Is it hard to build a first business? – Beating the invisible

Subj: Why not everyone will build a business

You read it hundreds of time, it’s written everywhere on the internet:

Building a business is easy

I’m going to break this myth.

Building a business isn’t easy. Building a business can be summarized in simple very general steps to follow which MAY create a business. We call these blueprints.

It’s absolutely wrong that building a business is easy.

Building a business is hard.

Building a great body is easy.

Repeat for 5 years.

You guessed it, an easy 3 steps protocol to build muscle. Some internet marketers sell you this crap for 20$, profit for free here.

Now, let’s come to our subject.

What makes it tough to build a business? Why everyone cannot have his own business?

Because it’s harsh.

To own a business, you must first launch it.

This, is not only dependent of you. Unlike hitting the gym where you follow a list of prerequisites to gain muscle and start progressing  even if not all the prerequisites are checked, building a business is much different.

It’s possible to craft a step by step guide to an online business, that’s what make money writing is all about. But only to a certain type of business. You cannot write a blueprint applicable for each and every business as they are all largely different.

Build a business 101

  1. Find an audience
  2. Find a product
  3. Communicate
  4. Sell

That’s the blueprint.

Did it help you?

Nop, it’s too general to help anyone.

Let’s be honest, there are thousands different ways to find an audience, a product, communicate and ultimately sell to your audience.

You cannot craft a business out of nowhere.

How a business is built

The real story, not the bullshit you read on newspaper.

Overnight success doesn’t exist. Except if you call 5-15 years of hard work an overnight success. I cannot imagine how long a “normal” success take. A lot of time if you want my opinion.

However, if you didn’t make money in your first 2 years as a business builder, there you are losing to the competition. Let’s keep this for later.

1/ An idea

You have the global idea of what you are going to build. A website, a brick and mortar or any other kind of business that your mind can come up with. There are thousands and thousands of variations so you can always swap and switch to get a business which suits you.

Your idea must be unique. Unlike what I see everyday. Copycat websites suck. Copycat advertisements suck. Copycat ideas suck.

Ideas are worthless when they aren’t pursued by their inventor. Let’s be honest, this website wouldn’t have its success if I decided to sell it.

Another owner would completely change my brand as my brand is myself. Someone else cannot be myself, so my business is unique in this.

Same goes on for every successful internet influencer. They are where they are because they are who they are. No one can be Victor Pride except Victor Pride, no one can be Ninja except Ninja.

You cannot steal a website from someone else, apply it to your own and get success with it. It doesn’t work like that. You’ll get called a copycat and have problem of ownership as you are not the original publisher nor creator.

Ideas are unique, ideas belong to you.

While the core of a business can be stolen in its beginning, it’s much harder to do so later. Could you imagine someone stealing Google? No? Because Google is also a monopoly on its own sector.

2/ Bringing your idea to the real world

Another surprise for you. If you want a realistic idea about how much time it will take you to get where you want, take the time by which you expect to end your journey and multiply it by 10. Yes, that’s how much time you are wrong at creating a schedule.

Things happen. Bad things happen. You cannot prevent things from happening. Whether that’s real life problems or business troubles, the result is the same: You are losing time. You have to solve all these problems before you have the chance to launch your project.

Up to this point, you are already largely delayed as it took you much more time to manage everything as you thought.

Building the website wasn’t easy. You wasted 5 days on it, but it looks great. You could have hired someone to do the job in 4 hours, but you decided that it was better if you did your own website.

Crafting the logo took you 10 days. You couldn’t decide which one of the diamond or the arrow better fitted your business. It was tough to decide. You took your time and did nothing else because you believed that a cool logo is a must have for every business.

May I tell you that you didn’t do anything in 15 days?

Will your website generate sales? No? You lost your time.

Will your logo generate sales? No? You lost your time.

What you should do instead of wasting your valuable time on “fun” tasks which bring no value to your business

Come up with a MVP: your Most Viable Product.

It’s the quintessence of your business, the product you are going to sell.

Try to get it as soon as possible. Even if that’s not the finished product, your MVP is there to make a test. Will your customers buy your MVP?

If they aren’t intested, move on. You are losing your time.

The Most Viable product is the easiest way to test your product with real world conditions. You bring to life your product at its simplest form to see if you can sell it.

If you can’t? No one is interested in your product so you have to move on.

The Most Viable Product is the first task you must take care of. If you can’t bring your product to life easily, you find other ways to figure out if you have potential buyers.

Simply propose the simplest version of your product as soon as possible.

No logo, a basic website which register potential customers to your mailing list and your MVP. This is all it takes to have a business.

If you are playing the internet business game? Your website is your Most Viable Product. If no one is coming on your website after 1 year of articles, consider closing it.

3/ Growth

The second most important part of your business. Growing. If you aren’t getting new customers? Your business either stagnate or die prematurely. You still don’t have a tangible business and its already dying, what a shame!

This is when you put all these all nighters, when you invest 8+ hours a day writing or developing your project. This is when your business becomes life changing as you cannot play it on side hustle mode anymore. It’s becoming more. A real business.

For this to happen, you must grow it. As you would grow a plant or your child.

Except that we are speaking of clients there.

You must gain more clients, that’s the only metric which matters.

Gain more and more clients. Grab them on Facebook, on Instagram, on your website. Pay google to direct some queries to your website… Hire a growth hacker to do your job. There are thousands of ideas to grow your business, but what is most important than everything is that you keep hustling.

Day after day, you must be behind your business. You must push it harder and harder, you must climb the mountain. Once your business is at the summit, it’s cool. It will stay there for a while. But unless you write/promote/craft/invent/grab/exercise everyday, your business is going to sink.

We don’t want this to happen to what we build over several months. Do you?

Growth is when your side hustle become a startup or a business. When it gets known, when you don’t refer it as a “hobby” anymore. Because it’s not only a way to kill time, but an instrument to lift up your life.

When you have a business running in the background, you have no reason to work for someone else because you are your own chef.

You have no one to excuse to. You have all the permissions as you are the owner, you are in control of what you built.

Fail the growth and you’ll never reach this state. You’ll keep your business as a hobby. It won’t make you more than some hundreds dollars per month. Not enough to survive.

4/ And then?

I have no clue about what happens there as I’m not there yet.

This is where it gets thrilling, don’t you want to move to this part to tell me what’s beyond growth?

What happens when you have a successful business?

My guess is that you build another one, and then another one.

I believe that business is not something you can get tired of.

And even if you don’t have much time to work on it, most business like websites and e-commerce stores require practically no maintenance.

Once you rank your website on Google, you will get views as often as people make queries and get directed to your website.

It has no limit.

This strategy will work for a long time, as long as your website gives the best answer to a certain query, it will rank high on Google.

As long as your website rank high, it will get a load of views based on how many queries are performed to reach your website.

After this?

You’ll need to find something to do.

Your business may be eternal, your patience isn’t.

Doing nothing of your days is boring. That’s why you’ll always go for new activities.

Business, fun, business, fun… this is a nice life to live!

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