Nothing can go wrong with the best decisions

Imagine that you live in a perfect world where you always make the best decisions. Imagine that you always take the best choice and never the worst. Imagine what could happen.

  • You face a cake and a lettuce. You are hungry. You eat the lettuce
  • You have the choice between a happy life with a bad income and the reverse. You take the happy life with a bad income. Remember, every decision will compound! Happiness is harder to get than money once you know how to make money
  • You have the choice between being late and ending an article for yourself. Or being at the right time with the wrong person. I prefer to finish my article, it will help more people

If on every occasion you could make the best choice possible, you would probably get the best life possible. What prevents us from making the good choice every damn time? What hold us behind our potential? Is it yourself? Is it a daemon that we can’t see? Or are there different parameters that you don’t see?

Let’s compare life to a video game.

Why do you always take the best option possible in a video game? I mean, you always end up winning in games. Life is a big game. Why don’t you winat life too?

It’s in one sentence: You have practically no constraint in a game.

When you play, you are behind your computer and you incarnate someone else. You play your character. This character doesn’t need to eat, to drink, to piss, to do anything else than to play. He doesn’t get disturbed.

If your life was like World of Warcraft everything would become easier. There is a tweak to make it happen!

I have a quick hack that will save you hours and hours on end to make decisions.

Imagine that you are a kind of god and look to yourself from the above. Strange? Picture the third person games (Uncharted, Crash bandicoot) and become the camera. Done? Now you can manage your character as you want. Being objective about the needs of your character is what separate average people from top competitors.

That’s how a third person view look

What separate us from getting what we want is the lack of will. You don’t lack of will in games because it’s not directly your will. It’s easy to stay behind a computer for hours and then reap the benefits on a character that isn’t you.

That’s why some people can go on for marathons on games but can’t achieve anything in life. Because life is less fun because life has constraint: You get hungry, you need to eat You have some desire. You want to get a girlfriend or you want to possess the last Iphone, or you want to sleep.

When you are in a game you don’t feel these desires. You only want items because they will make you progress. Not because it unlocks a kind of social status that you got conditioned to seek. In all honesty, do you need all the things you possess?

If you can picture yourself as the player of a character, you won’t feel these issues anymore. You’ll be more objective as the player doesn’t give a fuck about the feelings of the character. After, all that’s these feelings/need that limit yourself. Are they always justified?

The difference between what you need and what you want

To survive you need to eat, to drink, to sleep. If you lack one these 3, you will die. To survive you don’t need: Money, happiness, friends, coffee… All those are what you want. When you get what you want, you get happier on the instant. This joy doesn’t last for long.

Once the 10 minutes of happiness fly away, you will want something else. Over and over again. You can’t satisfy your wants. You will always want something else. Usually bigger to bring you more joy. Because you get used to a certain standard and human nature tend to want always more. You can’t staunch your wants. That’s impossible. At a point of another, you will want something else.

When you tell no to what you want, then you instantly create different type of wants. Most will be bigger. And so on, you will never stop to want things. That’s a fact.

For your culture: Stoics want to stop these wants. They believe that living with the strict minimum will give them less wants.

Let’s look at needs now.

You can fill them. But they will come back and you will need to fill them again. Hunger is a need. You can only fill yourself up to a point. And then, a few hours later you will need again to eat. Your needs are permanent.

  • You need to sleep
  • You need to drink water
  • You need to eat food

You can’t magically avoid these needs. Maybe it will be possible in the future, but we aren’t there yet.

The difference between what you need and what you want is simple.

  1. Needs are questions of life or death. You will get tortured physically if you don’t meet your needs regularly
  2. Wants are question of happiness. You will get tortured mentally if you don’t meet your wants

It’s fun to learn about these concepts. But can you apply them everywhere?

Needs and wants in business

  • If you don’t fill a need, the business goes bankrupt
    • I need to produce content, otherwise my website won’t rank up on google
    • I need to answer questions on quora, otherwise my website won’t get traffic
    • I need to write original articles, otherwise you will forget my website
  • If you don’t fill a want, nothing will happen
    • I want to change the logo. Nothing will happen if I don’t do it
    • I want to sort the categories. Nothing will happen if I don’t do it
    • I want to edit the metadescription. Nothing will happen if I don’t do it
    • I want to make a calendar of the posts. Nothing will happen if I don’t do it

Needs are majors. If you don’t meet them, you’ll get into trouble.

Wants are minor. If you don’t meet them nothing major will happen.

Now let’s meet up with objectives. Whatever brings you toward your goal must be a need. If you don’t consider progress a need, then it will automatically be a want. Do you know what happens to wants? They disappear.

You want to become healthier? Take ownership!

  • You need to hit the gym
  • You need to eat less calories
  • You need to walk
  • You need to consume less sugar
  • You want to get a new gourd
  • You want to eat junk
  • You want to rest
  • You want to stop the training
  • You want to chat with your friends instead of lifting

While your needs are what brings you toward your goal, the wants don’t help you. You must fight them to reach your needs.

But here is a simple trick. If you can master it, then you’ll become a champion in no-time.

The hack is simple. If your needs are also your wants, then you everything will become easier.

  • You need to hit the gym and you also want to go there. Because you have friends at the gym/ because it’s fun/ because you love the endorphin rush at the end/ whatever reason you have
  • You need to eat less calories and want it. Because you want to become better-looking/ because you want to eat that lettuce/ because you want to attract girls/ Whatever reason you have

When what you need become what you want the challenge becomes easier. The harder part is to find what you want and how it can help you meet your needs. That’s your job to think about it.