“The official guide to success” summary

Tom Hopkins is a famous salesman who tried to claim the self-improvement sphere as well – you must be a super positive and enthusiastic individual to win at selling stuff. He wrote a great book on how to apply 80+ principles he learned during his life into YOUR life so…

  • You get more productive – do two as much in the same time
  • Never lack motivation to do stuff… Feeling energized doing your job and some more
  • Have fun executing the most mundane task
  • Get results you waited for so long – if that’s where you stand, just take these life-changing actions!

While most of his strategies come down to stuff he learned while selling, all of these can also be applied to your daily life as well. And unlike most people think, this book will not help you sell anything – it will get you in the right mood to do so. It’s all about you getting top results for your actions by feeling great doing them – sounds like life is a game…

I read “The official guide to success” and here are the most interesting concepts I extracted from this book:

1) Self-instructions – unlocking yourself

Tom starts his book by telling how he applies ALL the strategies in his book by using self-instructions. Those are quite simple:

Tom noticed how the brain does a marvelous job at remembering stuff when it’s hammered into it. Instead of repeating stupid patterns with no intent at all, he tried to read – and believe – as often as possible in positive sentences.

It worked. Tom wrote his self-instructions everywhere. Leading him to massive success.

While I’m always advocating to take massive actions to get results… This part of self-instruction is the phase before taking action. Instead of over-thinking, believing these positive words can be enough to get you launched in a better world… Where you spend your time working on your very own projects happily.

Those quick and short reminders, Tom put them everywhere so he never misses one. He believes you must at least read your self-instruction 3 times a day so it makes a difference in your life.

Here’s how I managed this:

  • Notification on Google Keep – 3 times a day!
  • Self-instructions written on my personal dashboard – Updating it 2-4 times everyday
  • Post it – they are everywhere!

My favorite self-instructions: the one I use

  • People like me. It’s amazing, but nearly everyone I meet really likes me right off. of course, I like almost everyone I meet right away too. I guess the way I feel about people shows
  • I always prepare thoroughly for every important thing that I do. This is why I’m always getting top results
  • I’m always getting what I want. No matter what happens, I’ll get what I desire anyway
  • Life is a game – let’s outplay everyone else
  • Everyday I get closer to my goals
  • I’m always moving forward in my business
  • I keep myself in top shape

2) The golden dozen – doing the most productive thing

“I must do the most productive thing at every given moment”

Tom Hopkins

12 golden words separating winners from losers. Whether they know it or don’t, winner actually live by these words more often than not. People who don’t get what they want? They don’t bother following this sentence.

It’s as simple as repeating the following list:

  1. “I must do the most productive thing at every given moment” pops in your mind
  2. What’s this task?
  3. Do it for a while. Or until it’s done
  4. Repeat 1)

And while it sounds “awful” in the sense that you’ll always be working… It’s not. Sometimes the most productive task is to sleep. Sometimes to eat. And sometimes to do nothing.

He’s probably NOT doing the most productive thing he could do RIGHT NOW

To be fair with you, here’s how I see this principle:

Just like in a video game, you’ve got some progress bars in real life:

  • Hunger
  • Social
  • Energy
  • Sleep

When applying the golden dozen, the goal is to get these bars to the top, so you can have the best work of your life.

Think of it. If you’re hungry, you’ll get distracted. Lacking in the social bar? You’ll feel lonely. No energy? You won’t work. Sleepless nights? It’s a no-go… When these bars are empty or not full, you just can’t give 100% of yourself to the most productive task.

I believe that half of the most productive stuff you do is to replenish these bars, so you can get back stronger.

Applying “I must do the most productive task at any given moment” to your life as often as possible is how you win in life. Assuming you know what the most productive task really is.

3) No one can give you what they don’t have – choose wisely who you learn from

You should ONLY learn from people who have done what you want to do. While this shows you can’t trust everyone on the Internet, it’s also telling you about marketing niches.

You should always get very specific when it gets to your personal education and mentors.

Someone who never built a biz… They should not tell you how to build a business.

Better do it themselves first. Otherwise? Their experience is worthless. They probably read articles on the internet. Wrote another one. And that’s probably what they’ll give you – it’s by no way their very own experience they gathered themselves.

Remember, Joe who never kissed a girl but gave you advice and a complete “How to” compilation? His tips are worthless.

If you want a mentor, or a model person. Aim for someone who stroke the same exact problems you are facing right now some years or months ago.

4) Self-instruct to be healthy

Well, in our case it’s more:

Take ruthless to get as healthy as possible: getting good-looking


  • Low body-fat – below 10-12% so you have visible abs
  • High muscle mass – looking like you are lifting weights, which is the case

Healthy individuals are ALL good-looking. Not the other way around.

How to get better looking in several bullet points? Hint: that’s small actions you can take right now.

  • Exercising 4-6 times a week – including: running, lifting heavy weights, climbing, swimming, biking…
  • Eating high-quality food – buy everything your local farmer sells
  • Zero sugar diet – sugar makes you feel awful. Fix it by cutting sugar from your diet
  • Sleep 8+ hours per night
  • Track your weight and what you are eating on a daily basis
  • Manage your macro nutrients like a god

If you want to completely change your lifestyle, here’s the 6 actions you can take.

5) What’s productive?

The golden dozen works even better when you understand what is actually productive to you. Because we all have different definition of productive.

If you’re a pro-gamer, you should spend all the time you get playing the games you are great at.

If you’re willing to win a spartan race… You shouldn’t play games. You’d better be out there running instead of reading this article.

You must define productivity for yourself.

For me, being productive is doing one of the following:

  • Writing articles on Nerdow
  • Answering questions on Quora
  • Improving Nerdow – higher SEO and better user experience
  • Sending coldmails to random popular people while selling my services
  • Training at the gym
  • Running
  • Cooking/eating high-quality food

And, well. Pretty much everything else isn’t as productive as doing the above – at least for me.

Define what being productive means to you. So you can do the most productive thing at any given moment.

6) The painfully obvious answer

It’s so obvious you aren’t noticing it.

Here’s how it stroke me so you can avoid it NOW and not later.

I’ve been writing words on the internet for the last 3 years. And only now am I seeing an increase in Nerdow’s views. There’s a clear reason to it.

Just click on one of my old articles and you’ll notice the following:

  • I never used colors/pictures/links/bold/italic/underline. All my old articles look flat and boring – I wouldn’t read them myself
  • I was awful at writing – really. I’ve improved, and there’s still margin for improvement. That’s why I’m writing everyday
  • I never read my articles again after writing them. No edits, only raw words

What’s the difference? When I wrote all these blank articles, I thought I was a great writer – millions of Quora views helped me believe this way. Little did I know most Quorans don’t give a damn about grammar and punctuation.


My big mistake was believing I was great at writing while I was below average.

I kept telling myself: your articles are great. Keep writing them the way you do, people will eventually come…

Now you understand why my recent articles look a lot better.

What are you painfully rejecting?

  • Your lack of hard-work?
  • Your low skill at your dream job?
  • Your money management skills?

It’s painful to notice it. But once you get it, you can start improving.


It’s impossible to summarize a big book in less than 2,000 words. Hopefully, those are principles which ticked me…

They helped me get results. And become more positive.

While I’m still 121% convinced taking action is the quick fix to all your life problems, there’s something before action.

This book is about planting the seed so you can actually DO what you want to do.

If you want to move forward, here are the top 6 actions you can take right now to change your life.