How to grow your audience on Quora

Young man, how many readers do you have?  How big your readership really is? Because that’s not just your monthly views. It’s how many readers come back, again and again seeking for more content – or receiving it directly in their feed.

On Quora your faithful readers are labelled as followers. Those people are Quorans who decided to follow your account for reasons only they understand. Maybe your answers are great. Maybe you connected with them on a personal level. Maybe they just like your profile picture – girls get tons of followers with this one!

I saw someone with 1,000+ followers… who had no answer. Just a great picture!

What’s happening when someone follows you is just mind blowing. Those readers of you who are followers, they automatically receive – and then read – answers you wrote on their feed. And it can be 2 years old answers. Or the next one you haven’t published yet.

Having an insane number of followers makes sure your answers will be read by as many people as possible, letting them even more chance to BOOM.

On Quora, your audience is defined by how many followers you gather. Just like in YouTube you count your audience as your subscribers… and marketers call them leads – and count each email address as a lead.

Today we aren’t talking email-marketing. I’m about to tell you how you can grow your audience on Quora so that more people will read your answers – and ultimately buy from you, if that’s one of your goals.

As obvious as it sounds, growing your audience on Quora is just about the following:

  • Writing great answers readers enjoy
  • Building a profile converting many readers into followers

That’s it. Two simple points you now must tackle.

Writing great answers to popular questions

Build your profile on a specific topic

You’d like to be recognized as an expert among thousands other people writing answers to the same questions as you.

The difference between and others? You will write 99% of your answers under a single topic.

Answering all the questions related to a topic will ensure two things:

  • People reading answers for this topic will recognize you because they see your name popping up every 5 answers they read – you’ll get noticed!
  • You’ll position yourself as an expert – only experts have answers to dozens of different questions on a topic

This is something you can’t fake. Either you have the experience in said topic or you don’t. If you have enough knowledge, it’ll be super-dupper easy for you to grow your audience using a single topic.

Choose a topic to conquer

Now, you must choose a topic you know very well – and which has a lot of followers. Self-improvement is followed by 2 million + people around the world. Check my Quora stats, I answered many questions related to self-improvement. After a while, I stopped searching them.

Great questions would just pop on my feed.

There are many different topics, you’ll find one you have experience in.

Here are some topics you can conquer by positioning yourself as an expert.

  • Self-improvement
  • Health
  • Money
  • Weight loss

Answering questions to make views – we are businessmen!

Making views will ensure as many people as possible cross your profile. It gives them the “idea” that your answers are great, and you are worth a follow. Writing great answers is how you build a strong audience and Quora – and lead your readers where you want them to look at

Choose well your battle, then victory will be a given.

“If you know the enemy and know yourself, you need not fear the result of a hundred battles. If you know yourself but not the enemy, for every victory gained you will also suffer a defeat. If you know neither the enemy nor yourself, you will succumb in every battle.” 

Sun Tzu, the art of war

This rule applies to Quora when choosing which questions you’ll answer.

Most people just choose them randomly or answer the question that “tick” them.

Which is exactly why most people don’t have any audience at all on Quora – and only make several hundred views while the same exact answers would net them tens of thousands of readers on popular questions.

Here’s the take.

You should not answer unpopular questions.

Quora is based on EVERYONE questions. Out of millions of questions, only several thousands of them are worth answering.

If you want to grow your readership, you don’t just answer the first question. You answer the question which has the most followers. All these followers will be notified of your answer and will generate an initial traction to your answer.

Then, and then only if it’s great, your answer will be upvoted which will bring even more people to the party – leading to your audience growing answer after answer.

More high-quality answers, more followers. Win, win.

The top questions you should answer all have 500+ followers. When beginning to build your audience, you should not answer questions with less than 500 followers. Doing so will ensure your answers get the chance they deserved to BOOM.

Once you cross a certain notoriety bar, you unlock the perk to answer 100+ followers questions and still get the BOOM.

Go where your readers are. There’s no point in fighting an uphill battle because you feel it’s easier to answer the question. Be where your potential followers are, and they’ll come by dozens.

How to find popular questions?

Search for your favorite topic. You’ll see all related answers – and questions. Open the question and there you’ll see how many followers it has. If the answer has 500+ followers, put it on the “answer later” list.

Repeat until you get enough questions to answer. Bonus point, you can do this on the go while you are bored. But you always have important stuff to do, don’t you?

Setting up your Quora profile to grow your audience

Most readers don’t sign up to your profile after reading your answers. In fact, they click right to your profile page…

What do they find?

  • Nice picture of yourself telling a story
  • Your self-rewarded title
  • Short and compelling description
  • Optional link

Profile picture telling a story

Your profile pic is probably the only picture you must get right on Quora. It is shown on all your answers and on your profile page. It must be tied to your identity – or the character you want to create on Quora.

Yannick, writer at Nerdow

My current picture is all about sharing who I am. Notice how it’s a race? Competitiveness. Also, flashy gears and well-maintained body. Appearance based young man. Muddy? Not afraid to go all in.

Your profile pic should tell your readers who you are, and what type of answers you are writing. Bodybuilder answer questions on bodybuilding and they look like bodybuilders. The way they present themselves is coherent.

Your picture defines who you are. Your readers can’t talk to you nor listen to your voice. They need to know you are *real*. Having a profile showing you are the real deal is a must if you want to grow your audience.

Self-awarded title

Quora is the only place you’ll find tens of thousands so called entrepreneurs. In reality? Most of them don’t even know how to create a biz website. But hey, Quora is all about you building your own world. Why not?

Self-awarded titles are words telling your readers who you are. They appear on all your answers, just like your profile pic. These small sentences generally tell *WHY* your answer is viable and delivers high quality information – which leads to more people reading your answers… Bigger audience.

That’s exactly why so many people claim to be entrepreneurs while they never sold anything online – here’s my failed T-shirt business true story.

Hopefully I managed to sell info-products and so have no problem saying I’m a blogger.

Let your imagination go wild. Who are you? And why should people take your answers seriously?

  • Writing 4,000 words a day, everyday
  • Lifting weights heavier than myself
  • Making money sending mails to YouTubers
  • Walking six pack

Funny alternatives also do the job:

  • Self-proclaimed improvement guru
  • Won most likely to become president when I was 12
  • Spending more time than you at the gym

Short and compelling description

Yannick on Quora

What you are writing here relates to the topic you chose above. You want your profile to click the attention of its readers, and that’s how you do it.

Write about your topic and tell your story. My description is super basic, I should change it for something catchier related to self-improvement – my main topic. It’s also short because I want everyone to see the link at the end without them clicking on the text.

Maybe give some achievements you got along the journey – again, showing you are the real deal.

Most people go with something bland. Either they tell everyone about their life… Nobody reads more than 2 sentences before moving away. Or they have an endless list of their “top” answers making views.

I’m doing it differently. Instead of focusing on many stuffs, I just want one thing out of my readers: to click the bottom link.

And this strategy, I use it in all my answers. It never failed me.

There’s just one link at the end of my description. That’s it.

If my readers want to keep reading… That’s not on Quora. That’s on my website.

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