On time – Why you must have a schedule

Having a lot of free time is a problem.

When your time is free, you don’t value it.

Your time flows by everywhere.

  • You play games
  • You read comics
  • You watch videos
  • You get lost on the internet
  • You forget about your goals
  • You live comfortably or at least you believe it.

The biggest problem when you have a lot of free time is that you don’t know how to handle it.

Free time is only free because it has no tasks assigned to it

Meaning that you can do whatever you please with it. Everything is possible.

From doing the above to building a business.

You do what you want with your free time.

However, if you chose to be successful, then you shouldn’t have a lot of free time.

In fact, free time is often wasted. Too much possibilities lead to non-activity.

Tell me, what do you do during your free time?

Personally, I play games, a lot of stupid games.

I get bored, a lot

Also, I get lost. I don’t know what to do exactly during my free time.

When I plan something, it always gets more interesting.

Usually, when I come back at home in the evening, I build some missions for myself.

The last one was the following:

Nerdow, you have 2 hours to achieve this list

  • Write 2 answers on quora
  • Play 3 games of chess
  • Write 500 words + on your project
  • Do your exercises in mechanic
  • Clean your flat

Guess what? I achieved all of these within 2 hours because it was my special mission.

Didn’t I decide to do those tasks, I would have played a game for 2 hours in a row.

Because I decided to set a mission, I achieved this mission.

We all act the same. Without a goal nor a schedule, we do nothing.

But when we set a mission or something like this, then it becomes more interesting.

You feel like you have to achieve it in order to go further.

You feel stronger when you get over it. It’s powerful.

It’s different when you have a lot of free time.

You believe that it looks like infinity. And then the time shrink and shrink. Until you realize that you lost 24 hours of your life by doing nothing.

This is a powerful statement that most of you won’t understand.

The more free time you have, the less time you have.

The more free time you have, the more you are inclined to do nothing.

It’s not rocket science, if you don’t plan anything on your agenda, you’ll do nothing. Everyone know this and that’s why free time is called free.

When something is free, it means that it’s worthless. Otherwise, why would it be free?

Change your mindset. Think of your free time as earned time.

When you do all your activities in a day and have some spare minutes at the end of the day, that’s not free time. That’s earned time.

Time that you earned by doing your best the whole day. Otherwise you wouldn’t have this time.

Free time is different. It’s not earned. You “have” free time because nothing is assigned to it, meaning that your days aren’t full enough to be complete.

You lack activities, your days sucks. That’s what it means.

I don’t have free time. I only have earned time.

And if I don’t make this earned time, I have no time for myself – Except meditation and writing, which feels me more than a lot of free/earned time.

If I’m not efficient enough, if I’m not managing well enough, I can’t profit from free time. That’s how I live. That’s my choice.

Sure, you could argue that it’s bad for my health, that I need to rest and that… blablahblah.

What I have to answer is that I don’t give a fuck about your argumentation.

I’m in great shape.

I’m young. My body can sustain all this stress without any trouble.

I just make sure that I sleep enough. Usually 7h30 or 9h – Sleep cycles

When I don’t have this amount of sleep, I get tired.

When I get tired, I’m more inclined to break my schedule, which sucks.

That’s why I sleep so much.

A schedule? Wait I’m not a kid anymore!

Well, now you are one again.

Except that you make your own schedule.

It’s simple, doesn’t require much time/stuff and will help you get what you want. Whether that’s more money, a business, views, better grades or anything else.

A schedule is a game changer, something like a to-do list.

Many, many people believe that they don’t need these kinds of tools to be “productive”, that they are above everyone else…

Well, that’s a human bias to believe that you are better than you peer.

Until proven otherwise, you have no reason to compare yourself with someone. I know, it’s tempting, yet don’t do it.

It’ll ruin your time and you’ll feel bad about yourself if you are “worse” than the other guy.

Don’t do it.

Only compare yourself with… yourself.

Using a schedule is easy.

Just download a random calendar application on your smartphone or use one on your computer.

The best is to use one which connects between your smartphone and your computer so you can get instant notifications on your phone when you have something important to do.

Your schedule will help you to manage your time. It’s an overview of your weeks.

You see when you have something to do and when you have some “free” time.

The kind of time we are going to break right now.

Look at every blank on your schedule.

Look closely. Find when you have a lot of time.

Find when you do nothing.

This is exactly where we will hit.


Did you define your free time? If you didn’t, do it right now before you read further.


Now, define your goals. What are you willing to achieve?

Get through it.

Pull the trigger on the most actionable action which exists.

Define it. Highlight it. Write it down.

What can you do to go further?

Is that hitting the gym during your “free time”? Then plan it.

Is that writing to grow your readership? Then plan it

Is that answering questions to build your audience? Then plan it.

Is that… You get the idea.

It doesn’t require much strategy to plan.

  1. Define when you have some free time
  2. Plan an activity which will help you achieve your goal during this free time
  3. Repeat as often as possible
  4. Reap the benefits

The key resides in getting starting.

Just do it right now.

Get an application, a calendar and start planning.

Your days should be like an alarm.

When it’s ringing, something happens.

No matter if that’s good or evil, something happens.

This something is planned ahead by you. Because you decided to take ownership of your life.

There is no other way around.


If you are willing to do something of your life, if you don’t want to spin the wheel endlessly by entertaining someone else than you, then you must take actions.

Write your goals, allocate time and pursue.

I wake up at 6AM to write for an hour.

This is why I write so much.

I make time for this activity.

Do I have any reason to wake up early to write?


Oh, I forgot. Yes, I have a reason.

I’m going to be successful because of this. And all the little fucking details that I put into action every day!

I’m not waking at 6AM for my pleasure. I’m doing it because I planned it.

I could sleep an extra hour every day.

I cut it out. Success is more important for me.

You have the same choice.

Is playing games more important than building your life?

Is it more interesting to be a pseudo-winner online than being a badass in real life?

Make that choice right now.

Now change.

Apply it.

Download a calendar and set it up.

Make sure that all your free time is filled with activities.

Here are some ideas.

  • Write on a journal
  • Write answers on Quora
  • Write articles
  • Hit the gym
  • Discover a new sport
  • Read a book
  • Meditate
  • Plan
  • Play a game of chess – The only game you are allowed to play