I believe in you – a plan to level up

Yet I don’t know you. How can this sentence sound true? I know nothing about you. You are just a viewer between many on a random site made by a random guy living in a random country on a random planet in a random universe. But it’s not a hazard. If you are here, there is a clear reason. You searched for a bit of comfort.

Maybe everything isn’t going your way right now. You wished to have more success. You wished to build a stronger crew. You wished to become rich. You wished to be loved. You wished to have a wonderful girl/boyfriend.

None happened. Yet. Does it mean that nothing of this will become reality within your entire life? I don’t know the answer too. I’m not there to bring you a lot of joy nor to frighten you. After all, we will all die soon enough to not remember anything of this life. Sorry for this depressing fact.

You catch up or you don’t

Everything is happening so fast. Technology. Your growth. New people. New job. New skills. Life is going faster and faster as we age. I still don’t get why but the time seem to pass faster and faster the more I age. I’m only 18 right now. With a bit of luck and a bunch of great habits I will surely survive until I will be 90. Maybe more if science makes exponential progress.

Everything is moving so fast! From technology to medicine

All this time that I have in front of me. It’s nothing. It will pass in a blink.

Think about it. Some people got a bunch of achievements in their lifetime. They developed theories, they invented machines, they were top tier athletes, they won Oscars, they created programs. And then there is us. The standard people.

I’ll tell you a little secret. All these successful people, they are like you and I. They breath, they eat and they die at the end of the game. The same way we all do. The only difference that I can find is that they used their time differently. They chose to pilot awesome projects. They chose to devote their time to their cause. They invested many hours in their quest. Then they became successful and you know their name, thousands of years after.

I believe in you

Because you can do the same. You can choose to use your time to make wonders. You can improve everything in yourself. As in a RPG your life is a game. You didn’t choose the character. You now have to handle him. But you can choose who this character will become. A king? A slave? A bodybuilder? An engineer? An astronaut? A plumber? An entrepreneur? Too much choices.

I’d love to live many lives so I could choose different path in all of them to experiment what it is like to be all of the above. It could be fun. Unfortunately, that’s not possible.

We only have one shot at life.

I have to make choices. You have to make choices.

Nerdow is a choice. I want to lighten the paths for many. What are you going to do?

Choose the standard path? Make a living out of a random job that you didn’t chose because you are overqualified?

Build your own path? Choose when you wake up and when you fall in your bed. Eat whatever you want because there is no constraint. Do whatever you love to because you don’t have to attend a job you don’t like. That’s how it sounds to be free.

The latter sounds perfect. A well-designed life with no drawbacks, only positivity. While it looks too good to be true, the reality is that you can achieve a lifestyle similar to this one.

Being an entrepreneur or a startup guy will grant you many responsibilities, but also many more possibilities. While doing these jobs you are typically on demand. You don’t have a set schedule, you work when someone need you to achieve. That’s different. It’s swapping the standard model.

I believe in you

Because everything is possible. Except going further than the observable universe. But that’s another problem that I can’t solve. You can reach new heights!

Sometimes we ALL need a remember that we are magnificent!

No, you don’t lack motivation. No, you don’t lack skills. No, you don’t lack time. No, you don’t lack efficiency. No, you don’t lack a degree. No, you don’t lack of friends.

All you lack is execution. Hear me now.

All you lack is EXECUTION

You already have great ideas.

  • Asking for a promotion
  • Building your blog
  • Hitting the gym

All those thoughts are already in you. I know that you want to reach the next level. I know that you have a plan to do it. All you lack is the execution of this plan. I believe in you. I believe that you can do it! I believe that you can get practically you want in a matter of years if you start right now.

It’s not rocket science to level up your life! You can become the perfect individual by mastering the following:

  • Health
  • Social
  • Money

Those are the big three. Missing at one will make the two-other drop. If you aren’t healthy, you can’t make a lot of money. If you don’t have money, you can’t build the relationships you want. If you don’t have a network, you can’t make a lot of money. It’s a loop. You can’t escape it. Don’t search for a shortcut, it’s a complete waste of time. Concentrate all your efforts on the big three and you’ll have the perfect life in a matter of years.

The next paragraphs will be applicable bullets. Choose at least 3 of them and apply. Else this article will be useless for you. Think of it as a game. I’m giving you the choices between many quests. You can take those that better fit you. There will be enough choices for everyone! Let’s conquer!


  • Exercise
    • Hit the gym thrice per week
    • Run in the morning every day
    • Have a physical activity twice a week
  • Start the day with a great breakfast
    • 3 eggs
    • An avocado
    • A stack
    • Donut of corn
    • Granola
  • Use your free time
    • Stand up while working
    • Do some push-ups before taking a shower
    • Drink an extra glass of water
    • Have a tea


  • Meet new people with internet
    • Join two groups on Facebook. Post weekly
    • Create a Tinder account and meet someone
    • Add random people on Facebook and speak
    • Make new friends on a video game
  • Meet new people in the real life
    • While waiting for the bus, speak with a stranger
    • Help someone
    • Ask your friends to bring new brings to parties
  • Strengthen your network
    • Call an old friend
    • Refer your friends
    • Read the books from Dale Carnegie
    • Ask for help


  • Create a brand
    • A blog
    • A startup
    • An online store
    • A website
    • A social media page
  • Random
    • Ask for a raise
    • Become a middleman
    • Sell gigs on fiver
    • Sell coaching
    • Invest

Let’s execute

Choose 3 from health, 3 from social and 1 from money. Then execute. In a matter of months your life will change. People will see you with a new edge. You will become different and everything around you will turn out for the best.

It sounds strange. It sounds unbelievable. But I believe in you!

Let’s execute.

Let’s get the life you always dreamed of!

Remember, life is a game. The hardest one. It’s time to master it.