How to look lean and mean

In front of you there’s this handsome young man. He’s lean and mean. That’s why everyone in the world would describe him as aesthetically pleasant to look at.

Young men who are good-looking ALL share two things – and we call them lean and mean

  • Lean. They have little to no fat recovering their body. Which makes the tin skin effect that helps their muscles stand out
  • Mean. They have the bulky look because they have muscular body they trained for years

And that’s it. With these two characteristics you’ll look handsome. No matter what you wear. No matter your posture. Being lean and mean is the epitome of the good-looking young man.

Young stars all look the same in their archetype. They all share these two characteristics. Little fat on their body – with visible jawlines. Muscle they can brag about because they are stronger than most men their age.

So. Why aren’t all male lean and mean? Come on, if that’s the ultimate get good-looking strategy, why aren’t more people following it?

During the ancien times, everyone was lean and mean. When humans were hunter-gatherer, they had no time to get fat. They never rested, thus their body kept growing more and more muscle mass which is key to have the buffed look.

Unfortunately, in the past few centuries humans changed their lifestyle. It’s no more hunter-gatherer like thousand years ago. Most of us – poor humans – aren’t training anymore. No high nutritious food, most humans prefer highly-processed fake food – here’s my take on nutrition.

Lifestyle and diet changes made it IMPOSSIBLE for the non-dedicated person to get good-looking. How can you build muscle working in a cubicle and watching TV when you get back home? How you can have a healthy – read strong – body when eating something that’s not even labeled as food? Answer is clear. You can’t. And that’s why an increasing number of humans aren’t good looking.

  • They have high amount of fat – dad’s bod. Worst, some are proud of being fat and try to shame lean people into thinking “fat is no bad”
  • They lack muscle mass. Feel weak and can’t lift anything heavier than them. Why would they train in the first place? They aren’t even walking 2000 steps a day. No reason to be strong

Good thing for you, competition is moving away.

If you don’t get out of the “average XXI century” lifestyle and diet, you are doomed. It’s impossible to be healthy and build muscle eating while living like most of our peers. No wonder everyone is out of shape.

And no. “Round is a shape too” joke is no funny anymore.

Good news being, getting mean and lean looking is as easy as understanding two characteristics you must max out.

  • How to shred fat – thus revealing muscle definition, jawlines and your mighty six pack, raising your masculinity by the way. Low body-fat individuals have higher testosterone levels!
  • How to build muscle – thus being strong and charismatic. People are charmed by a well-built body, and are drawn by good-looking people

Having these two for yourself will net you thousands advantages you can’t get otherwise, more on that at the end of the article.

Both characteristics are easy to grasp. Anyone in the world understand them and has his own idea on how to get there. Even if this idea is not as functional as possible: read the macronutriments article to grasp this point.

  • Low body-fat
  • High muscle mass

That’s all it takes to get better looking. Now, the way you do both is another challenge. Just like climbing a mountain in front of you.

  • You don’t just turn from the fat kid everyone mocked to the jacked Chad.
  • You don’t change from the small weaklings anyone can step on to the big bodybuilder people wouldn’t want to fight.

If that’s something you’d like to happen. You, changing to looking lean and mean, here’s my take:

How to shred fat – get lean

  • Change your diet by defining your eating-plan– understand how
  • Build more muscle. The more muscle mass you have, the easier it is to lose fat. Muscle burns more energy than fat, even when it’s not used
  • Avoid sugar at all cost. Sugar triggers your glucose level, telling your body to store extra energy as fat. You don’t want this to happen, avoid sugar
  • Reduce your total calorie intake – this one is huge
  • Intermittent fasting – only eat two big meals every day
  • Drink more water- you aren’t drinking enough water anyway
  • Add more cardio to your workout plan – twice a week should do the job
  • Walk toward the 12,500 steps everyday – big achievement, walking will help burn more calories in your days
  • Take these grocery store supplements – caffeine, citrus, ginger…
  • Throw in punches, squats, pull ups, dips and push ups whenever you get 5 minutes of spare time – I’m waking up doing some push-ups, it gets the blood flowing in my whole body within seconds
  • Have friends who want to get better looking. Being 2 or more makes it easy for you to follow your goals and stay accountable for each other’s
  • Eat whole food. No more fast food nor “standard” food. You must eat whole non-processed food which is rich in nutrients

How to build muscle – get mean

  • Train your muscle – calisthenics or gym, mandatory. Without proper training any hope of building muscle is a waste of energy
  • Increase your protein intake. Protein and carbs – good carbs! – help build more muscle
  • Be physically active everyday – aim at 5 days of intense exercises every week
  • Track your gym improvement – read progressive overload article
  • Have “fun” sports – you don’t track them at all. You practice for fun. And if you get good at them? Great. If it doesn’t happen? No big deal
  • Sleep a lot! 8+ hours every day will do the job. Sleeping is recovery. You can’t grow bigger muscle if you aren’t recovering. Max your recovery schedule!

Track lean and mean results

Looking lean and mean takes time. Changes are so small an untrained eye may not see the difference. They take huge efforts to come and they aren’t always visible – you can’t hardly tell if you gained muscle in the past week, that’s why you can’t measure this in days or week. You need plenty of pictures of yourself from different months to compare your progress – and see if you shred fat/build muscle. It’s called tracking your improvement and do wonders to keep you in check with reality.

Take pictures of yourself every month and compare with the previous months.

  • Did you gain muscle?
  • Are you shredding nasty bites of fat?

Advantages of looking lean and mean

  • Halo effect – people will assume you are great at everything because you are looking lean and mean
  • More girls you know nothing about will pay attention to you – you’ll get loads of attention
  • Improved physical abilities – where most people will fail, you’ll succeed. Building the lean and mean physique ensures you become a top-notch performer when it comes to physical performance – and yes, practicing calisthenics will add even more to your already insane mobility
  • Increased charisma. People look at you like a leader. They are willing to listen to you because you look like someone want to become
  • People are generally nicer toward good-looking individual. Hopefully you stand in this case.