How to contact other writers and everyone you are interested in on Twitter

How to build your network as a blogger on twitter

Step 1: Identify

First, what’s your area of power?

What is the subject of your blog?

Identify it.

You must have a subject in which you have a lot of knowledge or a certain interest in.

What’s your special talent? Are you a power lifter? Can you run faster than anyone else?

If so, choose what kind of character you want to represent.

Be that identity.

If your identity isn’t clearly defined, people will have trouble to identify you.

Believe me, it hurts a lot!

To build your identity, start with the about part on Twitter.

Tell your story.

Who are you?

What define you?

What can you do better than anyone else?


Step 2: Target

You are not the only one alive in this big world.


Nothing new.

However, you must get the habit of targeting new people.

You have an area of expertise, you want to meet people in this exact area, right?

Then you have to target who you want to be friend with.

This guide is made for Twitter. If you don’t have twitter you have two choices.

  1. Go away
  2. Create a Twitter account

Nonetheless you can still benefit from it by applying these strategies on other social networks.

If you are still there, it means that you chose #2. Which is the sole way to build a network through twitter.

Now that you are on Twitter, find people who have similar interests

Twitter have a cool feature which enable you to search for many # or words, so simply use it to stumble upon what you search.

If you don’t find anything?

Don’t worry, you WILL meet interesting people on twitter.

Twitter is full of people sharing their struggles and opinions.

It’s not like Instagram where everybody is enhancing their picture with glowy filters.

Much like a game.

Read and click on interesting people.

Whenever you meet someone who surpasses =your threshold of coolness, follow them.

Your following list is composed ONLY of people that you look up too.

Okay, now that you have a list of potential friends, it is time to create a profile showing who you are.

Step 3: Build your account

No one is going to contact you if you don’t use twitter consistently.

No one.

There is no reason to follow someone who doesn’t bring meat on the table. Absolutely no reasons.

The average may think that because someone is a “celebrity” or something else, they deserve to give their voice to the world.


I consider that if you don’t have anything meaningful to say, I won’t follow you. Simple.

Most people react in the between, sometimes they follow others for no reason and other times they are super selective.

Make sure to choose accordingly.

Come back to the most important part.

I hope that you understand that you can’t build a network on twitter if you don’t tweet.

You should at least post 10 tweets per day.

10 per day is the very least. If you rely on Twitter to build your brand you should post more, up to 50 tweets a day.

Think about it, that’s not much.

How much time you open your phone every single day, if every time that you open your smartphone, you tweet something it becomes very easy.

Plus, Twitter enables you to formulate correctly your thoughts.

Without structure, no one will read what you have to say.

Sorry to be defeatist, but it’s the truth. And here we enjoy the truth, not like everywhere else where truth is hated.

Step 4: Contact

Isn’t that the most important step?

Without contact there is no network. You remain alone.

While this sound dumb and obvious, most don’t take this in consideration.

They keep tweeting randomly on random subject without any goal of reaching out to others.

Your goal is to tweet at others people.

For this, you have several options.

You can quote their tweet and add another one.

This way you bring value.

This is my preferred method. I always reach out to new people this way.

When I find someone interesting, I figure out a way to reach him by quoting one of his tweets.

The best way to do this is to write a tweet related to the subject coming from your own mind with your own reflection.

It shows that you aren’t a no-brainer and that you can share value.

If you are brilliant enough to do it, the guy may notice you, click on your profile and follow you.

Twitter is a game of numbers, the more you try, the more you are rewarded.

Mention people in your tweets

This can also serve as a quote or as any other purpose that you can come up to.

The goal is still to bring the attention of someone on your profile, to get him hooked.

It is achieved by mentioning someone plus bringing a meaningful tweet to it.

Step 5: Maintaining the connection

Building a connection isn’t enough, you have to maintain it.

To do so, you can directly message your network or simply mention them on meaningful tweets, once they follow you, of course.

This way you don’t break the interest that they have into you and can keep sharing a lot of your thoughts.

Which, by the way is the main goal of Twitter.

Keep writing, keep tweeting.

Everyone followers see what you publish on their feed, make sure that you publish a lot of high quality insight that you gather from your own life or from unknown and weird sources – How to be inspired by weird sources will be another article.

If you can achieve this plan, then you can get an audience.

Don’t get me wrong, the whole world won’t watch you when you walk in the street at 2 o’clock.

That’s not what having an audience means.

Nop, this is not what I’m saying.

I’m saying that you can build your audience, your website and many more based on this kind of work.

When you befriend someone, he will be interested in what you propose.

Chances are that you don’t propose only a handful of 140 characters sentences. Chances are that you also have a website or another social media on which you are making money.

Drive your readers from one to another to get what you need.

In the end, all the websites are the same, they exist to make money.