Life is a game – It’s time to take advantage

Just like in video games, you can create the character you want to play the game of life. This perk never goes away. Here’s how to become the one you’d like to be.

Given the choice, anyone would choose a strong, tall and handful character to play the game of life. You would start with an infinite advantage over the player who decided to begin with a weak, small and ugly character.

Playing this game we call life. You get the choice. You can make your character the way you want.

If your weak. There’s nothing stopping you from getting stronger by training with weights and practicing calisthenics.

If your small… There’s nothing you can do about it. Oh wait. You can outweigh this weakness by maximizing your strength. Why not try to be the smartest/strongest/best looking the game ever out on God’s green earth? Think Tyrion Lannister from game of thrones. Small and it doesn’t play him any disadvantage. He turns it into a strength.

And what if your ugly… There’s only one way you’ll improve. And yes. This way works for everybody. Whether your fat and the anti-athletic man. Or so skinny your bones may break under your won weight. There’s the same ideal you can aspire to. Lean and mean. Again. What’s stopping you from eating right and moving your body?

To be fair with you, there’s absolutely no reason for you not to try and maximize your own potential.

Or maybe there’s thousands worthless excuses you believe. Hey, nobody is perfect.

Understand, excuses are bullshit. And that’s stopping you from believing you live in world of possibility.

Self-improvement fellows would call excuses the following: self limiting believes. In a sense, they are right.

Believing you’ll not make it is the easiest way to not even try. And why would you try if you think you can’t even stand in front of your challenge?

Good news being life is a game. A game that’s deadly. Ruthless. A single mistake could break years of grinding. And then… You’ve got another way to think about it.

Being the strongest, most charming person will net you many advantages over others.

That’s why I’m asking you today…

Are you really willing to stay the small, weak man anyone – even women – can mess with? Someone who can’t apply his will to the world in order to change it for what you’d like it to be?

You don’t. No man want this.

We all crave power and domination over our peers. And thinking otherwise would be counter intuitive. In older times, the strongest man always lead the group. These days? It’s no different. The man with the highest self esteem and overall capacity – at least perceived – rules the room. No question asked.

And what happens when you decide to steal his throne? You get all the privileges. Attention. Love. Power.

Now, the trouble is you must be worthy of this place in the world. As you know, nature favors the bold. Those young men who are ruthlessly taking action to get what they want.

No excuses.

Pure action leading to result.

It could be hitting the gym if you lack self confidence because your born with a weak body. Again, it’s no big deal. The dice were thrown. Now you gotta work with the results, and hopefully improve it.

There’s nothing “complex” about taking action. Basically, you see something you want. Or imagine it. You make a plan.

“How can I get this one shiny item?” No matter how flawed your plan is. It’ll be upgraded over time.

You first decide to stop being the weak ass you always were – great decision. How? You ask Google.

He tells the following:

– whole food meals
– high protein diets
– exercising your muscle

You decide to trust your good friend. So many people trust Google, he can’t be wrong, right? Wrong reasoning but let’s assume he’s right today because he is.

Instead of eating full processed food you buy at the cheap grocery store at the angle, you choose to buy your meat at the nearest farm. The young farmer also makes whole noodles and bread. You decide also décide to buy his carrot and spinach because it follows your agenda.

Instead of eating sugar first thing in the morning, you start making your own pancakes with the highly nutritious food you bought at the farmer’s place. Instead of putting your average topping on these pancakes, you put 100% peanut butter to gain more proteins. You also eat meat or fish twice a day to reach higher levels of daily protein.

Now, you also read on a forum that you won’t progress without exercising. You first learn how to do a pull up and some push ups. You decide to challenge yourself with 100 push ups per day challenges.

You keep these changes for weeks and then for months. You stumble upon an old picture of yourself. Thinking. Damn, I was so weak! I must be doing something right!

You get back to the blogs Google showed you months ago and dig deeper. You learn about hitting the gym by lifting weights, Calisthenics to train like Spartans did in their glory time, supplements…

Objectively, tell me how is this program any different from picking a random RPG video game and learning on the internet so you can implement in your daily life. No, you can’t.

Life is a game. Play to win.