How to increase your mental stamina

There’s only one thing which separate winners from losers. And this one ain’t physical strength. It ain’t money. And it’s probably not how good looking you are or how easy you have it to lead a team. This essence transforming anyone into a lion is called self-control. Add insane mental stamina to your average frustrated loser, I’m telling you he’ll become a monster. Now you know… So, what does mental stamina really do for you?

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I’d better be on the left

As stated above, self-control is just about the most important factor when it comes to success. It’s actually the difference between someone who will hit the gym every single day of his life… without failing once. Feel remorse the days he can’t do his 4th exercice because he feels so broken by his previous workouts. And your average man who will not even try to hit the free weight zone of the temple.

Self control is what gets you running on fat loss… When you feel down, lacking energy. Self-control stops you from eating shitty meals. It makes sure you don’t cross the line. And gets you even more energy out of nothing. Yes, mental stamina is magical!

Your mental stamina is what keeps you at peak level, even after a hard-working day. When you feel like the world is about to collapse. Like you’re dead inside and must let go to play video games, or god knows what.

That’s exactly why having insane levels of mental stamina gets you at the top of the leaderboard. Below you’ll find helpful tips to get it has high as you can, so you too can grab what was once out of your reach.

#1 Picture yourself as a winner. Everything is a given to you

Viewing yourself as a winner. Someone who gets everything he wants most of the time. Is just about the most valuable and rewarding skill you can develop. While sound 100% self-improvement “guru” cliché, you can hardly find a better way to increase your mental stamina than to have these positive thoughts running in your head 24/7.

Conqueror look

I would be a jerk not giving you tips on how to achieve it – because not everyone is as positive as a lucky pig. Expecting stuff to work out is much more difficult with low self-esteem. Both are quite related.

When you look at the mirror. Who are you seeing?

The young man who will take over the world with his business, building his body like it’s his job…

Or maybe…

The young man who get nothing done. Never gets results. And worse, insult himself down on his brain whenever something messes up – even when its 100% not under his control

Not lying to you. I prefer the first man a thousand time over the lazy slob.

Now, you’d like to understand :“how do I even get there?”

I noticed an improvement in the way I see my self as soon as I started to use self-instructions. You know, that’s the silly stuff we say in our heads so no one can hear it because it’s way too silly – and sometimes too dark.

Most people have no clue about self-instruction – they always talk down to themselves... And then it becomes theirs instruction. They succeed at being the loser they insulted during 20 years. That’s a poor achievement, don’t you think?

“You always mess up”

“You’ll never get it”

“You failed”

You don’t want a friend to be so harsh with you. But when that’s you who’s telling this to yourself…

What about telling your mind some *positive* words?

“You’ll get it anyway. You ALWAYS get what you want in the end”

“You’re doing great. Keep going”

“You’ll do better tomorrow”

These simple changes in how you talk to yourself when no one hears make all the difference between a you being a loser and a winner.

#2 Live by the golden dozen

“I must do the most productive thing at every given moment”

Tom Hopkins

Just by following this line you’ll get your productivity to the roof. Let’s assume it’s not self explanatory, and you need a more in depth understanding of this rule.

Doing the most productive thing at any moment does not involve you working 24/7. Sometimes the most productive activity you can get engaged in is just sleeping. Which is as far as it gets from working – except if you’re building muscle! Sometimes, it’s writing an article.

Anyway, the #1 goal of this rule is that you are always moving toward your goal(s)… So you are busy taking action which leads to results.

Smash the flag pole!

When busy, you can hardly get distracted by random stuff.

That’s why doing the most productive thing most of the time is the way to go when you want to get things done.

Alone these words are useless – you still need to take action and tackle your productive thing. This method really starts to shine when you get in the process of thinking about the golden dozen every time you get bored. See, you wander on YouTube, watch 2 videos and then…

“I must do the most productive thing at every given moment”

Ok. I must write this article right now.

Here’s how to apply the golden dozen in your daily life – it’s called this way because the sentence is 12 words long.

  1. Realise you need to do the most productive thing right now
  2. Figure out what it is
  3. Work on it until you get distracted
  4. Get back to 1.

Step by step paraphrased from “The official guide to success” by Tom Hopkins.

#3 Do what you want – most of the time

There’s no better mind booster than doing what you want most of the time. More than just bringing you closer to your goals, it actually acts as a powerful stimulant.

You could be doing thousands of useless shits during your days – playing games, watching TV… Basically not taking action bringing you closer to your big goals. By doing what you want, you signal yourself it’s a serious deal and get the *feeling* of doing something worth it.

Just like that, it’s moving toward your goal and changes your mindset from doing whatever you feel ALLOWED to do… to having the world under your feet.

See, everyone wants to do things… and only a handful of them really do them in the end – only those who take action based on what they want get results.

It’s no different for you.

If you want to do something, do it.

Just do it.

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Just do it

Having big goals is far from enough. You must be willing to take daily actions toward them – and invest your time accordingly. If you’re in to claim the big 3 achievements most young men want, you should spend 80% of your free time hunting them down.

And that occurs when taking action. If that’s the lifestyle you want to make your own, feel free to read these 6 actions that’ll get you in the top 1%