Online business blueprint: Facebook group

How does a Facebook group business works?

A Facebook group is very similar to a website business except that here you are not the only one to post.

You will add dozens and dozens of members who have an interest in what your group promotes.

Don’t worry, you’ll find hundreds and hundreds of thematic to tell your stories.

From business groups to pets groups, at least one will pick your interest and help you develop your own strategy based on your interests.

Basically, the goal of a Facebook group is to share information with people who are in your group.

So it’s another channel of communication.

Some people are exclusively on Facebook because it allows them to be part of groups!

In a sense, a Facebook group is the easiest way to build a community based on your interests.

It’s like a blog. You publish whenever you feel like publishing, except that your content is only accessible to your readers in your group.

Readers must first join the group to get access to all the content.

Once they join your Facebook group, they will receive notification for the posts on this group.

Groups can be huge. 50,000+ person group is a good goal to have in mind.

With such amount of following you can easily create content and get it shared thank’s to your readership

How you make money:

By selling on your Facebook group. Let me explain this clearly, step by step.

  1. John just joined your Facebook group on entrepreneurship.
  2. John is interested in entrepreneurship but never he never left his comfort zone.
  3. John want to try something but he is afraid that it will fail.
  4. John finds friends on your Facebook group, they tell him how great your course is.
  5. John is interested.
  6. John buys your informational product and will recommend it further.

Congratulation, your members just sold for you!

Having a Facebook group is a synonym of having a community.

In a community you can make friends, grow businesses, get inspired and fullfil many purposes.

That’s a community is all about. With this in mind, you understand how having a community is part of your sale process.

Without a community selling is harder because you are selling your own product. But there, it’s your members who are selling for you!

Plus, it’s super easy to contact everyone within the same group as you can build relationships with them naturally. Simply answer to some questions, post some articles/thoughts you have and in less than a month you can become fairly popular in your newly-joined group.

A Facebook group is an audience who’s ready to hear from you.

How to recruit members:

Using your popularity on other social medias.

I’m quite popular on Quora so I can use my notoriety there to get more members on my Facebook group. Same goes on for you. If you have a mailing list, a social media on which you are rocking, use this as an opportunity to skyrocket your Facebook group based on your initial strength.

If you have none of this?

Take ownership.

You start from zero.

You join another group near to yours. You make friends there and share your story.

Once you are established, you message your friends and ask them if they want to join your group. If they say yes, you add them. Otherwise you don’t.

Facebook groups have a special feature which enable you to add whoever you want to your group. However, unsolicited adding will result in you getting reports and by extension troubles.

Don’t go down this road.

Recruit members using Facebook or by advertising with your other social media.

This business is for you if:

  • You are active
  • You enjoy others
  • You have no trouble making friends
  • You have a product to sell
  • You are confident in yourself
  • You can speak for hours on end
  • You have trouble cold calling future readers
  • You are independant
  • You are responsible
  • You write a lot
  • You know how to use Facebook
  • You are not a marketer
  • You have an initial amount of readers

Applicable steps:

  1. Define your idea
  2. Find if it will works
  3. Seek for similar groups
  4. Introduce yourself in one
  5. Establish yourself as an expert
  6. Build your own group
  7. Recruit people from these groups
  8. Use your own popularity to gain more members
  9. Find other social networks on which you can promote your facebook group
  10. Post regularly on your group
  11. Develop a product
  12. Offer discounts in exchange of shares/like – Note: The real price is the “discounted” one
  13. Keep getting more members
  14. Enjoy your group
  15. Make money thank’s to your members selling to other members
  16. Improve the process
  17. Get more members