How to manage procrastination. One uncommon habit to take


This word sounds bad.

At first I didn’t guess what it meant. I had to google it.

Then I knew. I knew that all I ever did was procrastinating. Putting a word on things/feelings/events is powerful, it made me realize that I was used to procrastination.

Procrastination wasn’t my friend, far from it. It was my alter-ego.

My shadow. It followed me everywhere. It wasn’t so far behind.

Every time I stopped, procrastination came over me. Not to help me, but to sell me another story.

A story of inactivity, a story of boredom and a story of losers.

You have the choice.

Either you read this story and succumb to procrastination

Or you fight it, the hardest you can.

And yet, we shouldn’t blame it all on procrastination.

It’s only a mechanism, nothing more.

For every mechanism there is a way to counter balance it. A way to handle it.

There is a way to manage procrastination.

Procrastination implies rules, let’s break them.

Procrastination’s law

  • Having a deadline will make sure that you end on the deadline
  • Procrastination makes you start the work just before it becomes impossible to achieve it in time
  • Procrastination is built upon deadline. No deadline = infinite procrastination
  • Procrastination end totally when you are in the flow
  • Starting an activity is the hardest part

Building on rules

I figured out one way to build on procrastination.

It implies an alarm clock or a smartphone.

I use it to start and to end a task.

As you know, procrastination is related to time.Managing your time mean managing procrastination.

In a world where our life is ruled by clocks, I find it weird that it’s so hard to use them instead of letting time rule over us.

Alarm clocks to do things

Because alarms are powerful.

They are annoyingly annoying

They wake us up in the noise.

It’s impossible to stop them without hitting them.

If you use your smartphone and put it away from your bed, you must stand up, grab the phone and push the virtual button to end the “dring” coming from hell.

Hopefully, we can customize the sound now!

Why can’t they make us do tasks?

When you wake up, you do something.

You must reach the clock before annihilating the clock.

We are wired to do something when an alarm goes on.

Using clocks as powerful managers

If you have a phone, this apply to you.

If you don’t, this apply to you too. However it’s more efficient to use your phone as an alarm clock than an alarm clock as an alarm clock, that’s how you wake up in the morning

Instead of using your calendar to write, your notepad to tick, use your alarm clock as a reminder.

Most clocks can set a notification within the alarm, this way you add a reminder + an information on what to do.

If you can’t add words on your alarm clock, you will have to remember what you should do on this precise alarm. Which isn’t hard if you don’t set hundreds of them everyday.

I.e. the first alarm in the morning is to wake up

Now let’s take the interesting part.

For what do you set alarms?

It’s time to do something productive!


  • When it’s time to sleep
  • When it’s time to start/stop writing
  • When It’s time to wake up
  • When it’s time to it the gym
  • When it’s time to do homeworks -brr…
  • When it’s time to go out
  • When it’s time to go to school
  • When it’s time to eat

I use alarms for everything.

They remind me that I must do something.

They are alarms.

You know what happens when an alarm rings?

An event happens. An action occurs.

This action is created and monitored by me.

I’m now hardwired. When the clock ring, I know that it’s time to get shit done.

I take everything away from desk, ready to work on my craft.

You don’t need anything special to get started with alarms. Your cell phone makes the job perfectly.

Set alarms, define your plans in advance.

It’s not hard.

You’ll see. When an alarm start to ring, you get a pump-up.

An action ALWAYS follow an alarm.

Define this action.

Play on it.

Achieve it.

Get started with alarms

Alarms to start and end a day

Plan the beginning and the end of your days.

Chances are that you are already using an alarm to wake up.

Now it’s time to set another one to sleep.


With these 2 alarms you set up a schedule for your sleep.

Everyday you will sleep and wake up at the exact same hour.

Your body will enjoy it!

Pro tip: I have another alarm 30 minutes before the final ring of the day, this one tell me that it’s time to read

Alarms to work

Do you know the pomodoro method?

30 minutes works, alarm. 5 minutes break, alarm. 30 minutes work… and so on.

That’s a possibility.

You can use alarms this way.

Or you can set an alarm in X minutes. Meaning that you have X minutes left to start.

X minutes before the war. It’s time to hurry up, make the preparatives.

This is how you use timer.

If you don’t have one, count in your head.







Great things happen after a countdown. Rockets are launched. War is declared.

What are will you do after the countdown?

Alarms are here to stay

Set them up once and for all.

Set one time to wake up, one time to sleep.

Set one time to work, one time to play.

Work hard, play hard – My favorite quote

Pro tip: You can set a custom alarm, just change the song/sound which is played for something that you enjoy!

Set your alarms right now. Don’t waste more time reading this website.

Go. Grab your phone and set alarms.