One single habit to improve your life

The only habit you need to develop in order to become successful

It sounds too simple to be true. But maybe it is this which separate you from the top tier individual you’ll become in several years. I don’t know. But what I’m sure is that by following this clean principle, you’ll clearly improve your quality of life by at least 4 times. I’m not even exaggerating. It sounds unbelievable?

Take extreme ownership of every event happening to you

  • You are late at the cafeteria. There is already a queue of 20 people waiting in line
    • Normal guy: Pff… Why is there always this queue?
    • With ownership: I will come 20 minutes before the next time, so I will skip the queue
  • You are too fat and want to drop weight in order to look better
    • Normal guy: Pff… It’s too hard to exercise
    • With ownership: I will eat less and better. I will drop the carbs and exercise aggressively so I will lose my extra-weight
  • Your boss is shouting at you because you didn’t do your job.
    • Normal guy: Pff… Why am I still there? I should shout louder than him.
    • With ownership: Looks like he is in a bad day. Better look him in the eyes and shut up till he calms down. Next time I will do the job so I will avoid this kind of problems

Using the extreme ownership method makes it easier for you to detect the solution to all your problems. The standardized guy will only look toward the problems. He will complain. Nothing will change. That’s totally normal. He didn’t take any actions. Everything will remain the same while he hopes for the best to happen for the next problem.

That’s the worst possible way to find a solution.

If you do nothing. Nothing will change. I’m not overly dramatic. I’m just realist. If you don’t act, nothing will change. That’s simply a fact. If you change nothing in the equation, it will always give the same result at the end.

It’s time for you to take action by tackling every problem that you are carrying with the extreme ownership method.

Just leap in the air. You are the actor of your own change!

First, you must identify the problem.

What doesn’t bring joy to your life? What is depressing? What do you want to change? Answers to these questions are all the problem you are facing. That’s where you want to seek for solutions. Formulate every of those issues. Write them down on a piece of paper. That’s the easiest way to look at them from an objective point of view. Make sure that you write them all on a paper. Do it now! You’ll forget it later!

How can you find a solution?

Think deeply about it. What’s the simplest action that you can execute to reduce the problem? Even if your solution doesn’t solve completely the problem, removing part of it is a great step ahead! You can think about them. Make sure that you are in a calm place where no one can trouble you. It will help you concentrate so you’ll find solutions faster! If you can’t come up with an idea, just try to think of the weirdest solution. You can simply skip this task. Or you can ask someone to solve it for you. There is a bunch of options. Take the time and think about them. It won’t come up if you are doing nothing more than rambling on your side.

Final step: Apply!

What happen if you get a wonderful idea in your head but do nothing else than to contemplate the thought? Nothing happen. You must take actions to solve your problems. Yes, it sounds scary. But think about it. Do you want a tasteless life where you can’t do the activities that you love? Or do you want a perfect life where everything is going for the best? If you take ownership of all your actions, all your words and all the situation around you, it will help you crush your goals. That’s inevitable.

Imagine for a second that you are a soldier. You trained for 20 years in order to become a conqueror. You eat practically nothing except eggs and meat. You turned your body into an armor. You sharpened your weapon for hours every day. You become a spartan.

In a fight, you would be largely advantaged compared to everyone. That’s how Sparta took advantage in most battles. Their spartan were all superiors because of years of training. They hold everything. The diet, the extreme competition between them all, the difficult tasks and the tough lifestyle. That’s why every nation got scared when they saw Spartans moving toward them.

I don’t ask you to become a spartan. Except if you want to be a fighter, then that’s totally okay! Keep this in mind.

Life is a tournament, you are in or you are out.

There is no other way. If you aren’t in, then you are out. If you aren’t out, then you are in.

Guess who is having the most fun? The viewers or the fighter?

How do you win at life? Simple: You become a fighter: The one other people look up to. You develop your fighting skills and enter in the tournament. No matter at which places you end up, you played the game!

Your goal is surely to have a life full of success. No matter what this mean for you, you want to have fun, to be strong, to have great friends and to relate with as much people as possible to share all your experiences. I’m sure that I’m not too false by saying this sentence. Then, if you take the extreme ownership, it means that you maximize everything to make sure that you will have this memorable life! Let’s make sure that you’ll make it! Here are a list of activities/sentences/ideas that you can apply right now to make sure that you’ll make it! I’m not afraid of big words. If you maintain all these activities, it’s impossible to become a boring guy/girl.

  • You hit the gym regularly: Strength
  • You learn a new language: Diversity
  • You have a fun activity at least every month: Power
  • You speak with experts online: Knowledge
  • You read on a daily basis: Knowledge
  • You speak to random dudes: Social
  • You wake up earlier: Power
  • You read your notifications only twice per day: Time
  • You try new activities every month or so: Diversity
  • You enjoy yourself: Power
  • You drink enough water every day: Power
  • You call an old friend: Network
  • You manage your time: Strength
  • You write on a journal: Process
  • You grow a brand: Network
  • You eat healthy: Health

This list is infinite. Every action can bring you toward your goal, or bring the goal away from you. That’s a choice that you can make. Will you rank the leader board to get what you want? Or will you let others surpass you?

Life is a game. You must play it seriously, otherwise other will pass before you. You will feel bad because you know that you have the capacities to achieve whatever you want to.

Make sure that you don’t waste your potential. If you want to become an astronaut, that’s fine. Learn everything related to space and make contacts with engineers. They will push you up and help you toward your goal if you can help them back. That’s how the game is working. You aren’t alone. We all benefits from each other’s. Make great associations/partnerships and see where it will bring you. All the best my friend!