On discipline – What keeps the hamster running

See this?

It is a human. Not a hamster.

I’m lying right in the title.

Why is this hamster running in his wheel?

Domesticated hamster

Well, let’s start by how a hamster lives.

A hamster lives in his own little bubble. He has enough food, enough water and can sleep whenever he wants.

However, this hamster is domesticated. He believes that he lives in his own world. He believes that his bubble is his own and that there is NOTHING outside of it.

Because this hamster never got the courage to leave his place.

Why would he? He gets free food, free water and “everything he needs” to survive just by being himself.

He does nothing. Someone feed him and take care of him.

Yet, this hamster isn’t adventurous. He is afraid by the very least insect which comes in his bubble. This bubble is his world and he doesn’t want to share it with someone else.

The hamster has a wheel, a spinning wheel. That’s all he will ever have to pass the time.

He run, run. His only goal is to distract himself because they aren’t much to do in his bubble.

The domesticated hamster thinks that he his free. But he only does so because he never experienced anything else except his very own bubble.

Wild hamster

Now let’s compare him with the wild hamster.

This one is adventurous. He doesn’t know what “settling” mean. He goes here and there, without any goal. Just for the sack of running into the wild.

This hamster isn’t afraid. He goes here and there without a map.

He doesn’t plan anything. Things seem to happen for him very easily.

This hamster doesn’t stay two nights in a row at the same place. He hates it!

We have a courageous hamster right there, the one who isn’t domesticated.

He travels, travels so much that up to a point he meets other hamsters. He isn’t alone anymore because he doesn’t live a bubble. He lives into the wild, have no attach.

He finds his food by himself

He drinks his water by himself

This hamster doesn’t rely on anyone else than himself. He is the only one capable of providing his needs.

Making the link

Who are you?

  • A domesticated hamster who is spinning the wheel to entertain himself?
  • A wild hamster who travel the world to meet new hamsters?

Think about it.

The domesticated hamster lives for someone else.

Someone buy him, put it in a cage and watch him spin the wheel endlessly.

Doesn’t it look like someone else?

Someone hire him, put him in an office and watch him work endlessly?

Well… Yeah.

Isn’t that depressive?

Who is the someone?

Well “someone” could be anyone who owns the hamster, or the human in such a case.

An employer, a company, a government is “someone”

It’s totally different from the wild hamster.

He lives by himself and doesn’t require anyone else than him to survive.

He doesn’t get free food so he chases it.

He doesn’t get free water so he searches it.

Our wild hamster isn’t a domesticated hamster.

He didn’t get caught earlier.

He didn’t resign to express himself.

The wild hamster is living his dream. The wild hamster is living like a king.

It’s the exact opposite of the domesticated hamster.

He doesn’t live for him. He lives to entertain someone else. His life resolve around this fact.

He runs not only to “entertain” himself but to entertain his owner.

He is a card. A pawn. Nothing more for his owner.

This hamster could be replaced by any other hamster.

Most hamster would succumb to this deadly lifestyle.

It’s comfortable. Who doesn’t seek comfort?

The wild hamster. Because he knows what life is out of the bubble. Because he broke the bubble and decided to do it by himself.

He met hundreds and hundreds of others hamster during his odyssey.

That’s how he started to develop himself.

The wild hamster started to learn a lot more.

He wasn’t stuck anymore and wasn’t running without a goal anymore.

  • A hamster taught him how to lift weight
  • Another one taught him how to fall asleep faster
  • Another one taught him how to never run out of food
  • Another one taught him how to swim
  • Another one taught him how to fast
  • Another one taught him how to leave comfort
  • Another one taught him…

This hamster didn’t attend any university nor does he chose to learn something.

He met hundreds of other hamsters with big ideas and different skills.

He borrowed all these skills from his world-tour and now he is way stronger than the domesticated hamster who still spin his wheel.

The domesticated hamster is nothing else than an entertainer. The worst part of it is that this hamster will never realize how the world is much bigger than the bubble he is stuck in.

This hamster will never travel into the wild.

In fact, he will never leave his cage because…

  • It’s too “scary” outside of it.
  • He is afraid of the unknown
  • He isn’t trained enough
  • He doesn’t want to compromise his comfort
  • He doesn’t know how to get food/water by himself
  • He doesn’t want to be alone
  • He thinks that there is nothing outside of his bubble

While the wild hamster is conquering the world by building a travel agency.

He offers tips to every other hamster because he learned a lot simply by traveling.

He can’t relate to domesticated hamsters because he never was domesticated.

So, he tries to sell them a better world through the internet, because the wild hamster believes in his own infinite world.

Yet, domesticated hamsters aren’t ready to travel.

They aren’t ready to do anything.

They are just lazy.

They could go away. They could break their bubble.

But they only have one problem to solve.

That’s the “could”.

They have the possibility to do that. They can do it.

But they aren’t willing to lose all they have right now.

Which is absolutely nothing compared to what a wild hamster has!

What a paradox!

Domesticated hamsters are uncertain because they don’t believe in the future.

All they believe in is what they see. Do you know what they see?

Comfort. Their comfort that they already “earned” by being themselves and by entertaining someone. They believe that it’s the only way to live the hamster dream.

They still think that they are getting the most out of their life, while they are just settling in a bubble made by someone else.

The domesticated hamsters are loosing while the wild one are conquering their world.

Don’t fall for the pleasure of domesticated life. Go.

Conquer and make your own world. Break the bubble!

Don’t be a domesticated hamster

Go for the wild!

Wear your backpack, go on a ride!

Wear your shoes, walk on the internet and read about winners

Inspire yourself. Never settle in a domesticated way. It’s toxic, it’s lethal.

Comfort is cheap.

99% of your friends are comfortable in their life.

They have enough food, enough water and a shelter. They entertain themselves by spinning the wheel and don’t aspire to more. Why should they? They already have all they need.

That’s the bullshit lie that everyone except me and some other conquerors are trying to print in your mind.

Being a domesticated hamster sucks!

Being a wild hamster is dope!

The fact is that domesticated hamsters don’t see that they are domesticated. They believe that they are living a cool life while all they are doing is surviving.

Yes. Nothing more.

They don’t experience anything. They don’t go out. They don’t improve themselves.

All of this because they believe that they live in a tiny bubble, ready to explode.

I have to say no to all this bullshit!

On discipline

Once you understand that living like a domesticated hamster isn’t the only way to be alive, then you can get started.

You can begin to build things by yourself.

  • A business
  • A Spartan’s body
  • A library of skills
  • A rolodex of contacts

And much more.

Yet, all it takes is the balls to get started and then to pursue.

At many, many times your friends and your family will remind you that you are “leaving the rails” and that’s the greatest sign of them all.

It means that you are building your own way to the world.

The way to your life.

It’s easy to settle for the first opportunity that you get.

It’s hard to build a future for yourself by creating opportunities for others.

Build for the firsts, be the lasts.