I’m angry – if you’re not, something’s wrong with you

Nothing enrages me more than the asshole driving this car.

You could tell me whatever you want, it pisses me off so much I’m ready to spend my days’night writing as hard as I can on my side hustles to break down this guy.

Who’s this guy?

I’ve got no clue.

I don’t know him.

He’s 23 years old. Good looking. Visible six pack. Ultimately rich. And got a gorgeous looking girl sitting right next to him.

Well, this guy. He enrages me. I’m angry. Ready to do anything just to get a glimpse of his life.

I’m angry

How the hell can this dickhead afford a nicer car than me?

He doesn’t have a job. He doesn’t have a business.

This guy is just full of luck.

Let’s name him Jack.

Jack Gritty.

Jack is every young man model.

Why am I not at his level RIGHT NOW?

Why aren’t you at his level?

How can he afford to show off these things?

Well, I have no clue.

I’m sure he doesn’t know I exist.

Who cares?

I’ve got an edge over him.

He gave it to me the first time my eyes spotted him.

I’m not jealous.

I’m angry. Or hungry.

I want his success. I want everything he’s got.


I deserve it more than this asshole.

This feeling… It submerges me every time I see someone who’s rich.

I’m competitively driven. I deserve a yellow lambo.

I deserve everything he got.

And I will get it.

Angry is the new motivation

Motivation sucks, and I’m saying it till the dawn of time.

I’m not motivated to hit the gym. I do it anyway.

Same when I write, code or do anything.

It’s not motivation that drives me.

In fact, motivation is a shabby excuse losers invented to make sure no one gets anything done.

Think Chad needs motivation to get girls? Think again.

Now, let’s get to the angry part of the pitch.


It’s powerful and *never* fades away.

I’ll not stop until I’ll feel superior to Jack.

Say I’m an egocentric. A dickhead or an asshole.

I’m Cool with everything.

I’ll get everything Jack got while you’ll keep complaining about shitty problems you don’t have.

  • Oh damn it’s so hard waking up working for a salary!
  • Oh shit, I can’t hit the gym today because my wife needs me
  • Oh crap, I shouldn’t write this because *they’ll* get angry

Who the hell care about those, get away. Leave my website and don’t come back until you get it.

I’m a 19 years old college kid. Right.

And I’ll have my first million *before* 25.

Whether you want it or not, it will happen.

I’m not motivated to make a weird breakthrough.

I’m angry.

Because peeps that do not deserve fame, money and looks get it.

And whoever they are, I’m 127% convinced I can do better than them IF I choose to point my mind over wrecking them.

Could be anything.

  • Boxing
  • Copywriting
  • Mountain biking

I’ll do it.

I’ll conquer with what I have.

I don’t need more.

I’m angry.

Nothing more is required to rise above the limit.

I give you the permission to be angry

There’s no other way out of your league.

Whether you are at rock bottom. At the middle of water or right in the sky.

Being angry drives you somewhere higher than where you are.

And you have the right to be angry.

Some people like Jack who deserve NOTHING are higher on the hierarchy than you.

They don’t deserve it.

And you deserve it.

You are the beast

How is it possible that they get something *more* than you?


That’s why I’m on this quest to get the higher possible.

I’m not there to break people.

I’ll definitely do it if it’s necessary to rise.

And so should you.

Be *angry*.

I give you the permission to rise.

Be angry.

Get the shit you want to get.

Rise above them.

And take whatever you want *because* you deserve it.

Whenever you see someone who’s got something you want and *can’t* afford it yet, remember this article.

Remember you are going to surpass them, and by far.

Not that it matters to tell them.

Because they’ll get it punched in their face when you’ll come back with your red Ferrari blasting music in their hears.

And they’ll be crying.

Begging you for attention, asking you where you learned all this shit and how you got *motivated*.

But you aren’t.

You are angry.

Hungry for more.

It will never stop.

You’ll tell them, go get it…

No one will understand.

Because you rose being angry while they try to get *motivated*.

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