On systems: Goals, objectives, strategy and tactics

Do you even understand all the terms above?

I’m sure that you don’t. If it was the case, you wouldn’t be reading this article.

Let’s start. I won’t waste your time!

The biggest entity is the system.

The system of composed of goals, tactics, strategies and objectives. All of them together create the system.

Without them, the system doesn’t exist. The system is just worthless without these guys.

Remember that without a schedule you are nothing!


The system is the biggest entity. It regroups everything else.

The goal of a system is to get you from A to B without much struggles.

If you follow the system, then you will have no problem to do so.

It’s like a map. You are at A and want to reach B.

  • Do you run? Do you drive? Do you swim?
  • How much is there to reach the destination?
  • Will you need something specific?
  • What if you need to rest?

A system covers all the above. A system is an entity that you elaborate to make it easier for you to crush your goals. If you have any.

You will be able to create as much systems as you want.

Make sure to keep these systems.

It doesn’t matter where, but you should always be able to find them back if you want to launch them again.

A system doesn’t work if it’s only in your mind.

You have to write it or to type. You have to review it. You have to change it if it doesn’t give the best results.

A system isn’t built-in. You can change it for the better. Don’t feel bad for doing it.

Grab our top 99 principles to follow!


What strategies will lead you to.

The goal is where you are aiming at. It’s not an objective as objectives are smaller.

The goal is… the goal of the system. If you have many goals, then they are goals of the system.

The job of your system is to lead you to the original goal. If it doesn’t drive you there, then either you are a loser or your system suck. Hopefully you will learn how to craft amazing systems today so you won’t have any excuse. Except that you suck.

When you cross the goal, the systems is in stand-by.

Either you define another goal, bigger. Or you keep applying strategies without aiming. Meaning that you’ll easily get bored, but will keep it.

For some goals, it would be to stay at the same level.

I.E. fitness. Once you get visible abs, your system doesn’t stop. Else it would be useless to deploy a strategy to burn your fat. No. Once you have visible abs, your new goal is to keep them/to get stronger.

Goals are what you are aiming for. If you have no target, how can you go where you want?

Goals are big. They may take years to be accomplished. Whether that’s getting visible abs, making a ton load of money or simply being in shape, your goals should be as clear as possible.

What does it mean to be in shape? It’s different for everyone.

Put a number on your goal.

I want to weight X kg/lbs

I want to travel to X different countries

I want to make X dollars every month

Without a clear number a goal is nothing more than a dream. Don’t be afraid to think big!

Just write it. Or type it!

I use google keep to take care of my systems. But you can find many, many other solutions.

Or simply write it on a sheet of paper. Even if that’s just a draft.

Don’t be afraid, get started with a goal!


Objectives are micro goal.

Before getting to 10,000 a month, your objectives would be to get 10, then 100, then 500, then 1,000, then 2,000 … per month.

It makes sense. When you just start it’s very easy to get discouraged if you only have a big goal.

Come on, making 20,000 a month with an online business doesn’t come overnight.

However, making 10 dollars per month as a beginner is possible without much knowledge.

Then you go further, you make 100 dollars.

And so on. Objectives are milestones that you must break before getting to your big goal.

Milestones that you can’t skip to hit your major goals.

That’s how they are defined.

A percentile of the end goal, as stated before.

Or a specific achievement that you need to walk over the goal.

I.A. The goal is to have an online business making 1,000 per month.

Objectives would be to:

  • Build the website
  • Find something to sell
  • Make the first version of the product
  • Sell the first version
  • Make 10 dollars per month…
  • And so on

Those are applicable steps toward the goal. If you don’t reach these objectives, it’s impossible to break the goal.

Objectives are there to keep you on track. If you don’t have objectives then it feels unattainable to make 1,000 per month out of nowhere. With objectives it become easier as the steps are clear.


Strategies = principles

A principle is something that you apply in general.

I.E. Your goal is to get visible abs.

Then a strategy is to burn more calories than what you consume.

Another strategy would be to do more exercise.

Strategies are wider than tactics because tactics are built from strategies.

If your strategies are wrong, then your tactics won’t match

In a nutshell. A strategy is general.

When applied specifically, a strategy becomes a tactic.

Strategies aren’t that hard to find. If you want to reach a goal, you must define how you will reach this goal, which is totally normal.

If you have no way to reach your goal, then your system sucks. That’s why you need a strategy to emphasize HOW you will walk over objectives.


Tactics come from strategies.

Tactics are the applied versions of strategies.

A strategy is general, a tactic is specific.

You can apply a tactic directly in your life.

I.E. Your goal is to get visible abs.

Then tactics would be:

  • Hit the gym
  • Count your calories and adjust
  • Eat less than X calories
  • Walk 15,000 steps per day
  • Reduce your home temperature
  • Cut sweets and sugar completely

Tactics are strong because they are what you do to get closer of your objectives.

If you have no tactics to apply, then you won’t move closer to your goal.

Tactics are the applicable steps that you APPLY to realize your goal. Without applicable steps you are easily lost in the strategical part.

Knowing what you have to do in general sucks. It has no value.

“Work more

Put more hours”

Do these gives you any kind of information on what to do to achieve your goal/objectives?


These two are strategies, not tactics.

Tactics are specific. They are applicable.

Give them somebody in the street, he will instantly know what to do.

System as whole

Let’s take the same samples over and over. A system is what makes you go from A to B.

The goal is point B, the destination

Objectives are all the milestones on the road

Strategies are plans.

Tactics are paths that you take.

Sample of a system: How I’m going to get visible abs


Visible abs

Then keep the visible abs


  • Get my weight to 66kg
  • 65
  • 64
  • 63
  • 62
  • 61
  • 60


  • Burn as much fat as possible
  • Exercise more
  • Manage your food intake


  • Make 15,000+ steps everyday
  • Hit the gym 4-5 times per week
  • Reduce the home’s temperature
  • Take cold showers
  • Mountain running
  • Skip breakfast
  • Replace lunch with eggs + cheese
  • Eat carrots when hungry
  • Drink 2L+ of water daily
  • Walk to school in the morning
  • Do 50 push ups when you wake up
  • No sweets/sugar

Note that I’m getting in trouble with these tactics. I would recommend to eat normally while only removing the carbs. Too much eggs will ruin you!

Systems strengths

When followed, an amazing system will never fail to guide you toward your goals.

If it doesn’t, then either the system sucks or you do at following it.

It takes discipline to follow a system, if you don’t know what it is then read this article.

Without discipline, you won’t be able to follow the tactics of the system.

I know, I’m tough with you.

Yet, only the tougher will resist.

Yet, only a few will actually take advantages of systems.

Be part of those few.

Write your first systems right now.