Moderation sucks. Be obsessive!

All in moderation, except moderation

Is one of the worst quote you can find.

Moderation is the enemy. Moderation is what dictates people’s life, that’s why their life is average.

Living in moderation mean staying in your comfort zone, the exact place that you want to leave as soon as possible.

It doesn’t make sense to live in moderation. Except if you want to live an average life. Of course, if you are reading this website, then average isn’t made for you

Moderation is the exact opposite of obsession.

Moderation vs obsession:

Moderation: Will lead you to an average life. You won’t be stronger than anyone else, nor skinnier than anyone else. You won’t get rich this way, nor will you be poor. Moderation is way of the weak, a way which is already traced. A way which is easy to cross. You simply follow the lines and everything is clear. You don’t need to put enormous amount of efforts nor do you need to be extremely talented to live in moderation. That’s the exact definition of moderation: the quality of being moderate; restraint; avoidance of extremes or excesses; temperance. No one who ever got what he wanted played moderately. No one.

Obsession: A fire which never dies. Obsession is what makes you pull an all-nighter, what wakes me up in the morning, what makes me think of my goals every second of everyday. Obsession is this inextinguishable fire which never let you alone. This fire puts no pressure on you, but you feel obligated to do the work. When I’m obsessed about something, I go straight to the goal. No reading session, no learning session. Only action. I learn and I read BY taking action, not the other way around. Obsession is the greatest starter, the greatest motivator. With obsession you can go from nothing to become a semi-god in a single year just because you are pulling over 10 hours of pure work every day.

Moderation is the enemy. Moderation tells you that after working 1 hour you should rest. You should watch TV or whatever, because you’ll get tired and you may hurt yourself and you are mad and…

Fuck this bullshit.

Moderation is for those who don’t choose who they want to be.

If your life is made of moderation, then you are average.

Being extreme bring the best in people. If you are extreme, eventually you’ll get it.

Everything I do is extreme. Everything I did was extreme.

I used to play 8 hours a day. I played mostly Minecraft. You know, the game in which you can build, craft and mine a lot of blocks to build the bigger castle. Well, I didn’t build in Minecraft, I preferred to fight against other player. I made it my specialty. 8 hours per day I was confronted to other players.

I learned their strategy. I learned how they they reacted. And eventually after 2-3 months I became great.

In a 1vs1, with equal gears I was able to smash 80% of the players.

With slightly better weapons I could overcome teams of 2/3 players. I literally won some 1vs4. Meaning that at the same time 4 guys were hunting me and I won against them all.

I developed my strategy a lot during this period. I understood that fighting the normal way wasn’t going to bring me to the top.

I understood that I had to take advantage; how to be dominant in these fights.

I managed not only to engage, but to engage while walking to the right or the left. I were untouchable, they were all scared because very few people used this technique.

I became good. I even became great.

I participated in a tournament. We were 400,000.

I ended between the 150th and the 250th.

Make the calculus:

I was in the 0.0625% of the top players. I was a beast.

I could practically beat anyone in a fight. More than a fact, this made my reputation.

Eventually some get scared when they saw me. Literally, some would run away, they new that my name brought death.

I became competitive because of this obsession. I wanted to become the very best fighter in Minecraft.

Why did I become this great?

  • Not everyone played this game competitively
  • It’s just a game
  • I developed my own technique
  • I learned a lot of strategy. How to play, how to counter
  • I won thousands and thousands of fights
  • I would got mad when I lost. Because it happened very rarely that I lost a fair fight

By playing mMnecraft I learned about obsession. I wasn’t aware of this at that time, but now I am.

This obsession put me in the ladder. This obsession forced me to become part of the very best fighters of the game.

Now take this with another perspective.

Many top players become successful in life.


Because they understand obsession more than anyone else.

They know that…

  • By playing a lot, they will get better than anyone else
  • By understanding strategies, they’ll find how to counter them
  • By fighting, they’ll learn how to fight
  • By being obsessive about the game, they will become the very best

That’s not a secret. To become great, you must be obsessed about what you want to become great at.

If you want to become a writer, you should write a lot. You should write during your free time, you should write ideas when you have a bit of time, you should think of scenarios, you should think of articles. You must be completely  immersed in the world of writing if you want to be writer.

You can’t play half the game.

You can’t wish to be a writer while you are playing some games around. Nop. If you want to become a writer, you must develop an obsession toward writing. Same goes on for any activity that you want to become competitive at.

Let me clarify competitive by saying that have to be in the top percentiles to be decent at the activity.

Blogging requires you to be competitive, sports require you to be competitive, games don’t require you to be competitive, except if you want to get competitive at them.

In a nutshell, obsession is what makes that an average writer becomes a talented writer.

Obsession is what teaches you how to spend hours and hours on project while others would give up in a matter of seconds. Yeah.

Obsession is what you need to develop if you want to get good at something.

How to use obsession to become good at life

Because that’s what we all want to know!

Become obsessive about improving your life.

From your health to your bank account.

Think of it like big chunks that you can improve:

  • Money
  • Mental health
  • Physical health
  • Social
  • Knowledge

You can improve on these 5 areas in your life.

Get obsessive about each one of these and you’ll win big.

How to?

Read! Read books on all these subjects, but more, act directly.

  • Let’s take money. If you want to make a load of money you will learn how to build a business.
  • If you want to improve your mental health, you’ll read books on meditation and learn how to manage your energy
  • For physical efficiency you’ll hit the gym, meaning that you’ll watch videos to learn how your body works
  • To improve your sociability you’ll speak to people you don’t know
  • To become more knowledgeable, you’ll find an area and study it until you know anything there is to know

Simple? It is.

Now you have to put the work.

Now you have to make this come true.

Life is similar to a game, get started.