How to break the impostor syndrome – and why you’re an expert.

You’re experiencing the impostor syndrome. You think. No, you believe you aren’t good enough to give other people advice on how to do things.

Here’s the bad boy truth you’d like to hear:

You just need to be one step ahead of your readers to be their expert.

When teaching young men how to lift weights, there’s no need to be as jacked as a Hollywood actor. To be fair, you don’t even need to lift your own body weight in the big fives. You need to be one move *further than your reader to become their “expert”.

Trying to help them get their very first gym session? If you already went to the temple you are an expert to them. Crazy?

Quick story short: most internet personality builds their character WHILE building their brand, websites and co.

I’m not the mad man I’ll be in three years. I’m far away from this goal, yet there’s nothing stopping me from working as hard as I can to become a powerful person. It’s no different from you.

There’s no one stopping you from writing on the internet. No wall keeping you away from the keyboard. And comments? Amateurs bashing you? They don’t matter.

Your words out there, that’s the take.

How to become an expert

I’ve heard about a short story on who’s the real experts. I’m dropping it below.

There’s a teacher. He needs to teach kiddos history. He knows nothing about his subject. He’s a complete novice. He could very well tell the kids he’s got zero experience. Or worse, change his job. He sees an opportunity to tell stories and learn. Here’s how the smart man proceeds. The day before the lesson he learns everything he’s about to tell his students. He looks like an expert to them. End of the story.

It’s even more interesting when you are writing/shooting videos on the Internet. In this closed world, you decide what your audience reads. Words to the pictures you show them. While it sounds manipulative as hell – it is – that’s how you position yourself as an expert.

Now, this would be totally unethical if you aren’t the person you claim you are. I’m not the writing/selling/lifting expert you believe I am. I’m just one step ahead, which makes all the difference.

For articles? I’m experimenting, reading and developing ideas. Those thoughts you can grasp all by yourself. I’m writing about what you think day long. Finding solutions to common problems.

See, today’s problem is the one I’m discussing about. The impostor syndrome. Or the fear of not being good enough to teach your audience stuff.

Being an expert is largely overrated in the sense most important people a are perceived as powerful and knowledgeable. That’s the vibe they give to their readers, nothing else. And that’s how they want to be seen.

As easy as it sounds, you can develop your own persona using similar strategies. Writing your words, showing the side of yourself you’d like readers to know about. There’s no reason. I mean, excuses to not help as many people as you can on the internet.

You may wonder. “How am I qualified to tell story and install knowledge in other’s people brain?” Well, you just are. Since the dawn of times humans share words to help each other’s do stuff. Today’s no different. You’ve got your life experience, time’s now to share it.

“What if someone already wrote about it?”

Just like my progressive overload article. Many people already wrote about this exact weight lifting strategy which is no new by any mean. When writing about it, I’m adding my take. My words and my perspective. Making it fresh and new. Not only to my readers but to the world.

Now there’s another metric to count for. Yes, millions of articles are already written somewhere on the Internet. But hey! Quality matters. On all these copies, how many of them are interesting to read? How about those who bring genuine value to the reader? And those full of experimentation and notes only accomplished player will live? Not much is left.

There’s a barrier at the entry, have no worries about it. Just like there’s a need for bulky and useful content on the internet. You are a human. Other humanoids are writing letters… with next to no qualification. There’s absolutely no reason you can’t emulate them. And most of the time, crush down their hard work with yours.

Everything you read was written by someone else who got some experience under his belt and decided he’s talented enough to tell others “How to”. All websites, blogs, digital courses. Everything you read is based on the same idea.

And there’s no reason you haven’t enough experience under your belt to tell stories. I’m no gym-maniac, I started less than two years ago. And you can read my articles on the subject. No question asked, I’m no expert. I’m a perceived expert and it makes all the difference in the world.

Young man who’s striving for originality… If there’s something you must understand now to launch your biz – because impostor syndrome is all about starting your very particular venture. You are the one in control. You don’t need anyone to approve of your experience nor to tell you what you should and shouldn’t work on.

It’s your life. Live it to the fullest. You’d like to believe it’s a video game? Fair enough. It’s your reality, you handle it however you want.

Always remember: Whatever you are doing, there are other young men in this world trying to do the same thing. And your experience may be just what they are waiting for to get started and grab the first successes they need to climb that mountain.

I suggest you to document everything you do on a blog/website. Sharing your thoughts and actions to the world. Not only to help others without expecting nothing in return. It’s foolish. Having a data base where you can take whatever has once been useful to you and take it back with a new edge.

Cherry on the cake, your words will live on the internet, ready to be read by thousands, if not millions hungry humans willing to put in the job and achieve the little success you built for yourself.

It’s totally impossible if you aren’t building your empire. Start right now.

If you’re afraid no one will read your words, give me a link to your website, I’ll be your first reader. Leaving tips and tricks for you to improve. Drop me a comment, I’ll check it out.