How to become popular on Quora

Why do you want to be popular on Quora?

Because that’s your desire. You want to become popular on Quora, don’t you?

Of course, you do!

Being popular on Quora won’t change your life but is a great way to get noticed.

Of course, random people may not tell you “Hi” in the street because you wrote some cool answers on Quora.

But being popular on Quora, getting millions of views surely help with fame, self-esteem and confidence.

Oh, one more thing. It’s super cool to be able to brag that you get millions of views on a website nobody knows about!

I’m being honest with you.

I have 6 million + views on my Quora profile, I’m popular on Quora.

Only one time someone told me that he heard about my experience on Quora and that I’m popular there.

It’s someone from my class. He probably just searched my name. As Quora is the first result you get when you google my name.

Pretty cool!

While being popular on Quora isn’t going change your life, it’s a cool plus and a nice hobby to have.


How do you do it?

How do you become popular on Quora?

By writing a lot of answers.

More and more.

As much as possible.

But I’m not speaking of your average answer which receives 100 views.

That’s a bad score.

Your answers will receive views and will contribute to you being popular as long as they contain the following:

  • 200-300 words of content
  • 1 cool picture
  • Controversial content
  • Straight ideas
  • Bold and italic words

That’s all.

It doesn’t take a genius to write answers that contain these.

Once you use this blueprint, you’ll notice something huge.

Your answers WILL get more views.

You will gain followers which literally translates as being more popular.

It’s not rocket science.

As long as you provide quality answers that “choke” the reader either by their simplicity or controvertial content, you’ll get followers.

Anyone can become popular on Quora.

Being a genius isn’t a requirement.

You must write answers.

A lot of answers based on the framework mentioned above.

If you didn’t do it and you are complaining about not getting views, it’s 100% normal.

The truth is that your answers suck if you don’t get views.

  • Not that they aren’t of quality
  • Not that they don’t contain enough words
  • But that they aren’t pleasing to read

Writing is an art more than a science.

You don’t read bad books, do you?

Same goes on here on Quora.

Popular people on Quora understand that to get views, their answers must be entertaining.

The reader isn’t researching knowledge as the Quora claims it.

That’s false.

The reader wants to be entertained and IF possible learn something at the end of your answer.

If you don’t teach him anything, no worry. As long as a reader is entertained, he will come back to read more of your answers.

That’s why writing is either easy or a hassle.

Either you know how to hook your public or you don’t.

Hopefully, you can learn how to.

To be popular on Quora, your answers must be entertaining.

If they aren’t?

Well, you know the lyrics…

How to write entertaining answers.

As I said earlier, being popular on Quora is easy.

The framework is simple.

You write a lot of answers that a lot of people enjoy.

Writing answers is easy as long as you have a blueprint, which I gave just above.

Remember? The 5 requirements that you must put in each and every answer you write.

Don’t follow these and you are doomed.

You may claim that other popular people on Quora don’t follow these statements.

You are right.

However, they are popular. You aren’t.

Arguing is useless when you have nothing to put on the table.

Use my framework.


It works.

Now coming to the entertaining part.

Being popular on Quora implies that you are entertaining.

There is no other shortcut shorter than this one.

If you are entertaining, you are popular.

Plain and simple.

How do you become entertaining if you aren’t?

Well, you share emotions with your readers.

My answers, they are all polarizing.

Either you love what I say, or you hate it.

You cannot be indifferent to what I say.

Either you want to kill me because I’m writing sentences that contradict 100% of what you believe.


You enjoy what I say because it’s always the plain truth written in simple words.

Just to brag.

This is my style. My unique advantage over my competition.

Guess why it works.

It’s congruent with who I am.

I’m not afraid to piss of people.

I’m not afraid to go straight.

If something displeases me, I say it.

If I don’t like something, I tell it.

If I see something that I want to talk about, I write about it.

Plain and simple, I’m authentic as a rock.

Either you love this mindset or you hate it.

No matter what you choose, I don’t care as I am already popular on Quora.

That’s thanks to my personality which is entertaining by nature.

Don’t believe that I’m like this since my first day on planet earth.

That’s wrong. Totally.

I learned how to be a savage.

It’s not something “innate” at which I’m gifted and at which you have zero chance to compete with me or anyone who knows how to be savage/authentic.


It’s a skill.

A skill that you work.

If you work it? Congrats, you are popular on Quora.

If you don’t? Stay at Bikini bottom city.

Also, I must add that I’m extremely confident in what I write.

I never think about what I say twice.

The “Should I write about this/ Isn’t it hate speech? / Will readers enjoy this?” I don’t give a damn about it.

Nor do I give a damn about being politically correct.

If I want to say something, I say it. Period.

That’s part of why I’m popular on Quora and you aren’t.

  • Do you ever cross boundaries?
  • Do you ever tell personal stories?
  • Do you ever share your failures?
  • Do you ever write as much as I do?

No. You don’t.

Otherwise you would be popular on Quora and wouldn’t be reading this article.

You would be writing more answers, getting views and too much comments to answer all of them.


You aren’t there.

You aren’t popular on Quora. You are here, reading this article which is a break in your thoughts.

Yes, you can become popular on Quora.

Yes. It is feasible.

But not everyone treading his article will.


You aren’t taking action.

You want a proof?

Did you take the 5 points above as a note?

Did you write them somewhere in order to save them for… later?

No. You didn’t.

It’s the same that’s going on when you write on Quora.

You aren’t proactive.

You are here. Blatantly writing about a subject you don’t give a damn about.


Write about what interest you, share your energy.

If you aren’t entertaining, you won’t reap a single view.

Why should people read what you write when you are bored at the idea to give it a second sight…

If you don’t like what you write, change it.

Don’t be the person that thinks that all she does on first time is perfect.

It’s not.

I’m bringing you back to reality.

If you aren’t popular on Quora, you are doing something wrong.

Heck, I’m 19 years old and I’m popular on Quora.

Why aren’t you?

Are you writing 5+ answers a day?

Are you seeking for questions to answer?

Are you answering your comments?

Are you looking at successful answers to see what works?


You aren’t.

It’s impossible to not get popular on Quora doing the items listed above.

You just have to get started.


A lot.

You’ll get results.

If you don’t?

Who care? You did your very best and failed.

Or maybe you didn’t give your very best.

It’s up to you to decide on this one.

Will you try it?

Are you going to write an answer right now?

You aren’t?


You are?

Congrats, you are on your way.

Now you know.

The secret isn’t that Quora favors me over others.

The secret isn’t that I’m super talented.

The secret isn’t that above anyone else.

The secret is that I have a blueprint that I use when I write my answers.

This blueprint is COMPLETELY unveiled in make money writing.

Do you want to supercharge your answers on Quora?

Do you want to become popular?


Get it.

Get make money writing.

If you don’t want to get it?

I understand.

Not everyone is tailored to make money online.

Now, leaving this article you have 4 choices.

  • Write an answer directly
  • Read another article
  • Leave without make money writing
  • Leave with make money writing

It’s 100% your choice.

You already know what you should choose.

It’s up to you to choose it.

Write well, become popular on Quora and crush it.