How to quickly stop your back pain

Back pain is a sin.

We cannot even describe it as a disease, because back pain isn’t really a disease.

I’m 19 and I experienced back pain.

That’s not because I have a weak back. My lower back is solid. I can easily deadlifts and squats at bodydweight+ without any problem.

I have another condition that I discovered earlier this year.

My right leg bone is longer than the left one by 6-8 mm. That’s about the thickness of your pen.

It should mean nothing compared to the size of my body… but those 8mm have a huge importance.

Because my body isn’t balanced by nature, it has to balance it itself. This mean that everything on my left side is smaller. You can even notice it if I stand straight in front of a mirror.

My left side lacks 8mm compared to the right side.

This is huge, because this is what caused my back pain.

I don’t have back pain because my back is weak, because I’m weak, because I don’t exercise enough or because of a poor posture.

I have back pain because I’m born this way. I cannot do anything about it as surgery is impossible if you have less than 10mm of shift.

Does it mean that I’m stuck with back pain forever? Not exactly.

I found some ways to get rid of my back pain…

and I’m going to share them right here with you.

Back pain is horrible, it can torture you in the night making you sleepless, it can break your days and parties because it’s so intense and cannot be calmed.

Well, this is horrible to experience. I don’t want anyone to suffer from back pain anymore, moreover that most of the time, it’s not even your fault if you experience back pain.

So here we go, those are the simplest hacks you can implement to stop your back pain quickly. They aren’t costly tips and can be implemented easily in your life. You just have to take action and apply them in your day to day schedule.

Once you are doing them consistently your back won’t hurt anymore. It’s really magic!

1/ Build a strong back

It’s the first solution. If you don’t already have a strong back, you need to build muscles in your low and high back.

More than for aesthetic purpose, having a strong back will ensure that it doesn’t fail to support your own weight.

What you don’t know is that your back is the main part of your body, it supports the weight of all your body.

If your body is straight, the job of your back is easy. But if you are always leaning forward to write, check your smartphone or do other activities then your back must work more.

These days, most of your activities requires us to lean forward. Basically we need to have strong backs in order to not hurt ourselves when we practice most activities.

Without a strong back, gravity will pull in a straight line on you and break you.

That’s why you need to build a strong back.

How to build a strong back

There are 3 exercises you need to practice to build a strong back.

If you don’t practice these on a weekly basis, chances are that your back is weak, which may cause your back pain.

Do not skip this part. If you want a strong back which is able to support gravity and all your activities, you need to practice these exercises!

Wide pull-up

It’s the easiest exercise to perform. You simply need a pull-up bar and that’s all.

If you don’t have a pull up bar, find anything on which you can pull your body up.

  • Tree branch
  • Any bar
  • Edges

If you don’t have a pull-up bar, simply go to the nearest kid playground and you’ll find all the necessary to perform your wide pull-ups.

Contrary to standard pull-ups, wide pull-ups make it super simple to workout your complete back in a simple movement.

Note: It’s harder to do a wide pull-up than a normal pull-up. Start small and increase when you get stronger!


Compounding exercise. When you do a deadlift, you use all your energy, all your muscle with the same goal: lifting an heavy weight.

The use of all your energy and all your muscle dedicated on a single action will definitely train your back and your full body like no other exercise.

The bonus point is that deadlift goes further than muscles. By practicing deadlift as an exercise consistently, you will even improve your nervous system.

Bonus point, you look like a badass when you lift heavy with a deadlift.

Warning. This lift is hard to perform, it requires a lot of technique.


Similar to deadlift. This move require your entire body to move accordingly in order to lift the weight.

Same caution, it’s a complex movement. You must learn with light weights in order to perform it perfectly later with heavier weights.

Care, this is one of the most dangerous exercise.

A strong back to prevent back pain

Having a strong back is an insurance against back pain.

It doesn’t guarantee that it won’t happen, but it guarantee that you did the minimal to prevent it.

Or isn’t it enough?

Sure, you can do more. Having a strong back is only a piece of the puzzle.

You aren’t immune against back pain because you have a big and beautiful back.

Sorry, that’s life.

That’s not because you are the strongest that you are guaranteed a win.

Hopefully, you can do more to stop your back from aching.

2/ Go to the swimming pool

This one is huge.

If you experience back pain, it’s even more important than to hit the gym and build a big back – Nonetheless having muscles is mandatory for EVERY man

Going to the swimming pool is the fastest solution for your back-pain problem.

While building muscles may take months or years, going to the swimming pool and actually swimming will INSTANTLY remove your back pain for at least a week.

That’s crazy, I know.

I don’t know why this strategy works. I have no clue.

But it does its job.

Every 2 weeks I go to the swimming pool simply because my back hurt.

But once I’m in deep water, the pain stops instantly. For another week, I won’t experience any back pain.

There is something miraculous about swimming for an hour per week.

If you experience back pain, this is a miracle you want to experiment.

You can do this one very easily. You simply go to the nearest swimming pool for an hour.

You aren’t going there to relax, have fun…


You are at the swimming pool to train. You swim, swim and swim again for at least an hour.

Once you are done, you won’t feel your back anymore.

It’s some sort of super hack that you want to use as much as possible.

That’s exactly why I’m going to the swimming pool at least once per week. It stops my back pain!

What you should do at the swimming

You should just swim.

No matter what type of swim you train, it will work.

You just have to go to the swimming pool, swim for an hour at a semi-intense pace and you’ll get the results: No more back pain.

You can apply this strategy whenever your back hurt. It doesn’t require anything special.

Bonus point: If you have a private swimming pool, you can exercise at home and save the travel time. Plus, you can swim whenever you want.

3/ Get rid of your back pain

That’s all there is to this guide.

The #3 is a consequence of #1 and #2.

If you have a strong back and you go to the swimming pool 1-3 times per week you will get rid of your back pain within a month.

If your back pain doesn’t stop within a month, then you should really consult a doctor, maybe he will know how to fix you.

That said, lift heavy and swim lengthy.