Looking like Chad Thundercock

Defining Chad with bullet points:

  • Good looking
  • Impressive muscular body
  • Fancy face
  • Visible six pack
  • Very low body fat percentage
  • Naturally talented with college girls
  • Specialized in sports and weightlifting
  • Is the biggest/strongest man in the entire campus
  • Got an internet business to pay for whatever he wants

Chad Thundercock is THE model many young men aspire to.

And who would be after them?

Being good looking, having success with girls and making money online in your early twenties is just about the secret goal of every young man.

Let’s be honest.

As a young man.

I wouldn’t reject being more musculare, better looking or making more money.

And I believe no men would say no to this offer.

How can you build Chad’s body

I wrote another article on the mighty Chad. It’s *how* you get to think like him. If that’s something you’d like to check out… Well get to it.

Now it’s time to see how you can build a body similar Chad’s one.

Meaning that all your muscles are maxed out.

Something must be said.

Young men who travel the world with a ripped AND muscular body aren’t numerous.

Most men I know are either big OR lean.

It’s not too often you meet a real Chad because they don’t exist much.

Getting lean AND big is another affair.

A much bigger challenge.

While anyone can get big Or lean, the problem is that you need to lift weights – read train – for a very long amount of time to be chiseled like a Greek statue.

Not only does it require you to have BIG muscle, you must also be lean.

And that’s where the hard part come in.

It’s practically impossible to look like Chad if you haven’t lifted at the gym for 5+ years.

That’s the reason you probably never saw Chad in real life.

Few young men decide to dedicate their time to the gym.

Fewer spend more than 1 year at the gym lifting 5 days a week.

Fewest do so for 5 years WHILE eating properly.

There you go, the last point *must* be achieved to look exactly like Chad.

And that’s tough.

Not because it’s difficult.

It’s not.

It requires consistency for 5 years.

5 years training like a crazy man.

And while this isn’t the end of the world, many things happen in 5 years.

Internships, new cities, you go abroad…

But if you can lift for 5 years straight and eat properly.

I can ensure you that people will recognize you as Chad in the street.


There are no secrets

  • Hit the gym for 5 years
  • Eat properly
  • Do your cardio – sometimes

After these, you should have your very own body armor ready to show off.

Of course, it’s simplified by a thousand.

If you want the look, well you’ll need to do much more than just reading this article and lifting some weights here and there.

It will not suffice.

And another reminder for you.

Because I feel it’s important for you to know it.

*Most* guys with a superb *impossible* physique out there are trying to sell you garbage for you to look like them.

You will never look like them.

And I will never look like them.

These guys take some substances to be like that.

I have nothing against them. They do what they want.

But don’t expect to look like the freak on protein powder bottle because you eat it daily.

It’s not going to happen.

Your program for the next 5 years

Eat lift sleep repeat.

If that doesn’t fit you, don’t even try to look like Chad.

Young men who look like him dedicate their weeks to weight lifting.

They dream about lifting weights.

They eat 6 meals a day right to the clock.

They lift 2 hours per day.

And they do it 6 days a week.

Now that I broke the illusion, I’m telling you something cool.

You can be quite good looking even if you aren’t like Chad.

Because only few peeps look like him.

And chances are you know none of them.

Why bother?

Get to your max and it will do the job.

I suggest you my routine.

While it’s an investment in time, I believe any college student can take this time to build his body.

I mean it.

This program, I follow it myself.

I’m getting result.

Over the last year I built 10kg of lean mass and probably lost 3 kg of fat.

I still don’t have visible six pack – Only in the morning and not that much.

But hey! I’m just on year 1,5 out of the 5 years required to get extremely good looking.


That’s great!

Nerdow’s program

  • Lift weights 5 days a week – monday, tuesday
  • Rest during saturday and sunday
  • Work on 2 muscle groups *every day*
    • Chest and biceps
    • Back and triceps
    • Legs and shoulders
    • Note: mixe these together and get a program fitting you!
  • Eat a load of proteins. 3 times a day
    • Morning hack: eggs, salmon, meat, avocado, chorizo…
  • Avoid carbohydrates on days you aren’t lifting – generally, reduce your consumption, these carbs are evil monsters breaking your body
  • Walk as much as possible
    • I try to walk 8+ km per day during the week
    • Have long walks – 2hours + – during the weekend to lose more fat!
  • Sleep 8+ hours every day – mandatory for recovery

Helpful: Make a lifting buddy. Someone to help you lift weights and to discuss with.

That’s it for my “program”.

If you want more details – the exact routine I follow with the exercises, repetition ranges and weights – ask me in the comment and I’ll craft something like this just for you.