Make a lot of views on Quora

This is the holy grail.

How do you make more views on Quora?

While being popular thank’s to your followers is great, making many views on Quora is better.

We are on the internet.

The more views you make, the richer you are.

If you don’t make any views?

Well, you are poor on the internet.

However, if you have many views, then you are the king.

You can do whatever you want with these views.

  • Get them on your mailing list
  • Sell products to your readers
  • Make some “ask me anything”
  • Ask them their advice for your writings
  • Gift them
  • Add them to your Patreon
  • Thank them for being your readers
  • Give them value

Whatever, you have a load of views so you do whatever you please with them.

Now let’s come to the interesting part that you are waiting for.

How to make a lot of views on Quora

Understanding how crucial it is to make a lot of views is the first part.

Now let’s come to the reality of the terrain.

How did I make all my views on Quora?

How did I raise an army of 6 millions + views?

The answer is extremely is simple.

I wrote a load of answers.

But not your average answer.

My answers are all of quality.

You can check them out individually, I managed to do my very best for each and every one of them.

  • Pictures
  • Quotes
  • Bold/italic
  • Statements
  • Links

Everything is there.

My answers are definitely of high quality which make them worth the time of my readers.

That’s only one part of the equation…

Publishing great answers makes it easy for your readers to view your answers.

If you want to know more about this, read this article on how to become popular on Quora.

Once you know how to write cool answers, you must understand something else.

To make a lot of views on Quora, you must make a lot of answers.

That’s a prerequisite.

As of right now, I have around 580 answers on my profile.

All these answers contain 200-300 words.

That’s somewhere between 1160,000 and 174,000 words.

That’s the equivalent of 3 books of content that I wrote on Quora.

I literally wrote 3 books in under a year.

Plus, another one which is a real e-book: make money writing.

Do I deserve my views? Of course!

I’m 100% dedicated to get a lot of views, and I’m getting a lot of views because I write more than 99% of the other person on Quora.

As a result, I’m writing a hell lot of answers which makes it hard for me not to get views.

It’s the real deal, the real combo.

If you can write answers that people want to read multiplied by a lot of answers, then you get a lot of views.

That’s not a secret, that’s pure maths!

Heck! I’ll simplify, as long as you write 5+ high quality answers a day, you will get views!

5 answers of quality?

That’s around 1,000 and 1,500 words per day.

That’s nothing.

This article will be of this length.

Do you know how much time it takes me to write 1,000-1,500 words?

45 minutes.

What is 45 minutes in your days?


Even going to the gym takes less time than writing these words!

How can you justify yourself if you aren’t doing it?

Writing is a daily habit that you grow over time.

The more you write, the easier it is to write.

The more you write, the faster it is to write.

The more you write, the more ideas you get to write more articles.

It always seems simple when someone who made it tells you how to, right?

Yet, what I’m saying is 100% the truth.

Are you writing 5+ answers a day?

Do you have answers of 200-300 words that contain a picture, bold/italic words, controversial content and straight ideas?

No you don’t.

Otherwise you wouldn’t be reading what I’m writing there on this website.

Other wise you would be writing a lot of answers on Quora, and getting a lot of views as a result of this.

Believe on this one.

Doing is ultimately more important than reading or any other activity.

As long as you write a lot of high quality answers, you’ll get your results.

It’s impossible not to get views if you write write answers daily.

My job here?

I must convince you to give it a try.

must convince you to write answers daily so you’ll understand how important it is to grow this habit.

Once you write daily, you get daily views/upvotes/followers which are in themselves another motivator to move further.

Right now, you get none of these.

You are just reading answers on Quora, you aren’t writing.

Are you a writer?

I’m sure that you cannot say “yes”.

Are you a reader?


Then shift.

Being a reader is great to get knowledge.

Being a writer is better to make a lot of views on Quora.

If you don’t write, no one is going to read your answers.

If you keep complaining how hard it is to write, you will never write answers.

If you keep reading, you won’t feel the need to write answers.

It’s a way of thinking.

Being a writer is a mean into something greater.

Being a writer is being a creator, an artist.

As an artist you have the hand on what you build.

Building quality content gets you many views.

Building crap makes sure that you don’t get a lot of views.

As a result, you must write.

There is no other shortcut.

Write a lot of quality answers and you’ll get a lot of views.

But do it frankly.

Do not do it for 1 or 2 days.

You have to be consistent with it.

You have to do it for several weeks in order to get results.


Write your answers, chase the top questions, get the results.

There is no more secret to you.

You know how to make a lot of views on Quora.

Now, log in on Quora and write your answers.

Write, write, write!

Write, write, write!