How to write a great answer on Quora

Just to brag a bit, I have over 5 million views on Quora, 4000+ followers and the numbers keep growing while more and more readers come to my website.

I’m happy with this.

It brings me the feeling that I am helping people by answering their questions.

Plus, more and more people are reading these questions and answers, I give them my advice and my challenges to grow.

Some will listen, some won’t.

None of my business.

I did my job, I put the resources online for anyone to grow, if they don’t want to get what they want, then they’d better to ignore me on Quora.

Sentences said, I’m going to teach you how to write an amazing answer on Quora.

First, to write an answer you need a question.

You may have noticed a pattern in my answers: I never answer a question with less than 500 followers.

The more followers your question have, the more views you’ll get.

That’s very basic.

Yet I still see many people who prefer writing about subjects that they enjoy.

They don’t get many views.

Not because they don’t write great answers.

Some answers are original and well written, but they don’t touch their public because no one have an interest in this specific subject.

Writing answers to questions with few followers is a waste of time if you want to build an audience!

The more followers a question has, the more upvotes you’ll reap.

The more upvotes, the more your question is exposed to Quora to get more upvote. Much like a virtuous circle.

If you want to write a great answer on Quora you must target your questions.

Usually, the questions provided by Quora sucks. They don’t have any followers.

If you want to make views, don’t answer these questions.

Simply open the search bar and check for your favorite subject, then scroll down and add to “answer” later all the questions with over 500 followers.

If you don’t find any? You aren’t searching a well-known subject. Find another one!

The big deal: answering a question

The most important part of your answer is the beginning.

Every potential reader can see the beginning plus the picture of your answer when they scroll their feed.

If your beginning is amazing and your picture appeals to your readers curiosity, then you’ll attract many views.

Nothing fancy, every social network is based on this.

Simply write a cool beginning.

My first sentence is ALWAYS a controversial or weird fact.

Always. I never break this system.

This enables me to get the complete attention of my reader in a sentence.

Then I have a beautiful picture that I usually take from

Of course, answers require more than a cool start to get many upvotes.

Now, my plan is usually to use bullets points.

I have bullets in all my popular answers.

They are easy to read and everyone loves bullet points.

I don’t get why, but it works this way.

I discovered this when I checked my most viewed answers.

My most viewed answers are only composed of bullet points.

Some others not so far away from the podium are very controversial, which appeal to a lot questions and comments.

Being a bad boy, I rarely answer these comments, maybe because Quora doesn’t send me notification anymore for these.

I’m sorry, if you have a question about an answer, feel free to write a comment below!


Bullet points work.

They are simple because they enable you to make a list.

And people love list!

How many articles featuring lists did you read today?

More than 3 in my opinions.

  • My 3 most controversials articles
  • 5 reasons why I prefer short hairs to long hairs
  • 99 emotional quotes

And so on.

Your readers enjoy these lists/steps. Call them how you want.

It’s easy to craft.

Grab some ideas from your mind, make two searches on google, mix everything and you get an amazing list to feature on one of your answers.

Very easy to do!

Note: Don’t take a whole article/list on the internet! Most of your ideas must come from you.

Closing: the double down

You may have noticed that I always put a link there.

If it isn’t at the last line, the link is somewhere in the text.

No matter what, I bring up a link on the table.

This link usually directs right to my website which increase my views and give you many articles to read.

This isn’t a great idea if you want to upgrade your Quora account.

Most people who click on the link will never come back to the answer.

They won’t follow you nor will upvote your answer. The latter being the worse as each upvote bring additional views.

You don’t want to lose these views which may translate to additional followers. You don’t.

So, don’t put links in your answers if you want to grow a bigger following.

Also, we must speak of pictures.

Some pictures bring more views on your Quora answers than others.

  • Elon Musk
  • Einstein
  • Beautiful girls
  • Quotes
  • Weird
  • Unrelated
  • Controversial
  • Funny

These are the easiest way to get more views on your answers

Simply find one of these pictures, write a comment related and pursue your answer.

It may seem unethical – it is – but it works like a charm, there are no reasons not to use this.

Make sure that you always put a picture in your answers.

Usually answers with a picture get more views because it appeals to curiosity.

If you have a long bullet point list, it’s okay to not have pictures.

I don’t know why, but it works.

Long bullet points lists don’t need pictures to get views.

Readers are just fans of bullet lists.

I really started to get views when I started to put pictures and bullet lists in most of my answers.

But that’s not all.

I also have another “hidden” strategy.

I always write sentences by sentences.

You will rarely find a paragraph in my answers or articles.

I find it more readable to have every sentence separated by a line.

It is also easier to edit as you don’t have to cut down some big paragraphs if you made a mistake.

You don’t have to check the length of your sentences if you space them with this method, long sentences automatically appear as a paragraph when they take 2+ lines. Simple, yet effective.

Not so random tips

Plus, you don’t want to spend more than 20 minutes on an answer.

That’s not worth it.

You don’t need to think that much to find something original.

Either you know what to answer or you don’t.

If you don’t, flag the question with a “answer later” and move on.

Don’t waste time when you write answers!

Pixabay is always open in a window to find pictures fasts.

Usually I read once again the whole answer before publishing. Sometimes I don’t. It’s up to you based on your talent in English grammar to read again or not.

Plus, the last super tip that changed my answers forever.

I started to bold/italic words and sentences.

It’s a game changer. It brings instantly the important information to your readers.

Some won’t even read the answer as everything I bold is useful while the rest is just some words put together to make some coherent sentences.

Never forget to have a nice layout, appearance is sometimes more powerful than words.

This is why I recommend you to get in shape so you stand out in the crowd of average people.

Take my words for what they are, words.

Try to apply my methods and see if they work for you.

Hint: They work.

If you have any other method or layout to add to this list, be sure to publish it in the comment section and I will add it to the article.

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