Macronutrients ultimate guide

Young man, here’s my secret. That’s why I’m lifting weights 5 days a week. That’s why I’m biking. That’s why I’m eating these high protein breakfast. And overall that’s why I’m getting better looking.

To be fair with you, it’s not an action you decide to execute over and over and that becomes a habit. Far from it. It’s way simpler. I’m talking lifestyle. Because once you embody a certain lifestyle, most actions associated with this lifestyle become part of you.

  • Lifting weights becomes a habit you aren’t willing to break for gold
  • Eating your daily macro is as pleasurable as it can be
  • Practicing calisthenics and training your mobility becomes second nature
  • Throwing in pull ups and dips when you wake up is the new norm
  • And doing anything that do not help you in your better-looking quest feels awful

Instead of performing actions, of building habits, of finding new tricks… There’s just a single switch to make. Changing your lifestyle.

There are thousands lifestyle you can choose from. You could very well choose a boring one. And change it with an interesting one which serves your goal.

Don’t get me wrong. It’s not as simple as pulling the trigger. Changes are never easy. However, changing your complete lifestyle and your identity is something you can’t just tweak. It does a complete backflip. You go all in.

From the normie lifestyle to the get better looking lifestyle… There’s only a step to take. It’s your decision. When you decide to “steal” a lifestyle, it becomes easy to embody it.

Let’s be fair. When all your friends are eating fatty meals at all-you-can-eat sushi party, adding some tarts in the mix. Getting better looking becomes tough. You must tell your friends you aren’t going – or come and eat your own meal before. It creates a dissonance between who you want to be – better-looking project – and who your friends think you are – normal folk.

It goes further along. When your friends just want to chill. Have fun. Drink a lot. Sleep. Eat unhealthy meals. It becomes harder and harder to be friend with them as your goals and lifestyle diverge.

You aren’t staying the normal young man. Watching series all day every day. Playing video games until your head melts. Eating French fries because it tastes good… And stuff like that.

You are transitioning. Your activities? Whatever helps you get THE look. Hitting the gym. Practicing calisthenics. Eating big proteins meal…

It’s a new lifestyle. It comes with making new friends with values aligned to yours. They also want to get better-looking. They have big goals – money goals, relationship goals, physical goals. Befriend competitive young – and older – men.

These will teach you two things.

  1. What you are into, your friends are too. Or at least they have common interest with you. If you are into hitting the gym and living the life. Chances are your friends are also into this one. And they are using their own strategies and guide to reach them. Just like you. Which leads to interesting friendships where you can both grow… More interesting than staying home watching someone else play video games
  2. You aren’t alone. For 99,9%of young men, life’s good. They don’t seek any challenge. Don’t want to get better looking – or should I say, have no will to become bigger and stronger. They have no clue they can learn online. And they aren’t willing to try new things. Boring people. You who are willing to do everything it takes to live the life, get better looking and build a strong dominant character for yourself… it’s a challenge to find other young men with the same goals

New lifestyle comes with new values

Changing your lifestyle means changing your values. Thus, being part of another group of people believing different “myths” you share their values and start to live just like them.

With the internet, you don’t *need* to have real life friends into weightlifting and making money online to get started. There’s lots of content on the internet to help you. While having one committed friend will help you, it’s no requirement anymore. Motivation? Internal.

At first, changing you believes will put you in conflict with your old friends. And there are thousands of reasons for it to happen. While your friends are out to eat food that feels “good” rather than food that makes them better looking. When you are in for a gym session while all your friends are already sleeping. That’s when you learn to ignore and let go.

The road to success is lonely. At first your friends will probably mock you when you tell them “I’m hitting the gym!”. Two years later, they are asking you for advice on how to get started. Good things being you progressed so much you don’t have the same concerns anymore. You forgot what it’s like to begin and have no clue *how* they aren’t doing it right. You aren’t in the same circle anymore.

That’s why it’s so important for you to make moves. Keep moving, keep growing. Your values are now different from your old values. You stopped believing in the “taste good” food. You prefer the meal that will help you gain more lean mass. You stopped wasting thousands of hours playing video games with your friends because you understand the whole world lies in front of you. You could either train to get better looking. Or decide to build your own brand using copywriting strategies I’m about to give you a grasp at in the new money-making section.

These realizations and these changes, they don’t happen at random. Nothing’s random in life. You decided to change your lifestyle. Now, you are facing the consequences. Being it good and bad. Your lifestyle is something you can change whenever you want. If you like a group of people – and there are many, many – you can just hop and join them to steal parts of their lifestyle.

Even in the big get-better-looking lifestyle, there are dozens smaller groups with different focus. Some help you get better relationships by increasing your social confidence; others will help you make money on the internet writing words. And some will get you better looking by hitting the gym.

That’s some big communities you can be part of instead of others. Why would you want to be just like everybody else?

Watching TV? Big no for me. I’m writing words people just like you enjoy reading.

Eating food making me feel weak? Why would I want to feel weak in the first place?

Doing some push ups and dips in public? No big deal. I’m doing them whenever I get an occasion. Because it helps me get better looking

See, once you change your lifestyle, your value and goals change. Instead of being stagnant, you start developing yourself to new heights.

Change your lifestyle, take part in big communities based on self-improvement for young men – there are many out there. Reading this website is only the first step in your long journey. There are many other interesting people along the road to discover… while building your own character.