How to surround yourself with valuable noises


That’s what you consume everyday. Noises come from various sources:

  • Tv – I don’t own a TV
  • Social media
  • Friends
  • Radio
  • Internet
  • Family
  • Music
  • Ads
  • Strangers
  • Believes
  • Everywhere you can hear/watch/read something

Whether you want it or not, you hear these noises all days. Whenever you read/watch/hear something, you are consuming a “noise”.

What makes those noises so special?

Well, knowing that you are what surrounds you it seems normal that these noises have an influence over you.

  • You are who surround you
  • You are what you read
  • You are what you do
  • You are what you look at
  • You are what you listen to

Simple facts with huge consequences.

You are defined by many different factors and those are important.

Let’s review your noises so you can have a better control over the situation.

  • Do you watch the tv? If yes, what do you watch? If no, congratulation
  • Are you on social medias? If yes, for what reason? If that’s not for business/articles you are losing your time
  • Who are your friends? Do you want to become like them?
  • Do you listen to the radio? What kind of program do you listen to?
  • What website do you read? Are you proud to read them? Do they help you to get what you want?
  • Does your family support you? How do they help you?
  • What music do you listen to? Are you confident about it?
  • What believes do you have? How would you scale yourself on a scale of 1 to 10?

The most important question is the following.

Are you proud of the content you are consuming?

Would you recommend it to someone else?

The bad news is that even if you are proud of the content that you consume, it doesn’t mean anything. Some people are proud of watching TV…

Hopefully you have control on everything you consume. Let’s play it wise, let’s see what we can do to improve the noises around you.


Simply stop to watch it. It doesn’t give you any new insights and for the few ideas that you get, you can simply google them to find more details in less time. Tv is time-consuming and you know it. Once you lay on the sofa, you don’t want to move anymore. It’s so comfortable to lay and do nothing else than watching a bad tv show.

The simplest hack is not to watch the tv. It’s full of bad shows. More. If you don’t watch the tv you will have plenty of free time. No reason to be bored.It will be your job to leverage this free time to do whatever you want!

Social media


Big no. Unless you own a business which is making you money and use facebook to grow your brand, you shouldn’t get there. It’s the abyss of wasted time. What comes in will never come back. Don’t approach Facebook unless you want to grow a business. It’s so easy to get lost in the feed and keep scrolling for hours. In the end, you won’t get anything. Perhaps a like or two. That’s nothing valuable. Use that time to build a real brand. That will be way more useful for you than to post random pictures/memes on Facebook. The best decision of your life is clearly to delete your Facebook account. What about my friends may you say? If they want to contact you, they simply call you via what we call a phone. Simple. Problem solved.


I don’t like Instagram. Full of fake/photoshoped pictures of girls… and well that’s all. Like on Facebook, if you aren’t there to grow a brand/business, you have nothing to do there. It’s time-consuming and you don’t reap any benefits from this time. If you really want to invest in this social media, create an account and only post pictures. Watching other’s stories/picture is purely a waste of time. Instagram is for entertaining purpose only. Sorry to deceive you, that’s my thoughts on Instagram.


The only social media that I use. Twitter is clear and concise. You don’t write stories with 140 letters… Twitter is where you can find great communities and great people. That’s where I go when I have a bit of time and don’t know what to do with it. For example: Quick waits for the bus/train. Many interesting people are on Twitter. I don’t see that with Facebook/Instagram. Maybe because I don’t spend much time there. Anyway, I often read my twitter feed because it’s full of golden nuggets. Once you know who to follow, it instantly becomes more interesting for you to be on Twitter. I’m also on this social media because I want to grow my account and enlarge my following. Notice the trend? I’m there because I want to be there. Not because I’m bored.


A vast topic. Your believes are what makes you unique. There are a bunch of different believes and it’s impossible to cite them all. To keep it short, believes define you.

  • Do you believe that you are lucky? Then you are
  • Do you believe that you will get what you want? Then you will get it
  • Do you believe in yourself? Then you will have reasons to

If you have bad believes, you won’t make anything worth it. You probably know some people who are unconfident. Well they believe that they are unconfident. That’s why they look so timid. They don’t give themselves opportunities to do what they want. Believe that you are confident!

Make sure that you believe in yourself before doing anything else!


You already know what to not look for. Articles with punchy names, what everyone read… But do you know what you should read? If you still have no idea what to read to “entertain” yourself, go for some books. They will never be outdated! It will give an edge of “old school” + you will learn a lot.

Make sure to choose books related to your area of interest, else you’ll get bored and you won’t even read half of the book… Sad.

Make sure to check our book, Life is a game.


“You are the average of the 5 people you hang out the most often with”

Who are your friends? Do you want to become like them? Those are real questions. If you don’t have an interest into them that’s because they aren’t at your level/don’t want to progress, you should hang out with different people. It’s a hard truth that you must digest. If you don’t go around with winners, your chances of becoming one are affected. Go with losers and you’ll become one in no time! Make the best decision of your life. Meet new people. Grow another circle of friends!


Lyrics of your favorite songs are important. When you listen to something in loop, you tend to remember the lyrics. They get stuck in your mind and repeat again and again. Make sure that you listen to music with lyrics that you want to emulate.

Also choose your style of music. The music you listen to usually define your mood. If you listen to sad music, you’ll feel sad. I know, it’s rocket science!


Tough topic. If you are reading this blog, you surely already know who supports you and who doesn’t. Make sure to keep contact with supportive people! For the rest… It’s tough because it’s in the familial circle. Make sure that you don’t listen to their advices. If they don’t support you, then they aren’t friends. Become distant with them and everything will be okay. I know that it’s very hard to do this with family because they are people that you know for years! But make sure that you are your first priority. It’s selfish, yet it works for every successful individual.