How to live aggressively – 8 samples

What is aggressively?

It’s when you are extremely motivated to do something. Let’s say that you want to win a game of chess. If you do it aggressively, you won’t stop until you win your first game. No matter what happen, even if an asteroid strike earth you remain cool-headed. No problem for you. The game is worth more than your own life. That’s not an exaggeration!

Being aggressive is extremely useful in many cases. It means that you can handle a lot of stress based on a single goal. Once you beat the goal, everything cease up to the next goal that you set to achieve aggressively. Knowing how to pursue your goals aggressively is a gift. Few people possess it.

When you know how to be aggressive at the right time, with the right people and in the right circumstance – That makes a lot of condition – then you can become the master of the universe. No one will resist you and you will always get what you want. Sounds like an exaggeration? This time it isn’t.

What it’s like to be aggressive?

We live in a society who hates aggressive individuals. Why? Because the society is afraid of strong and aggressive individuals. Those are usually leaders and are hated because most people are jealous of them. No one really appreciate what it takes aggressive individual to be aggressive. Really. It takes a lot of effort. Some will say that they are badboys, douchebags or whatever. But in the end, they figured out something important. No one give a fuck about yourself except yourself.

  • If you are fat, that’s your bad
  • If you don’t have good grades, that’s your bad
  • And guess what? If you are poor, that’s completely your bad

You will surely hate me for pointed out the truth. It’s a part of the process. Hating reality.

Whatever, aggressive individual figured it out. That’s all their bad. If they aren’t fit, then they hit the gym. No exceptions. Every single day of the week. They stop all sugar consumption and make sure to eat what’s best for them. They sleep enough and wake up early. That’s what happen when someone with an aggressive lifestyle wants to boost his body. He gets shit done!

How do you become aggressive?

For some it’s innate. They don’t do something special. That’s their life, their body, their personality, their game. They don’t try to go against nature and simply assume their reality. They are aggressive. That’s the point. They didn’t choose it. Fortunately they got chosen to be aggressive. More a bless than a problem.

Unfortunately, for us, poor mortals we have to learn how to be aggressive. It’s not innate.

We got educated to become “Good individuals”. Sounds too good to be true. Actually the system is created to make sure that we follow a path. That we are all like each other.

  • Born
  • School
  • College?
  • Get a job
  • Complain until you retire
  • Die
  • End of the story

Quite demoralizing. Hopefully, you can learn how to have a cool life and fill in the void by reading Nerdow. Is it an exaggeration? You are the only judge.

To become aggressive you must be willing to give your 100%. If you don’t, that’s not being aggressive.

Are you ready to bet on yourself? Are you ready to find cool tricks to live aggressively? It’s up for the list. This one is way more interesting than a lot of text. Enjoy it… aggressively!

1/ You want to hangout with a girl

The normal guy will get afraid. He will take her number – if he isn’t too frightened to speak – and will chat with her for some weeks before getting enough energy to ask the girl out. WRONG on all the line. How can you do it aggressively? You don’t take a number. You ask the girl out. It’s either a yes or a no. Nothing else is possible, no between. Either she goes out with you or she doesn’t. Don’t accept her “excuses”, that’s bullshit. Not feeling strong enough? Take her number and call her within 3 days. Tell her that you want to hang out with her, finger in the nose.

2/ You want to build a business

Another example. Either you build it like a child, you think about it deeply, idealize the business in your head. And throw it away because you aren’t reckless enough to pursue the challenge. That’s what I did with my first website. I wasn’t strong enough to handle the pressure. I dropped it. it was one year ago. I waste a lot of time there. But now I’m here to stay. I’m Nerdow. The other way is the aggressive one. You don’t need a business plan, a lot of cool ideas. All you need is a SINGLE idea and focus. That’s all. In less than 24 hours you can run a website and sell products on it. It doesn’t take a genius to build a business online, everyone can do it. That’s why I’m writing a guide on the subject!

3/ You want to hit the gym

Become like him!

If you are determined, you move to the gym at least 4 times per week. More, you have a kind of program that you follow, you choose wisely all your lifts and enjoy the process of building muscle. Or you are like standard guys. They hit the gym, it looks like a prison for them. They don’t like hurting their body to grow bigger, better, stronger. They prefer to stay in their limit, in their comfort zone. They won’t try new lifts, because they are scared about novelty. Guess what. If an aggressive individual want to have an experience, he does it. He doesn’t wait for someone to tell him how to do it. He asks more experienced people to give him tips. If they don’t, he finds other individuals. Don’t be the normal guy who is depressed when he reach the gym. Looking at the gym, at the temple should motivate you to hit harder.

4/ You want to get a good grade in science

Again, there are two kind of persons. One who will play video games until the very last minute. He will find every excuses possible to postpone the deadline. This guy won’t work enough and will fail his exam, sorry. Then he will blame it on the universe because it isn’t nice with him. Hopefully this nice guy won’t go far in life. He won’t even reach college… And we see the winner, the aggressive individual. He gets right to the point. He isn’t great at science, he even sucks. That’s why he starts to rewind every point of the course 2 weeks prior of the deadline. What a smart guy! He even bothers to grab previous records to train himself on the exercises. No surprise. He gets an amazing mark.

5/ You want to write

Aggressive individuals create a blog and write what passes through their head. They don’t get stuck on stupid questions like: What’s the best design for a website? What should I write? Can I say what I want? Can I use strong words? No. Strong individuals don’t  bother with these questions because they are meaningless. When an aggressive individuals want to do something, he does it. Period. He doesn’t ask a lot of question to “gauge” his ability to be a “great” writer. That’s not objective. He takes the bull by the horns. He open his web navigator and search how to setup a blog. Then write write his first articles. What about the standard guy? Well, he is still stuck on his subject…

6/ You want to meet new people

And that’s completely normal. We are social creatures and love being accompanied by friends. If you aren’t social? Here is our guide to annihilate social anxiety. The standard guy won’t admit this. No. He doesn’t need anyone, he is a lone wolf… While it could make sense, it doesn’t. It’s way easier when someone is there to help you succeed. When someone is here to give you tips, to teach you how and why he failed on X so you avoid making the same errors. This is a friend, a mentor. Someone cool that you can rely on. How to meet cool individuals? Go out. Enroll for all the evenings, all the parties. Meet new people. Don’t be afraid to ask for their interests because most of them are also here looking for cool dudes to hang out with. Don’t waste an opportunity to go out!

7/ You want to lose weight

Either you are like standard people and believe that some magic pills will solve all your problems. Or you simply take on the reality and realize that you will need to workout and improve your overall diet. Since it’s easier to take “magic” pills, most people will choose this option. Unfortunately, it doesn’t work. Or only does it to an extent with a bunch of side effect that no one wants to carry around. Make it natural. If you are motivated to aggressively lose weight: Eat less than what you burn, hit the gym, avoid simple carbohydrate, walk a lot, sleep well and drink a lot of water. That’s all you need to drop your extra-fat.

8/ You want to stop to drink/smoke/any addiction

Great. Good decision. And now? 80% of those who “decide” to stop an addiction will get defeated by their addiction. Do you want to get defeated by some crap in a roll? Do you want to get defeated by a bottle of Jack? Nop. No one wants this. Yet many people have trouble with addictions. Because they are addictive will answer the standard man. Of course, that’s their goal. Else people wouldn’t made money on your back… Now, what does it take to be free of all these crap? Not only motivation but focus. Remove everything that will stop you from your quest. Clean your fridge of all bottles, throw out your cigarettes. Make sure to never buy them again and you should do fine. While it’s rough, that’s how you succeed when fighting addiction. You kill it neatly or it comes back. No other way.

One saying to remember

Take the bull by the horns

No matter what you want, you can get it. And even faster with a quick dose of aggressively! Remember that you stand up alone for yourself. No one is behind you to support you. It’s up to you to live your life to the fullest, to not give your focus to what doesn’t matter After all we only have one life One life we can build how we want

Don’t waste any more second.

Act aggressively.