You will definitely laugh at this one.

First, Make Money Writing was on sale for 89$. I sold 2 copies on my first mail, got hyped up and kept selling it through my mailing list. Then… I got disappointed because my expectation wasn’t met. I only sold 2 ebooks out of the thousands of emails I sent. Disappointing.

I changed the price from 89$ to 49$, initiated another sell mail and… got 0 sales. I can’t tell you how sad this actually is. I spent 6 months writing a book very few people are willing to read. And looking at the price of Make Money Writing you shouldn’t be surprised. Are you?

After these events, here we come with another idea – actually not my idea!

Transforming Make Money Writing into a series of articles

The original cover of “Make Money Writing”

Of course, readable for free, whenever you want and wherever you want. All articles will be published on this website. I’ll have the time to read again the content and upgrade it as I’ll publish.

This will bring an increase in quality. Which you’ll really appreciate!

It will come as no cost for you – zero, nada, que pesso – as the content will be available through the next articles on Nerdow.

I’ll be fair with you, I read about this strategy on Good Looking Loser, thank you Chris if you read me!

It triggered me. What I was doing was… weird to say the least. Sure, there are around 200-500 views every day on Nerdow. Is this enough to call it a stable audience? I don’t think so. While my internet presence is getting wider day after day, articles after articles, I’m pretty sure that it’s still not enough to write an ebook on “how to make money writing” and actually selling it for 89$. That’s a bit too audacious.

Based on what I found, well I had no other choice than to “give up”. How could I exchange my baby-experience in writing against 89$? I sold 2 copies and that was it. Now it’s time to reach a wider audience. Now it’s time for you to read how it is behind the scene. Because I want you to read this story and give me feedback on it.

Are you ready?

The next posts will be based on “Make Money Writing”. I will make sure to improve the content. It will be revised and adapted as articles.

Be warned, the content is HUGE. It’s 190 pages, 75,000 words. An average article on Nerdow is about 1,500 words. That will make around 50 articles just for this part of the website. That’s half of the current size of Nerdow.

Let me tell you that this will be the biggest project up to date on Nerdow.

I hope that you are happy about this news

What you’ll read is unique and you won’t find it anywhere else on the internet.

P.S. If you want to read the ebook before everyone else, it’s already published. It costs – now – 8$ and is available in PDF.

Here will come some links.

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