Online business blueprint: Instagram page

Building an Instagram page as a business

How does it work?

You build a huge audience on Instagram using free of right pictures with some filters.

Once you have enough readers, you target them based on their interest. Better, you start your page with a theme in mind.

Once this theme is established and you have a good number of followers, you start to promote your own products on the channel. Of course, you sell something which is highly related to your theme.

If your page promotes hard workers, hustlers and online businesses, you won’t sell milk for babies. Plus, babies are super annoying.

You stay on your theme and keep growing while promoting your own products. With this strategy you can reach summits depending on your niche.

Remember that Instagram isn’t all about bimbos, boobs and good-looking guys.

You can make a killing by making outstanding picture of landscapes, video games or any sports. And that’s only some ideas…

Basically, you have no limit on what you build. You choose a theme, stick to it and promote products based on this theme.

Theme ideas for your Instagram page online business

  • Video games
  • Trekking
  • Calisthenics
  • Player lifestyle
  • Minecraft
  • Animals
  • Mode
  • New technologies
  • Cryptocurrencies
  • Aerospatiale
  • Nature
  • Smartphones
  • Publishing e-books
  • Trains
  • Nomad lifestyle
  • Food
  • Social medias
  • Writing

Make money selling your products

By selling products related to your niche.

When choosing a theme, make sure that you can sell some products.

Whatever the niche you are on, you can ALWAYS sell informational content to your viewers.

  • An e-book
  • A video-guide
  • Pictures
  • Step by step on how to…

What is complex, you explain it in your own words and make sure that it is understandable by anyone on your niche.

Informational products are easy to craft.

Anyone can write a cool e-book in under a few months which makes the easiest product to craft by a novice.

Literally everyone can make an e-book.

As a sample I wrote “Life is a game” in under 4 weeks. That’s of a month!

Once you have it, promote your product in your posts.

You mention it directly with a text on your pictures and add a link in the description so your viewers can easily get to your sale page.

Make money selling advertisements

Once you are popular enough, some viewers will contact you to promote their own products.

Charge them depending on your followers. The more you have, the more you can charge. Especially if their product is directly targeted to your audience.

Marketers are ready to pay you to advertise their product. I’m not kidding.

A big page with 100,000+ followers can make 100$ per advertisement.

Imagine that they are getting dozens of messages per weeks just to include a link in their pictures!

Promoting is the real deal. You can make a load of money simply by including links from your readers in your descriptions.

Make sure to have a theme that match those requests. Indeed, if your theme doesn’t match any product then no one will contact you to promote products.

That’s why your theme must at least have millions of people interested in the subject. Otherwise you are not going to grow enough to promote others product.

This business is for you if…

  • You enjoy photography
  • You know how to edit pictures
  • You can manage big communities
  • You do not have hours on end to put on your business
  • You know how to promote
  • You have no problems being surrounded by weird people
  • You enjoy working online
  • You are consistent
  • You are very imaginative
  • You are good at predicting other’s move
  • You want to grow an audience
  • You can craft products

Applicable steps

  1. Brainstorm themes for your page or take one from the above list
  2. Define clearly your theme. What will you post? How often? Do people have an interest in your theme?
  3. Download 50 free of rights pictures/ take 50 high quality pictures
  4. Optional: Craft a filter and apply it on your pictures
  5. Follow 50 new persons per day who have an interest in your theme
  6. Post one of your free of rights pictures per day for 50 days
  7. Look at the result. Did it work? Are you getting followers? Are you engaging?
  8. If you aren’t, start over with a new theme/new pictures
  9. If you are, congratulation! Keep going
  10. Post more and more pictures. You can post up to 2/3 pictures per day
  11. Watch your page grow as you multiply your efforts into building a real business
  12. Once you have 5,000+ followers, start promoting your own products in 1 out of 6 posts
  13. You should be able to keep growing while generating some sales here and there. Good job!

How to recruit followers

  • Pay to get followers
  • Craft your own quotes
  • Become popular
  • If you are good-looking, show yourself
  • Build a unique-looking page
  • Specialise on a theme before you add diversity
  • Have amazing pictures
  • Take your own photos
  • Be smart
  • Advertise your instagram page on social networks/forums
  • Ask your friends to share your page
  • Post more pictures 1-3 a day
  • Make an outstanding page which doesn’t look like anything else
  • Use all your free time to gather pictures
  • Build a cool filter that you apply to your pictures
  • Stay congruent
  • Follow a lot of people to get a lot of followers
  • Be outstanding
  • Do something out of the norm