How to become a winner

There are only 2 types of people in this world.

Winners & Losers.

If you aren’t a winner, then you are a loser.


Winners have it all.

Fame, wealth and health.

  • Winners know how to handle each and every situation with the coldest calm while a loser would freak out
  • Winners know that they are winners. It enables them to do things that are impossible for the average Joe
  • Winners can go to the club alone and come back home 2 hours later with 3 young stunning blondes
  • Winners can get into a new sport and become world class in a year or so
  • Winners have businesses which work for them even when they sleep
  • Winners have wide shoulders, showing their superiority to the world
  • Winners are muscular, an average person freaks out when he meets a winner
  • Winners emit a winner’s aura
  • Winners are respected, no matter where they are
  • Winners keep winning. It’s all they do day long in their life
  • Winners can survive a hunger game
  • Winners are impressive. They have a lot of achievements on their names
  • Winners are always sharply dressed. You cannot miss a winner when you see one
  • Winners have a winner’s posture. They stand high and proud
  • Winners speak clearly. They don’t excuse themselves nor do they reveal too much. They stay simple
  • Winners aren’t numerous. Winners only make friend with other winners
  • Winners have it easy. Everyone recognizes them as winners
  • Winners have everything they want. When they decide to obtain something, they get it

That said, winners are normal people who decided to level up.

They aren’t super-natural or something else.

Winners are people like you and I. Except that they decided that they could do it.

They decided that building a strong body was possible.

They decided that being social is a strength.

They decided that winning was their lifestyle.

And then they started to get on track, to develop themselves and to become winners!

How to become a winner

1/ Winner’s body

You will never see a winner with a weak body.

Winners are associated with athletic bodies and super-human strength.

They are way stronger than your average man and usually have visible abs which is a trophy they proudly show to the world.

Being strong and lean is possible for anyone.

If you want a proof, search for body transformation on google, you’ll find a myriad of people who changed from being fat/skinny to become muscular.

How can you build the body of a winner?

  • Hit the gym 5-6 times per week
  • Lift heavy : 5 sets of 10 repetitions
  • Eat whole food
  • Avoid machines, practice free weights
  • Practice cardio once a week – Mountain biking, running, swimming…

That’s all there is to know to get an above average physique. Most internet marketer would charge you dozens of dollars for this information while you can get it free here.

Sure, I didn’t detail everything. There aren’t much to detail here.

You know what it’s like to go 5-6 days per week at the gym. It’s simple. You take your car or walk to the gym and train for an hour 6 days of the week. Is there anything more you need to know?

Lift heavy. This one is huge. Lifting heavy makes sure that you get out of the gym with your muscles broken. Follow the 5 sets 10 repetitions and you’ll build wonders. Don’t practice different repetitions range, people who do so stay weak.

Eat whole food. Is there anything to add?

Go to the free weights section of your gym. The machines are usually training a muscle only. You don’t want to isolate our muscles unless you are a bodybuilder. Are you a bodybuilder?

Practice the cardio you want once a week. Simple. You choose a cardio sport you enjoy and practice it once a week.

Apply these 5 bullet points and you’ll get a winner’s body. No excuse, no bullshit.

2/ Winner’s mindset

Having the body of a winner is great.

Having the mindset which comes along is better.

With the mindset of a winner, you can build an empire and your winner’s body.

The mindset is everything.

Without it, you can be as strong as you want, you’ll remain a loser.

The mindset is what reminds you who you are, from where you went and what you’ll get in the future.

The mindset of a winner dictates all your actions and reaction before anything actually happens.

Without a clearly defined mindset, you are left with an encoded map.

Let’s see how you can get the mindset of a winner.

Winners always pass first

Winners always let themselves be first.

That’s not because they have a bigger ego – yet they have a very big ego -, that’s because they don’t accept to be #2.

A winner is the #1. He doesn’t accept any other number.

If he isn’t the #1? He will become the #1.

A winner never give up on his aspiration. If he wants to become the #1, he will become the #1.

That’s not a choice, that’s reality.

Winners are obsessed

Winners all have at least an obsession.

Usually it’s their big goal or they favorite passion.

My obsession is Nerdow.

I write everyday. I update articles everyday.

I make that what I write is relevant and will stay on the internet for years and even decades.

Nerdow is my obsession. Nerdow is my drug. I couldn’t live without Nerdow.

Living without an obsession is failing to live, and ultimately failing to reach your goals!

Winners do what it takes to get results

Winners take all the actions possible and imaginable to make sure that their goal becomes reality.

Did you see it? Winners don’t dream. They plan.

When a winner plan a goal, he usually obtains what he planned for. That’s not rocket science.

What is planned is obtained.

Winners do what it takes to get results.

If they have to be ridiculous to get results, they’ll do it.

If they have to invest to get results, they’ll do it.

3/ Winner’s empire

Winners are busy building their empire.

No matter what they do, it is related to their empire.

My empire is currently my online presence.

Nerdow, Quora, our community…

It’s growing.

Each article I post, each tweet, each answer and each post on our community grow the empire.

One step at a time, yet everything is based on same principle: An ever growing empire that will soon take over the world.

In the internet age, you can easily build your empire online.

With an article, you can touch thousands of people.

With an answer you can teach hundreds of people.

We live at the golden age of the internet, we have the power to build an empire by writing words, shooting videos and taking photos.

It’s a golden opportunity that other generations didn’t have.

If they wanted to start an empire, they had to bet all their money on a brick and mortar business.

Right now, you can test your ideas on the internet from free without any condition or prerequisite.

You just test them.

You write, you share, you have access to the whole world thanks to internet.

That’s why you must leverage it.

That’s why you must share your journey with the world, a winner isn’t self proclaimed. Others recognize him as a winner.

Let’s play the game!