How to live an happy life

How to live an happy life

I want to raise awareness on a growing issue: The standard lifestyle – Get a degree, a job, a wife, the reaper –  isn’t the easiest way to live a happy and fulfilling life. I’m writing this article to share with you my thoughts on this type of life and what you can do – as a person – to develop an exciting life. Why? I hate being bored, I hate being stuck in a time loop where every new day looks suspiciously like the previous one. And the main reason… I believe that I’m not alone to search adrenaline spikes in my daily life…

The number that inspired this article

0 %
of people hate their job

Let’s question this number. Out of the whole world, around 85% of people hate their job.

How much time do we dedicate to our job? At least 8 hours a day for 5 days. It’s time for some cools icons to show you how much time this represent!

Time spent in an average week

  • 168 hours per week
  • 56 hours sleeping
  • 40 hours working
  • 10 hours home tasks
  • 62 hours left

25% percent of your time is spent at work. Not that bad. However, we don’t consider here all the time spent at work events, formations and “funny” dinners or events spent with coworkers. Actually funny isn’t the right word. That puts the number up to 33%. That’s exactly how much time you spend sleeping.

Personal note: You can have pretty good relationships with your coworkers and have fun with them. I actually experience this.

What’s left? You have it “free”. Free being a big word. You may have several kids, a house, some obligations… which reduce your free time dramatically. In the end, you don’t have much free time.

If you have 33% of your time spent in a work related environment, you’d better like it.

Can you imagine spending this time doing something you hate?

I can’t. I’m telling you this, and I don’t work yet.

I’m studying mechanical engineering and just finished my first year. I dedicated more than 33% of my weeks to study. I wouldn’t be there talking about it if I wasn’t interested in what I’m studying.

Why? I chose it. I decided to study mechanical engineering because that’s part of my plan to rule the world – I won’t say more!

Did you choose your job? Or was it imposed on you?

This is the issue. If you didn’t decide for yourself what you will do until the end of time – you aren’t retired yet! – how can you expect it to be what you want? How can it be enjoyable?

The answer is clear… It can’t.

Why I'm concerned by this issue, and why you should be too!

We “have” to work until 60+ years old. That’s a lot of years dedicated to work. As I said earlier, we spend roughly 33% of our time in a work related environment. We are living inside it.

If that time isn’t spent doing something meaningful or fulfilling, then why are we doing it? An obligation. That’s what work really is. You change time into money, exactly what an alchemist does with plumb and gold. What you may not know is that for a business to function, you have to be paid LESS than what you are worth. Otherwise, the company would go bankrupt.

Isn’t that a cool fact? Do you want to be under-estimated, under-paid? I don’t.

My plans are clear. In the end, I’ll have my own business running. How can it be otherwise? Owning  a business is a solution to this problem we are all having trouble with.

Do I need a business to live an happy life?

I don’t know who you are. Yet, I’m pretty sure that if you heard that you could build a business earlier in life, you would have jumped on the occasion? Would you?

I learned about businesses, startups and everything related when I was 16. Today (Mid 2018) I’m 19 years old.

What did this discovery taught me?

A lot. By discovering that businesses are created by people like you and I, I actually got many ideas that I implemented on my life.

Here are some fun things that the videos I watched who talked about entrepreneurship inspired me to do.

  • Hand-crafted a bow with my dad to sell it to a self-proclaimed viking – my first sale!
  • Created my first “website” on blogger. Technically that’s not even a website
  • Built my first real website. I ended the hosting but you can find it here – Website written in french!
  • Launched Nerdow ~ 1 year ago. Since then I’m writing here
  • Turned Nerdow into a e-commerce website for a week – Bad decision!

As you read it, since I watched these video I changed completely.

Before, I was an average adolescent. I played games. I was even great at playing Minecraft – In a 400,000 person contest I ended top 250. But I kept playing games, a lot. And that delayed what you can now see on Nerdow.

Now? I’m writing. Why? Because I enjoy writing. I’m being honest with you. At first, I wrote because I wanted to make a lot of money. I wanted to become Trump rich. That was my dream – and still is. Unfortunately, months passed. I kept writing but money didn’t pour in. How could it? I hadn’t created any product at this time.

I kept writing. More and more. Eventually I enjoyed writing. And now I am. Writing more articles, creating products and expanding Nerdow.

You know what? I’m happy writing.

Isn’t it beautiful?

Enough with fairy tales!

How to actually be happy with your life

Turn your life into something exciting.

When you want to do something crazy, do it.

Turn your wants into an action or a goal.

Let’s say that you always dreamed of becoming a world class e-sport player at League of Legend. The good point is that you already know what you want. The bad point?

Did you start? What can you do become better at league of legend?

  • Study pro players
  • Write a book on the subject – You aren’t alone with this goal in mind!
  • Play more games of LoL
  • Always play with the same players so you know each others
  • Play champions with high win rate
  • Keep spamming the same champion every game

Note: This strategy only apply if you want to become great at LoL.

If your dream is to become a writer, you shouldn’t spend any second of your time playing LoL. Is that clear? Why would you use your time to clear a goal that isn’t yours?

It doesn’t make sense. That doesn’t serve you in the long run and worst, you aren’t moving toward your goal. Which I hope you already defined… Right?

The actions you perform move you closer to the achievements they permit. But if you have no interest in these achievements, why would you pursue them?

Isn’t it better to better to chase what makes your mind go boom? Isn’t it more rewarding to achieve the goal you abandoned in high-school than to have a career?

That’s your choice.

What do you really want to do?

Write it in the comments or don’t.

Know it.

Have your answer sharpened.

It’s a question you must have an answer to.

Yannick what do you want?

Note: I don’t want anything. I will something – Thank you Mike Cernovich for the mindset change, that’s radical!

  • I will get 1,000 views per day on Nerdow – Currently it’s at 200
  • I will get a six pack beers are jealous off
  • I will not “have” to work at a company to sustain my lifestyle – I don’t consider writing/doing business on my website as working. It’s super fun to do!
  • I will… not go further

Well, you get the idea.

You don’t have to answer that question with a single sentence. As I did you can come up with bullet-points  answers.

What’s important is that you know what you really want to do.

That’s your goals.

Make a list of you need to.

Use google keep or any other note taking application if you need to.

But write it somewhere.

Write your goals.

How do you wreck them?

Photo by Mihail Minkov on Unsplash

I want you to wreck your goals.

Strike them!

At the end you should remember them as “good old-time thoughts” that you crushed.

How to do it?

Define the actions you need to take.

You want to be more social?

Can you give a better definition?

Being shameless? Saying what you want instead of backing off? Being able to take numbers in the street? Having the balls to cold-call someone?

  • Speak to more people
  • Take some lessons – Yes, yes, it exists and it works!
  • Make videos – You’ll become less intimated in person
  • Use random-video-calling websites

That’s just some ideas. You are surely more talented than I am to find ideas related to what you want to improve at.

After all, it’s your goal so you should take ownership of them at 100%.

All you have to do is a list of 10-20 actions that if you take them will bring you closer to your goal. Once you achieved them all? Precursor! you’ll find other actions to achieve to go further in your goals, that’s what matters.