How to get more time in your days

All days are 24 hours long.

Whatever you do, every human on this earth and every animal has 24 hours a day.

You can’t do anything about it.

24 hours days are stuck there for eternity.

What does it mean? You have 24 hours a day. Warren Buffet also has 24 hours a day.

The difference isn’t in the time. It’s in time management.

Let’s find out how you can change your planning to get more time in your days.

It’s not crazy. It’s totally doable.

Some people complain that passes too slow. Some complain that it passes too fast.

It really means that we can do more or less in our days based on what we do.

An average day

Figure out what your average day.

Right now, I’m on vacation so I have a different planning than when I study. Here you can find it.

  • Sleep 8 hours
  • Eat 2 hour
  • Sport 3 hours
  • Work 6 hours
  • Games 2 hours
  • Reading time 2 hour
  • ??? 1 hour

This is my daily agenda, it represents what I do of the 24 hours I have each day.

Do you know how you spend your 24 hours?

That’s the first thing to do.

With the same template, find how much time you dedicate each day to XYZ.

With this in mind, you won’t have any trouble to upgrade your time management.

Keep in mind that to improve something, you must record it.

Fun fact: That’s a rough approximation. Do you want something more… consistent? Take an agenda and write what you are doing each hour. This way you will know exactly how you spend your days.

Without knowing how much hours you lose on useless tasks, you cannot know how to optimize your days.

Did you write it?

Do you know how you spend your time every day?

Great, let’s see what we can do about it.

Sleeping time

You heard that 8 hours is optimal and what everyone should aim for, right?

I heard it too. I call bullshit.

We aren’t equal with sleep.

I have some friends who have the ability to sleep for 4 hours per night and have no trouble waking up the next day.

They feel the same exact way I feel when I sleep 8 hours. Except that they slept half this amount.

If you need less sleep, sleep less.

That’s not a secret. We don’t all need the same amount of sleep.

Here is how to find out how much sleep you really need.

Define a week, and sleep 30 minutes less than what you usually sleep.

Have no problem at the end of the week? Great. Remove another 30 minutes.

Do so until you feel groggy or sleepy in your days. You’ll know exactly how much hours of sleep you need to be at your optimal time.

Fun fact: Very rare people don’t “sleep” at all. They have some micro-nap through the day.

By reducing your sleeping time, you can gain up to 30min – 2 hours of sleep per night!

Eating time

Eating, preparing food…

It takes a lot of time.

Yet, there are tricks to save you a lot of time.


Have the same meal every morning.

Become a pro at cooking it.

Practically every morning I eat the same breakfast: Banana pancakes.

That’s just 2 banana and 2 eggs that I mix together and fry in a pan with coconut oil.

Nothing fancy, it’s ready in 5 minutes.

Fun fact: I never feel hungry after this breakfast. Try it!


Prepare your lunch in bulk.

Make a lot of food at once, freeze it and eat multiple time with only one cooking time.


Nothing fancy, you won’t save much time here.

Do you enjoy superb meals in the evening? Lunch’s strategy is perfect for you!


Sports are required.

Sports make the difference between winners and losers.

A winner will practice his favorite sport daily. Not because it’s an obligation, but because it’s a hobby.

Having fun training is a requirement.

You don’t train? Get out of my website!

You should invest at least an hour per day in sports.

That can be hitting the gym, walking, running, swimming, rugbying….

No matter which sport you practice, you’ll gain a lot of time in the future by practicing a sport right now.

Let’s be honest on this one. Sports make you mobile, strong and faster.

Without those skills you are immobile, weak and slow.

Do you want to reflect these adjectives? You don’t.

Sports take time. It’s an investment, unlike watching the TV or binging on Netflix.

Sport time compounds like a billion dollars investment fund.


In vacancy I have more time.

More time equal more working time.

I enjoy what I do.

I enjoy writing articles. I have fun writing articles, speaking to our community and answering questions on Quora.

I dedicate a lot of time to SEO and writing.

The rest is spent learning.

Marketing, sales and web are wide topics which require years of work to understand them well enough to make money online.

Do you want to get the same result by investing less time in your personal work?

I have a secret that you don’t know about. I developed my own list, the conquering list.

Write what you want to achieve on the conquering list and look at yourself pulling the work effortlessly.


It shouldn’t surprise you.

I write about games on this website.

I enjoy video games.

I’m in vacancy so a part of my free time is used to play video games.

Chess, Wakfu – the game which taught me sales – and League of legends are my go to.

I try to waste as much time as possible on these while having fun.

It’s far from optimal.

Time invested in video games/TV will never compound.

You won’t get anything back because you decided to watch TV.

You may procrastinate by wasting your time, but at the end you still need to get shit done

Is procrastination a problem for you? Get rid of it!


Reading is part of my days.

Sometimes I read summaries, sometimes I read blogs and sometimes I read books.

It depend son what I want and my plans.

When I need to learn something, I get good at it by reading books.

I learned most of what I know on food and bodybuilding by reading books.

Do not under estimate the power of books.

Those who read daily will out-smart those who watch TV daily.

Did I mention that I don’t watch the TV?


I hate it.

It’s stupid.

By watching the TV you are looking at someone doing his job while you could become a winner.

Why would you waste your time and your potential to fulfill someone else’s dream?

Worst, someone that you don’t even know!

It’s like all these fans who are fans of someone. It’s plain and stupid. Don’t waste time on this!

Also… TV is full of negativity. Watch the news: Terror, kills, drama… You won’t get anything positive.

No wonders why the average person is bored and don’t enjoy life.