Online business blueprint: Pinterest

How to build your online business based on Pinterest

Pinterest is an Instagram clone except that it doesn’t feature the same type of content.

On Pinterest you aren’t going to find boobs and money.

You’ll find a lot of “do it yourself”, business strategy and lifestyle pictures.

Basically Pinterest enables you to reach whoever doesn’t use Instagram. Yes, these people exist. They are far away from the narcissism of Instagram, that’s why they are on Pinterest, an interesting tweak.

How does it works?

You publish a picture – a pin – and it will be shown to a wide array of people.

Your followers, people interested in the subject, other random people…

Pinterest is huge. In a month or so I managed to get 15,000+ prints per day.

However I stopped it because viewers there wasn’t interested in what I had to say.

Fortunately? I found Quora!

Anyway, if you are here, you are interested in this deal, so here it is.

Once you publish a picture, you must add tags to it and pin to some boards

Don’t worry, your pictures will get views.

To increase the phenomenon, you can re-pin pictures.

You simply click on a picture and re-pin it while changing the links in the picture.

It means that whoever clicks on your re-pin will get directed to your website or wherever you want.

This strategy works if you are using the right keywords.

How you make money

The same way you do it with Quora.

Pinterest doesn’t generate money, but it generates a load of views which is largely sufficient to make money.

First, you need to establish yourself as a great poster. You cannot get many views if you have no followers nor no community behind you.

How to do so?

By posting and re-pinning a maximum of content.

Take 30 minutes per day to re-pin the maximum of post you can find. Do it.

Results are really impressive. I wish I did it earlier…

Once you have a load of views, you can start applying the same strategy as Quora.

You link your pins to your website.

When someone clicks, boom. Right to your website. The more people view your pins, the more likely you are to get views and sales by extension.

The more popular you are on Pinterest, the more likely you are to make money.

Once you have a good feeling about your followers and views, then go wild.

Direct EVERYTHING to your website where you have links to your sales pages here and there.

Be confident.

What you are doing is great.

What you are sharing is amazing. It’s your life, it’s your lifestyle.

If you are doing it right, many people will want to get the same as you, so you’ll get popular.

They’ll tell their friend… Hey guys I found a great website, let’s implement together and see where it brings us!

That’s how you start getting leads.

Growing with your own pictures

Pictures are the nerve of war on pinterest.

You’ll see loads of them. Different from instagram, you don’t have to always post the same kind of pins nor do you have a specific resolution to follow.

This is great as you can create a load of different format for your pictures.

If you don’t have any inspiration, go to canva  and get inspired.

If you are lazy? Only re-pin posts. Unfortunately you will never share your own touch to the word this way.

If you don’t enjoy pictures? Make money writing.

If you are motivated?

You craft your own pictures based on what you need.

What I see as a content creator is that it is possible to link many pictures to a single webpage.

So… You will create different pictures of the same page. As long as they fit the theme, I see no problems.

Simply publish pictures related to your articles right into your pinterest feed.

You’ll soon enough get more views and prints which will translate to more views on your website.

Remember that you play on Pinterest to get more views on your website. It’s another canal but that’s not the main one, nor the most important one.

This business is for you if

  • You enjoy pictures
  • You know how to edit pictures
  • You already have a website
  • You have no initial audience
  • You are good at choosing good-looking pictures
  • You are congruent in what you do/say
  • You are good at federating a community – website
  • You know how to write
  • It’s not your first business
  • You persevere
  • You have time to dedicate for this project
  • You want to see big numbers
  • You want to make money
  • You are driven
  • You have a passion
  • You know how to take wonderful clichés
  • You are a marketer
  • You know how to promote your content
  • You don’t like instagram

Applicable steps

  1. Find a theme
  2. Check if it’s viable
  3. Build your profile
  4. Start by creating pictures
  5. Re-pin what looks interesting
  6. Create different board to diversify your content
  7. Build more pins, link right to your website
  8. Follow other creators
  9. Get a lot of re-pins using your own links
  10. Get an edge. Be the special person there
  11. Share your voice through your pictures
  12. Link some pins to your sale page
  13. Keep building