How to create your character

Who are you?


Seriously, who are you?

It’s getting weird.

Who are you?

What makes you?

I already stated many times. I believe that we are in a game.

Call it life if you want.

In every game there are characters. In ours there are more than 7 billions characters online at the same time.

7 billion characters to interact with.

7 billion characters to enjoy

7 billion characters to build with

And yet you are here, reading a website built by one of these characters.

Among everyone I am unique. And so are you.

Sure, some people around the world carry some of my characteristics, but the sum of them all makes me unique.

As everyone…

Yet that’s not all. You aren’t only your genes and characteristics, you are more

The character factor

Like a big project, you are made up of a lot of decisions

  • Your skills
  • The way you behave
  • The word you use
  • Your humor
  • Your feelings
  • Your believes

And many, many little factors which make the character factor.

Hopefully, all of these can be updated, deleted or simply swapped for another characteristic.

It’s magic! You can be who you want to be. Or who you want to become, even if that’s essentially the same thing.

Let’s review all the factors that make that you are you.

You’ll see many different ideas on each factor so you can build each and every characteristic that you enjoy!

Defining your character

Presentation factor

1/How do you express yourself?

  • Confidently
  • Shyly
  • With many gap words
  • By showing off
  • You don’t speak much
  • With an accent
  • You make big gestures as you speak

2/What words do you use?

  • Old expressions
  • “Trendy” words
  • As you write
  • With an ounce of modernity
  • As a “street” guy
  • Old words
  • Combination of languages – When I speak French I include English words

3/How do you speak non-verbally?

  • Big gesture, dominant
  • Not a single move
  • Crossed arms
  • Open to others
  • Timidly

4/What clothes do you wear?

  • Old clothes
  • Trendy clothes
  • A suit to stand up
  • Sports wears
  • Standard guy
  • Hipster – already entering in a category, not a style anymore

5/What “accessories” do you carry?

  • Watches
  • Bracelets
  • Rings
  • Earrings
  • Necklace
  • Tattoos
  • Piercings

With all of these it’s already easy to determine who you are as a person.

The presentation factor is simply how other see you as a person. Based solely on your look.

Chances are that your outfit carry your personality. Chances are that by wearing certain clothes you want to show who you are.

Not everyone wear a suit.Those who do are “important”.

Not everyone carry a sporty style. Those who do are “rebels”

The presentation factor enable us to place other people in “cases” just by looking at them we already have a clear picture of who they are, even before knowing them really.

It’s powerful in the sense that you can become another person simply by changing the way you look. It’s easy to pass for a marginal or a somebody.

Just changes these 5 traits for those of another style, and you will become another person for everybody else.

Styles are defined by the presentation factor.

Powerful man kit:

  1. Expresses himself confidently
  2. Never reveal all his intents, speak as he writes
  3. Big gestures, stands comfortably
  4. A black modern suit
  5. Carries an expensive watch and a ring, probably married

With all these information, you can already deduce a lot about him.

Try to think the other way around. How are you perceived when you wear certain clothes? When you speak a certain way?

Don’t moderate your style. It must shine!

You are always judged on the presentation factor. Take time to create your character based on the presentation factor.

It’s the first one that everybody see.

Combine the 5 traits to create a unique persona.

If you are lazy, take an already existing style, find it’s trait and copy them

Think of it as cold-reading. What could an expert deduce about you from your presentation factor?

From A to B. Changing one’s figure

You have 5 traits.

These 5 traits describe you as character.

Write them now.

Change them later.

Now that you understand that one character comes from 5 big traits, you can come up with an unbelievable amount of different character.

Change one trait and you get a different guy.

Change just one item, and this person will be another one.

That’s key. You don’t need to change much to become someone else.

If you want to change, identify your perfect figure.

  • How does your perfect figure speak?
  • What words does she use?
  • How does she speak non-verbally?
  • What clothes does she wear?
  • What accessories sublimate this character?

Take your time.

Create this persona. Create your perfect persona.

By creating your ideal, you are projecting yourself into the future.

You want to look like this persona, and you will become this figure by the future.

First you must draw the portrait of your persona.

Imagine it.

Become it.

Be it.

This persona is all about you.

What do you want to become?

  • A man with an impressive body?
    • Go to the gym
  • A gentleman with an amazing suit?
    • Craft a business to afford your tastes
  • A dominant male?
    • Build your body language
  •  An edgy player?
    • Add some leather accessories
  • A strong individual?
    • Spend more time alone
  • A powerful influencer?
    • Get involved in social medias
  • A mindful thinker?
    • Change your vocabulary

Like a chameleon, you have the choice.

You can change your image as you want.

You can build your body, you can change the way you speak, you can swap suits and you can embody another personality.

Exactly like in a video game, you choose who you want to be.

It’s simple.

Decide, portrait your persona and then draw the plan

Everything is possible.

From loser to winner, you can overcome this.

Some years back, I was sitting on a chair.

I’m sitting on this exact same chair.

Yet I changed a lot.

I used to play a lot of games, I was shy, I wasn’t at ease with myself. The worst of all, I was skinny-fat.

I didn’t trained. I didn’t play any sport.

I was your average gamer.

Except that I succeeded in a game, Minecraft.

But this will make another story.

I changed.

From a loser, to a winner.

I decided that I could change my persona.

I did it.

From point A to point B.

I moved. I switched.

  1. I speak differently: I’m more aggressive
  2. I use different words: I tell what I want to tell, not what others want to hear
  3. I behave differently: I’m more dominant
  4. I have a different style: Shirt and jean. Simple, perfect
  5. I wear some accessories

I changed  a lot in the past years.

I became someone else.

I lost my loser somewhere…

It’s time to win.

You can change too.

From changing your mindset to changing yourself.

Building a character is possible.

You need to commit to the task completely.

Not half. Not a quarter.

If you want to create a new figure for yourself, you must go all in.

  • New habits
  • New friends
  • New books
  • New clothes
  • New everything

Changing is an act in itself. You can’t change if you remain the same.

It’s a big cleaning. From past to future, from loser to winner.

Once you have outlined what needs a change, bring it.

Bring the storm and hit the deal, forge another person through action.