If you aren’t the threat, you are threatened

Subj : being the threat.

Let’s be honest, if you aren’t a threat, you are threatened.

If you cannot inspire fear, you cannot be feared. If you aren’t inspiring fear, everyone can steal from you without punition.

Do you want this to be your reality?

Do you want to be threatened day long because you don’t look and aren’t mean?

Well, this is surely what is happening right know if you don’t identify yourself as threat.

How do you know if you are threat?

  • When look at people, they look down or away
  • You look good
  • When you walk, people move out of your way
  • When you move toward someone, he moves back
  • You are threatening
  • No one tries to disrespect you
  • You are easily confused with a bully
  • You are muscular
  • Everyone look at you, but no one want to hold your look
  • Your name is respected

Those are consequences of being the threat, once you achieve this rank, everything listed above will happen to you.

You’ll be the real deal, the man of power.

If you aren’t?

The threat will come next to you and threaten you. You won’t the threat because the real one is next to you.

There can only be one winner. It’s better to be the winner than to be that guy next to the winner.


If you aren’t a threat, then someone else will threaten you until you become the threat.

It’s the same as being in power.

There are thousands of losers for a winner.

The stronger you appear, the more you are respected. Thus the more you are a potential threat for everyone around.

Becoming threatening

You don’t have to threaten someone verbally or physically to be the threat.

Once you are threatening enough, your presence is enough to intimidate anyone around you.

It’s not about what you are doing in the instant, it’s about what you COULD do.

If you are muscular, you could punch someone right into the wall. You could do it. It doesn’t mean that you would do it.

Being muscular sets you apart this way, because you could be a threat physically.

If you have an army under your orders, you could conquer a country. You could do it. It doesn’t mean that you would do it.

Having power right in your hands make you more intimidating.

The same result is also viable for each and every trait that makes you threatening.

The more complete your collection of these traits is, the more threatening you become.

Being threatening is a form of soft power.

You don’t have to fight anymore to get what you want. Your perceived self is so powerful that others automatically inline with your desires because they are scared of what you COULD potentially do.

That’s how being threatening makes you more powerful.

Corollary, being threatened

If you aren’t threatening, then you are threatened by the most threatening person in your surrounding.

From your parents to the bully at school, this threat could be a lot of different people in your world.

If you aren’t the most threatening person, someone will threaten you and will become that exact person you want to be.

The power of being the bully is significant. The bully COULD do something. That doesn’t mean he will do it. This come from him being perceived as the threat. Maybe he isn’t. He is just playing a role, like Leonardo Dicaprio in The Wolf of Wall Street, an excellent movie by the way.

It doesn’t mean that Leonardo is like who he plays in the movie. It means that he COULD be that guy if he wanted. He is perceived as a badass because he played one in a movie.

The same goes on in real life.

Most bullies aren’t threatening at all. They just appear this way because they stole the lunch of a kid, break a bank or anything similar.

These achievements make them stand out. It doesn’t mean that they are bad guys. It means that they COULD do mean things to get what they want. Whether that’s money, love or anything else, it doesn’t matter. They are powerful and can do whatever they want in order to get what they want.

They are capable so they appear threatening.

How bad are you? Pretty nice compared to most bad guys out there in the nature. You look like a kitten compared to most of them.

That’s not a coincidence if you get threatened by others. That’s because you aren’t a threat to them, so they can play with you as they please. From teasing you to punching you if they wanted to.

That’s simply because you aren’t threatening so they have no barrier. They can take whatever they want from you without any opposition and they know it.

Bad guys and bullies know that they can extract whatever they want out of you without any sort of punition. That’s why they are doing so. That’s why they are threatening to you. You know that they could take everything from you and that you could do nothing except crying.

It has a single cause. You are not threatening.

Strategies to become threatening

1/ Build a threatening body

You have man-boobs, you are fat, you are skinny, you have no muscle, no definition… nothing. Your body isn’t threatening. No one perceives you as threatening as long as your body doesn’t follow the description.

How can a fat guy be threatening? He cannot run 100 meters without needing to stop. That’s pathetic. That’s not threatening at all.

What about the lean marathoner who COULD run 42 KILOmeters without any particular reason? That’s threatening. Imagine having to run away from this guy. Impossible if you aren’t more threatening than him.

Believe me on this, you don’t see a lot of marathoner and it requires huge efforts. It’s not made for everybody.

So… Being full of muscle, having an insane stamina gives you a lot of power.

It makes sure that you have enough strength to grab whatever you want. The lunch of the little Sammy, the business you are building or the weights at the gym.

Build a strong physique which inspires fear in the eyes of your enemies

2/ Do what you threaten to do

Don’t say it. Do the fuck out of it.

You are threatening that you’ll build a million dollar business? Do it.

Otherwise you are a liar and no one takes liars seriously because they fail to prove what they tell. Who’s going to listen to you if you cannot back up your claims?

Exactly, no one.

Execute on what you tell. Unlike all those parents who count up 1… 2… 2,5… 2,99… 3… and do nothing. They threaten their kids to remove the console after counting up to 3. Yet, they never do it.

The kids don’t respect their parents because they cannot back up their claims.

When you threaten to do something, actually do it.

3/ Have achievements to brag about

Who’s going to respect the average folk without any notable achievement? Certainly not me.

I truly believe that do inspire something in someone you must be real. This is all about credibility. Who’s more apt to teach you about mountain biking?

A champion? Or the average Joe who’s riding with 2 extra wheels?

You guessed it. The champion is your man. Many trophies, some records in the Guinness book. He is the real man.

You can feel it when he walks next to you, this guy is the real deal.

It’s hard to describe as you cannot experience this feeling without living it.

Having a hell load of achievements to brag about is good for your self-esteem.

You cannot be respected if you are the average Joe. You must find ways to stand out, this way goes down by achieving a lot.

Being muscular at 18 is an achievement, being an Olympic champion is an achievement, being a business owner is an achievement and being rich is an achievement.

Staying 8 hours a day to grind on World of Warcraft or any “hype” game isn’t. It just shows how much of a loser you are.

4/ You stay foggy on your actual abilities

No one should be aware of your power, certainly not the people you are going to threaten by your presence.

You must never show your true self, reserve it for some sort of legendary action.

Once you are able to demonstrate that you are capable, respect will be build instantly.

It’s based on an action.

Once you show that you are weak or strong, people are like wolves.

If you are weak, you are going to be threatened by other wolves stronger than you. They pack around you and eat you alive.

Weakness is a sin that must never be shared with anybody. Not your wife, not your mum, not your best friend. You must never share your weakness or it will be used against you.

If you are strong, you are going to be threat. No one is going to mess with you as you crafted a strong reputation.

You are the man not to mess with, you are unpredictable and this make your strength.

Being the threat is how you get respected

If you aren’t the threat, you’ll get eaten alive by those who are.

Develop it. Change if you have to. Don’t be the nice guy, be the threat.

If you aren’t the threat, you are threatened by others.

Power is NEVER shared.

Write again soon,