How to get rid of belly fat with this incredibly simple daily quest

When you picture your hero. Your future you who will succeed at everything.

How does he looks like ?

  • Strong,
  • Big,
  • Confident,
  • Happy,
  • Muscular,
  • Knowledgeable

Today’s article is going to show you how you can burn this horrible belly fat while having some fun – relative.

It’s pretty simple and everyone can do it for literally nothing.

However, remember that I’m not a coach, a nutritionist or an athlete. I may not be the best one to prescribe you something. Always ask a real healer before doing anything – I know that everyone elude this part. What I’m giving you here is my method. It works for me but may not be working for everyone. Just leave it a try and see results.

What I’m going to teach you is powerful. It only requires time and consistency. Nothing less, nothing more. That’s what most regular people lack, so it won’t be easy for everyone. Ready to burn your fat ? Yeah, I’m teasing you before the interesting part.

We are playing a game. Life is a game, you’re in or you are out.

Even if you don’t believe me when I tell this phrase, it’s the reality. When you play a RPG, you have a character. You choose his dominance, assets and everything. Then you fight, get loot, level up and fight bigger monster. Right, everyone know how it works.

Well, life isn’t different. You won’t fight a big jacked boss. You will fight yourself.

Your worst enemy – the boss – is yourself.

At first I didn’t understand these words. They didn’t make sense to me. How can someone be his own worst nightmare ?

Let’s think about. We aren’t truly what we want to be. We can’t do what we want to do every time. There is something which trap us.

Remember the last time you tried to burn this fat belt ? Yes, you failed. You wanted to do it. You wanted to succeed. But you hadn’t every card in your hands.

There is something that we call the brain. We don’t truly understand how it works. It’s pretty complex. There is a part of it which is hidden and which you can’t control using your thoughts directly. We call it the subconscious. But you already know all of this. Well, now you know who to blame on if you don’t succeed. That’s him, your subconscious who retain you from being the best you that you can be.

Seems strange. So, if I can’t get what I want, it’s because there is a part of my brain that I can’t control.” may you think. The truth is that we can control it to a certain extent. That’s what we call habit.

Your brain already have his own habits. You build them over years.

  • Brushing your teeth X times per day
  • Eating at X hour
  • Self talk

All these are habits that you formed. Even if you didn’t wanted to make them habit, that what they became lying in time.

Why are you speaking about habits with me ? I didn’t came for this ! Tell me how to burn belly fat !

I’m constructing the base. I’m telling you why every try that you get at burning this fat belt was unsuccessful and may ever be if you don’t get the principle.

If you want to get to a goal. Whatever it is. You have to build habits.

They are key in the process. Habits take discipline. Everyone can build discipline. That’s why I believe that everyone can get what they want in the end of the game.

Here’s the little habit which will make you burn this fat which is poisoning your existence.

Before eating your breakfast, go out for a walk 

Let me explain.

When you just wake up, you have an empty stomach.

Meaning that you have to get your energy from somewhere else than the food.

Right, your belly fat become your fuel.

What happen when this mechanism is on ? You’ll burn more fat if you exercise !

Walking is the best way to “exercise” while doing nothing which is related to the now famous :

You don’t need to go “No pain, no gain” to loose fat. You need to do it if you want to be muscular.

It looks pretty simple to take a little walk every morning, doesn’t it ?

Why don’t you try this method. It cost you literally nothing. Everyone can do it and that’s why it’s so powerful !

The best way to complete this activity is by having a great diet which we will explore further in another post.

Most geeks don’t even go out to take a walk every once in a while, they eat poor food. Both combined make that most of them are overweight. See the correlation ?

Now you know the little secret.

But remember, it won’t be magical.

Loosing belly fat doesn’t happen magically. It takes time. It’s based on discipline. You are most likely a nerd and nerds have this kind of stuff. Just use it the best you can to make your dreams – loose your amazing fat belt – come true.

How to lose belly fat using our daily quest : Walking is the key

It ain’t hard. It’s pretty simple.

Wake up one hour earlier – I know most of you won’t -, lace your shoes. If they are too old or inappropriate, change them. What do I mean by inappropriate ? If they don’t have a great flange – big one – change them. It’s way better for your health if you are going to walk every day. Shoes can make a difference. Bad shoes won’t help you in the end : backache, foot ache, bad feeling about walking…

Once you have your  shoes on, just go out for an hour. Never stop walking, no excuses allowed. When you come back, you can eat. Extra point for light breakfast.

Don’t feel like walking ?

Every sport can fit in the exercise step. It doesn’t mean that one better than another. The goal is to lose calories on an empty stomach, no matter what you do.

You don’t like to put on your shoes and go out for a journey ? Did you know that you can do the following while walking :

  • Train your muscle : Take two weight and do your favorite movement
  • Think : about what you want, can bring huge value
  • Meditate : The contrary, think about nothing
  • Read a book : I call this audio book
  • Learn how to speak properly : There is a bunch of different way to speak for each and every event, try to speak alone, comment what you are seeing…
  • Run : You can also run while on your journey

Are you ready for the challenge ?

Every morning, for two weeks you will wake up one hour earlier and take this walk, every day. No excuses, only action.

You can add this in your calendar, I know you will “accidentally” forgot about it.