How to get chunks of bitcoin in 5 minutes WITHOUT BUYING

Bitcoin is making it to the news.

Bitcoin is everywhere!

Bitcoin is climbing!

Bitcoin will rejuvenate the world

Bitcoin is the next gold rush

No day pass without a big title on the blockchain. Look around, everyone speak about it. Why is that?

Trends. Money. Power.

Bitcoin is a brand new roller-coaster which is beginning to come from earth. Where will it go? To the Moon? To Mars? Or to Hell?

Nobody knows. Anyway, the trend is that bitcoin will grow, bigger and bigger

That would be a shame to not take your piece of the cake, right? Right.

Right now it’s a video game. Invest and see what you get back!

I know it, you are already worried about the following:

  • Is it risky to bet on bitcoin?
  • How do I get some bitcoins?
  • Is it legal?
  • Why bitcoins are worth anything?
  • And more questions which are totally legit!

Crypto-currencies are new to the economic spheres. What makes them different from every other currency is that it’s impossible to create fake cryptocurrencies.

Let’s take bitcoin. There will only be a supply of around 21 million bitcoin. No more. The number is already defined, it’s impossible to go further.

Our money ($,€ or anything else) works differently. It can be printed unlimitedly.

Do you know what something with an unlimited supply is worth? NOTHING!

That’s what the current currencies will be worth in the future.

How can we trust someone (governments of every country) who can print an unlimited supply of money?

Let’s take a sample. A 500$ billet is worth 500$. However, the more 500$ there are in the wild, the less the $ is worth.

Don’t worry, every country use the same system. Whether it’s to replace old billet, generate money or simply change the value of the currency (China printed many billets of it’s currency to change it’s value. That’s why it’s so cheap to buy in China!)

What makes Bitcoin so safe?

It’s not handled by “someone” or an “authority” Bitcoin is auto-regulated by it’s user.

Money can’t be created, only mined. As said earlier, only 21 million bitcoin will ever be mined, meaning that bitcoin is only available in a limited supply.

Bitcoin will be rarer over time. The pure contrary of our standard currencies.

Now that I convinced you, how to get your piece of the cake?

First, let’s understand how bitcoin can make you money:

  1. Own some chunks of bitcoin (Buy, claim or exchange)
  2. Wait for the price to go up
  3. Sell. get your money back + benefits

Nothing complicated.

Now let’s go back to our subject.

How to get some chunks of bitcoin without buying them!

Isn’t this picture beautiful? That’s where we are going. To the moon!

Sounds strange. Sounds like a scam. Hopefully you are on my website so there is absolutely nothing to worry about – May this phrase rise your suspicions? I don’t give 2 pennies on it.

In the world of cryptocurrencies, some highly amazing benefactors opened faucets. Like the one you have in your bathroom.

These faucets don’t bring water, they bring chunks of cryptocurrencies every hours or so. Just by clicking.

It’s simple, you register on this website, click every hour and get some chunks of bitcoin.

Some chunks…? Be clearer may you bring on the table!

Actually my beloved bitcoin faucet bring me 48 satoshis per click. 48 satoshis = 0.00000048 Bitcoin. Well, not the chunk that you waited for.

But that’s not the main reason faucets are interesting.

Gaining 48 satoshis per hour is the same as gaining peanuts: worhtless unless bitcoin rise to…. millions of dollars per unit, which is very unlikely to happen sooner or later.

That’s not a risky move. You don’t invest your money, you just click on a button.

So why do I give you this?

Because there is a system of referral!

For each click, bet or win that your referee get, you earn a percentage.

The amount of referee that you can get is unlimited. Meaning that the more you share your link to others, the more money you will make.

What’s more, this website is completely free. You just create an account, click once per hour – or you do it less often if you are lazy- and redirect people to the website.

What does it mean? You can generate bitcoins out of NOTHING.

  • You don’t need to buy bitcoins
  • You don’t need to prove your identity
  • You don’t have to mine with your computer
  • You don’t take any risks

You don’t have to invest a single penny in Bitcoin to win big.

To summarize, all you have to do is the following:

You create an account, click occasionally and share massively.

Does it seem too simple?

Well, look at my stats:

Amazing stats, right? Right!

Well, it doesn’t speak this way.

So with 0.03255161 Bitcoin, I earned about 421$ at the time of this article. Knowing that the course of Bitcoin is very low in this period, this amount of bitcoin was around 800$ 3 weeks ago.

Who laughs now?

Of course, I managed to get this score thanks to my lovely associates – I don’t know a single one of them – who I’d like to thank. But I can’t. So have a nice day, even if you aren’t an affiliate.


Honestly, I wouldn’t have this score without all the affiliate, 2285 today.

The best way to earn big is to convince many people to click for you.

Create your account, start getting referrals right now!

How to get many referee

First, get your referee address.

To get your address, go to “Refer” and copy your address from “Your referral URL”


Now it’s time to share it with the world.

It’s easier than what it seems.

Use social media to spread the word

Fortunately, you are on this blog.

It means that you are serious about your life.

I hope that you have a serious notoriety at least somewhere on the Internet. If that’s not the case, go ahead and do it. Build an audience:

  • A website
  • A twitter account
  • An Instagram gallery
  • A YouTube channel
  • A Quora account

Heck, build an audience!

Share your referral link with your audience. Not hard.

Tell a story, link the address inside.

If you have a mailing list, use it at your advantage. The more people will read this, the more people will register, the more people will click and earn you money while you develop another idea!

Rush the comment section of YouTube

You aren’t a millionaire yet. No one know you on the internet?

Perfect. Create a YouTube account, craft a cool story to praise bitcoin and include your link. Don’t forget to tell that people can take their piece of the cake EASILY. Then spam it in the comment section of youtube.

That’s not the most ethical way to do it. However, you will gain views. And views matter because they get you referees.

Answer questions on Quora

Only questions related to bitcoin. Else your account will get into trouble.

Explain why crypto-currencies are booming, why it’s time for people to get their piece of the cake…

Then add the link.

If your answer is well crafted, you have NOTHING to fear.

Share the vibes on other cryptocurrencies

That’s why there a so many different coins on the main picture.

Faucets exist for each and every coin. Make sure to take leverage.

All it take is a tweet, an answer on quora.

Then launch your referral address. Let’s go to the stratosphere.

Before I forget, Grab your chunks of bitcoin for free!