balls to live in an uncomfortable situation.

They prefer a life free of danger.

An automated life, where they act like robots.

Everything is already planned.

They will work until 67. Will have a cool retirement and will die at 94, 6 month, 4 days, 3 hours, 5 minutes and 54 seconds.

They planned everything. And yet none of this happening.

They are still alive, doing the robot in a standardized job.

11: Losers don’t have balls

Not at all.

Take a microscope, you won’t see their balls.

They don’t have balls.

They exchanged it against comfort.

A “hard” earned comfort that they believe will give them all they want.

Well, not exactly.

They are living a standard live, in a standard town, in a standard world with a standard wife accompanied by standard kids and a standard cat. They drive in a standard car paid with their standard income.

Can you tell me what isn’t average in this?

Losers don’t have balls.

They want things.

And then face an obstacle.

And that’s all. End of the story. They come back tot heir standardized home without a second thought.

Oh wait, what if I tried to overcome this problem?

No. They don’t do this.

They prefer the TV to their ego.

They prefer their comfort to the success they may get.

And yet…

That’s what they get.

An average life.

Full of average stuff.

That’s how a loser live.

Nothing extravagant.

Why bother? It’s too painful to work, hustle and grab by the horns what you want.

Better to sleep in front of the TV than to go in the jungle mine for some golden nuggets.

Losers don’t have balls

On a scale of 0 to 11, how much a loser are you?

This article could be seen as a rent against average. Maybe you hate me because I told you the truth.

Maybe you admire me because you just got a new idea to rule over the world.

Whatever. This is just an article.

Find what makes you a loser, change it for the best and… profit.

Life is too short to stay behind.

Stand like a winner!


1.    Losers are easily distracted

2.    Losers blame it all on everyone and everything except themselves

3.    Losers believe that they are better than everyone else

4.    Losers gives hundreds of fucks everyday

5.    Losers play video games, watch tv and scroll on Facebook

6.    Losers would sell their health for a grand

7.    Losers are always right – even when they are wrong

8.    Losers make excuse. They never take extreme ownership

9.    Losers could be world’s leader if they decided to!

10.  Losers will settle for something and everything

11.  Losers don’t have balls

In a nutshell:

Don’t be a loser!