How to stop wasting your time on your phone with this 3 step formula

No later than yesterday I caught myself playing some games on my phone after midnight. The time where I normally sleep. I often go to the bed at 10pm so I can wake up earlier and do whatever I want with my free time – Work on my blog, manage the mail list, build the challenges for the startup…

Well. The next day when I woke up, I was tired. The kind of tired when you don’t want to stand out of the bed. I didn’t had the motivation to do anything, I was a living dead. This happened because I thought that it was a great idea to spend some time on games the night before. Just to give you another edge on the situation, I traded a new power up on a game against a hard day. My days are already hard enough. No need to add tiredness to them. Just no.

I don’t often play games the night. But when I do… It’s for hours. I literally can’t stop. Here’s what I did the next day to stop this from happening again and again.

I made sure to uninstall the game – and every other game

I drove through the parameters, then the applications menu popped in and found the criminal. He was there with a smile. The kind of face you could easily punch with your right fist. I didn’t smashed my phone. I hit the “remove” button. It took an eternity but it happened.

Cleaning complete

That’s what ownership look like. You have a problem, instead of rambling, rambling around, you find a solution.

I asked myself.

Dude, this issue is a bad problem to have. You need to solve it now before it becomes too strong. What can you do ?

I uninstalled every game on my phone. EVERY game. There is no survivor. The nuclear war started…

It’s at this time that I found my weakness. Chess. More precisely Lichess. An app to play… chess. Not hard to guess.

I didn’t delete it. How can a game of chess be bad for you ? Impossible. That’s my believes. So if you feel like chess games are ruining your days, you have a real problem.

Another problem to solve

The next, next day – things happen every single day… – I had another so called problem. I had a conversation with a friend. The same happened again. I was up on the phone till 2am. Remember, I was already tired so it was even worse… Crap happens, but when it does twice in a row that’s because there is a serious problem. Maybe I have too much game ? Solution found. Maybe I have too much app to chat with friends ? Solution not found yet. Joking, just apply the same strategy.

My smartphone sucked my time, literally. I had to change it. I had to take ownership of the situation. I cannot complain about a situation, that’s what losers do!

I had 7 applications to chat with my friends. Nuclear power came. There is only one who survived the terror

  1.  Snapchat
  2. Messenger
  3. SMS
  4. What’s app
  5. Viber
  6. Instagram
  7. Twitter


Aaaaandd the survivor is… You guessed it… SMS. Because there is no need to expand further. Also keep your mails because I send you mails. That would be a bad move for me to tell you to remove your mails. But keep sure that they are clean. I’ll make an article on this, one day… Anyway, make sure that you don’t have a bunch of these apps.

Most are freaking useless. They all do have the same feature : Send information to other humans.

Congratulation, you have cleared all your problems!