How and why you must be confident

Sounds very cliché. Like every article with a similar title: How to get confident, How to become confident, How to make other see you as extremely confident.

There are many, many methods out there that you can simply find with a search on our good friend google. It doesn’t take time to figure out that confidence is a big topic and that everyone is concerned with it.

Why do you want to be confident? Why?

Do you have a real reason behind this motivation? Or it is just because you read that confident people have better life with different goals and different ambition. That’s often what is said on many websites.

I totally agree with these sites. If you are confident, new doors open to you. If you aren’t confident, you don’t even bother to knock at those doors. How bad is this? You don’t even get how many opportunities you left if you don’t try to get them. You need to be confident enough to get the following

  • Making new friends
  • Asking out a girl
  • Getting a new job
  • Launching your business on the internet
  • Growing your social media account
  • Developing an aura

Confidence is like a gauge in a video game. It improves when you level up your character. Now your character is yourself. So each time you take a leap forward with your confidence, your gauge of confidence increase. That’s how I picture it. Life is a game. Referring to analogies is beautiful. Gamifying your life is a dream. And you can achieve it!

Everything becomes easier for the confident man. The situations don’t change. The only difference is that when you get more confident, nothing gets on your way. Confident people have a kind of aura around them that prevent the crap to happen. It’s magic. It’s confident.

They have high energy, they “know how to deal with everything”, they can land multiple jokes and get laughs every time. But are they that different from you and I?

How can you tell that someone is confident, or isn’t?


The confident guy will be at ease in every situation, even new ones. He will enjoy every opportunity and will surely get many of them.

Let’s compare with someone who doesn’t enjoy life. He is timid, and doesn’t want to speak to new people. That’s the complete opposite of our friend, the confident guy.

If I had to invite the timid or the confident to a party, I would choose the confident guy for obvious reason. You would too!

It’s so fun to be around confident people, they make you feel a certain way about yourself. It’s impossible to not have fun when you are around confident people. You will always find a subject to discuss about. You will always discover new activities with them.

Also, there is a load of advantages to be confident.

  • You don’t give a fuck
  • You are proud of yourself
  • You make others feel good
  • You are free
  • You do whatever you want
  • You make more friends
  • Everyone respect you

Now that you know why you want to become confident, let’s develop a method to get there.

I can’t say to you: Become confident. Unfortunately, it doesn’t work.

The deal is that you will have to work on yourself to improve your level of confidence.

How much will you work? It depends. Do you have social anxiety? If that’s the case, then I have a plan for you. Or are you just timid. Not proud of yourself and not confident enough compared to the other around you?

If you are on the second case, we can do wonders to you!

First, get started. I developed a list of task for you. I call them exercises.

The difficulty will increase after each exercise. I don’t recommend you to do the next one until you can do the previous one. Seems obvious? It is.

If you can do some exercises very easily, you can skip them.

If you achieve all of these, you can proudly say that you are confident.

Either you beat the test and assume confidence or you don’t. You own the situation, you own the output.

Make sure that you won’t get into trouble where you perform these exercises. It’s better to do so in a big city with hundreds of thousands of inhabitants. Perform where you won’t have any social consequences after the exercises.

I.e: with complete strangers

You achieve an exercise when you can repeat it without any pressure.

  1. Ask the time to a passerby
  2. Ask for directions to a passerby
  3. Ask their favorite dish to the waiter
  4. Take a selfie in a crowded bus/train
  5. Contact an old friend using SMS/Facebook/WhatsApp
  6. Compliment someone in the street
  7. Call an old friend. Schedule a meet up. Show up
  8. In a store, ask a stranger for their opinion on a book
  9. Find someone with a suit. Ask him:” What do you do for a living?”
  10. In a queue, speak with the guy in front of you
  11. Create an account on a dating app. Chat with someone of the opposite sex. Meet up
  12. Ask the cashier for a discount at Mcdonald/Starbucks/Burger King
  13. Ask a stranger:” How do I look?”
  14. In the bus, ask someone for their seat when the bus isn’t crowded
  15. Lay on the ground for 30 seconds
  16. Find someone of the opposite sex. Your goal is to get their number. Repeat till you achieve

The goal isn’t to make you feel/look ridiculous. I don’t care about it. I won’t even see you perform these exercises.

What I care about is your confidence. If you apply this program, step by step your confidence will hit summits.