Online business blueprint: Quora

How to build your online business based on Quora

Quora is a question/answer website on which you can write a lot, get a huge amount of followers and build your brand.

How do you do so?

By writing answers to the gazillion questionsyou find on Quora.

Let’s see how it works.

Someone asks a question. Many people follow it because they want to get an answer to this question. You come and give a cool answer. Readers on Quora will read it, follow you or upvote your content as it is bringing value to them.

The more you write on Quora, the more views and followers you’ll get based on the quality of your answers, your followers and your chance.

Quora is about writing. It’s like having a website.

The more you write on Quora, the more likely you are to get a load of views.

At the end of your answers, you put a link which redirects to… wherever you want…

  • Website
  • Sale page
  • Social media
  • Patreon
  • Amazon
  • Mailing list

Whatever. If someone enjoyed your answer, he will click through your link and go right to your page.

Chances are that he will comply to the actions on this page. If you are sending him to a mailing list page, he may get in your mailing list.

Similar for sale pages and any other kind of pages.

Your readers will move where you direct them.

Knowing this, you write answers Quora which have a direct link to your website or product so you can link them together.

Quora doesn’t work alone.

If you wish to write on Quora and make money only doing so, then you are getting it wrong.

Writing answers on Quora doesn’t make a dime.

However, readers from Quora who comes to my mailing list and sale pages, they make me money.

Quora is great to gather a following, to build an audience. If your ultimate goal is to make money online, you cannot just write on Quora and expect results. You must link what you write on Quora to something else.

Quora isn’t independent. Writing on Quora means that you direct the views you get on Quora out of Quora so you give them a utility based on what you need. Don’t fall for it, being popular on Quora isn’t going to bring you anything while driving views out of it will.

How you make money writing on Quora:

As I stated in the few sentences above, you direct your readership out of Quora.


Because it works.

If you want to make money writing on Quora, keep trying. You won’t make any.

I know something that you don’t.

Quora isn’t a money making machine. Quora is a mean to bring a lot of views somewhere else.

That’s how you translate your views on Quora into sales.

Here’s my strategy.

I make loads of views on Quora, add these readers to my mailing list and then give them free content. If they want more? They pay to get my premium content.

Plain and simple.

This strategy is effective because you are moving your readers out of Quora.

Quora is superb to get views, not to make money.

You must translate your views into something else.

  • Instagram followers
  • Sales
  • Mailing list members
  • Facebook group members

Those are going to make you money based on what you tell them, you readers on Quora aren’t.

You must lead them where you want them to be!

Be the leader, tell your readers what you want them to do.

  • Offer them solution
  • Ask them to support you
  • Get them to subscribe on your other social medias

This is the real feature of Quora that no one is speaking about.

This business is for you if:

  • You enjoy writing
  • You have a lot of time to dedicate to your project
  • You want an empire
  • It isn’t your first business
  • You already have an existing website/product
  • You know how to write well
  • You don’t censor yourself
  • You are good at telling stories
  • You aren’t afraid of what others think
  • You have a good work ethic
  • You read Make Money Writing
  • You can write on the go
  • You have a flexible schedule
  • You aren’t not afraid to take risks
  • You are highly motivated
  • You have your time
  • You can follow steps

Applicable steps

  1. Define your segment: Which questions will you answer?
  2. Select your topic
  3. Set up your profile: Cool picture, link in the description, cool title…
  4. Start to answer questions 1-3 per day when you begin is a great score
  5. Target the questions with 500+ followers
  6. Get more views, get more followers
  7. Include links at the bottom of your answers
  8. Keep writing more answers
  9. Find another topic to get into
  10. Write some answers
  11. Do you get results?
  12. No: change your approach, try new questions/topic/style
  13. Yes: keep conquering more topics