How to improve constantly at everything you do

Long story short: if you aren’t improving daily, you are regressing. Most “normal” people think stagnating – and even lowering their level – is completely acceptable and is the result of a “normal” life. “You can’t be at your best everyday, right?”. Wrong. Since I’m on the edge of my own self-improvement wave, I can’t bear living a single day of non-improvement.

Not improving steadily sucks – and it’s probably the worst stuff that can happen to you.

It’s a problem your average loser doesn’t get. He doesn’t even understand he can improve on a daily basis, yes your average young man is that far behind you.

Now, let me be fair with you for a second. Spending every second of your life doing productive work is the easiest and only way to get ahead. And this is exactly why not progressing leads to a life full of boredom

By productive stuff, I mean taking actions that brings direct results to your big goals on a daily basis.

As Tom Hopkins says with is golden dozen :

I must do the most productive thing possible at every given moment.

Here at Nerdow we define success in three major categories. Being above average at all of them would put you in the top rank.

– stunning good look people would kill to get : lean and mean physique
social freedom. Enough confidence in yourself to do what you want most of the time
– making enough money to be free not caring working a “real” job as normies says.

Now, to reach the top level of these 3 categories you must work hard toward them every single day of your life. These achievements have no end in themselves.

You can always get better looking, have higher self esteem and make more money. It’s some infinite quests you’ll never finish, and that’s absolutely the way it should be.

Infinite goals

How to grab these achievements?

You must take relentless action toward these 3 goals. Every single day of your life.

Actions bring results. Results bring even more action


Getting good looking?

  • Eating like it’s your job to become good-looking : because it is!
  • Training your muscle at the weight temple 5 days a week And spending the two other days doing active recovery

Increasing your confidence?

  • Doing what you want (most of the time). That’s the most rewarding action you can take right now!
  • Planning your success, and looking at yourself as a winner. Your self-image is more important than everything else!

Making money?

  • Crafting your first info-product and selling it
  • Applying your direct-sale skills to close the deal

These 3 huge categories have goals have something in common. They all require massive amount of self-control to break the game and earn some achievements.

You don’t just decide to get better looking. It’s no 20 minutes task.

Improving your like is a matter of months, even years – here’s your reasonable plan. Most people can’t tell the difference until they see before/after picture comparaison. Hell, most people can’t even tell if someone lifts or if they spend half their time playing computer games like I did. Nonetheless, the difference leads to two different bodies. One which emanate strength. Another one who’s boring.

No question asked, lifting heavy weights, eating like it’s your job to get better looking… Taking relentless action toward your highly visible six-pack takes self-control. And once you grab enough to make encouraging improvements… You start to look at these successes just like you play a game. In the fashion of do this, get this. Which is all it ever was. You just never took the time to look at it with fresh eyes.

Lean and mean definition

Good news being, once you master one of the big 3, the 2 others become much easier.

Once you get good-looking, there’s a whole new realm in front of you… So you want to make money AND are already good-looking?

  • Start a blog/YouTube channel/any media growing platform you can think of… Showing people *HOW* to get the body you built in the minimal amount of time – hint, hint
  • Become a model for brands and sell a hell lot of supplements and “”healthy”” products to many beginners who believe in your body
  • You’ve built enough self-control to take just about any action – start sending coldmails to influencers and ask them to play in their show

That’s just the beginning.

How to REALLY improve at everything you do

Because yes, there’s a way. One that works every time if you’re ready to work hard on your quest.

Take action.

That’s it.

Don’t do it only once. Do it for the rest of your life. Yes it’s scary. Yes, it’s a lot of time investment you may want to put somewhere else…

If you’d like to get better looking – which is one of our most important goals, you’d like to define daily goals for yourself.

These small goals, you break them by taking action.

Could be as simple as the following:

  • Exercice for one hour – calisthenic, climbing or hitting the gym. Training 4-6 times a week is more than enough!
  • Eat only 3 meals a day – no snacks
  • Remove sugar from your diet – avoid at all cost!
  • Burning more energy than what you eat

Meeting these 4 goals for enough days in a row will ensure two things:

  1. You are building muscle
  2. You are shredding fat

Which leads to you getting good-looking with potential visible abs.

Success will never happen overnight – it’s the sum of small success that makes big win

If you’re in for the run for maxing out your life… You’ll have to work HARD every single day of your life, ready to overcome the numerous obstacle that’ll come on your path.

While I can tell you *what* you should do, I’ve got no power on *how* and ultimately *when* you’ll do it.

It’s easy to give you a working blueprint which gets you running high on expectation… because you understand you are just several self-control notch under it. Now, when it comes to you acting toward your particular goal. I can’t do anything else than explaining you what’s in front of you before you reach the flag pole.

I’m repeating myself – yes, I did it a lot on this particular article.

Big success = many small successes broken down into daily tasks

What getting good-looking is all about

That’s it.

So if you want to grab these big successes:

  • Making money on autopilot selling stuff on the internet – so you have huge freedom of time and location
  • Getting the lean and mean body you dream of with – visible abs included
  • Having the social confidenceto do what you want in any situation

That’s the big results of doing very basic tasks on a daily basis:

Take these daily actions. And repeat them over and over for long enough… Eventually you’ll grab the big achievements written above.